reginaweasley: awkward

The Signs as Kisses
  • ARIES: Quick but Passionate Kisses
  • TAURUS: Long Kisses
  • GEMINI: Playful Kisses
  • CANCER: Tender Kisses
  • LEO: Intense Kisses
  • VIRGO: French Kisses
  • LIBRA: Eyes to Eyes Kisses
  • SCORPIO: Wild Kisses
  • SAGITTARIUS: Spontaneous Kisses
  • CAPRICORN: Deep Kisses
  • AQUARIUS: Teasing Kisses
  • PISCES: Awkward Kisses

(also check Venus)

can someone please reassure me im not the only one who didnt understand why the theme song to My Babysitter’s A Vampire was about a girl next door when there was no girl next door