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having sex with sirius and remus & james walking in

Hello there! I’m not sure what to do but here it is:

You squealed and hid under the blanket as the door flung open.

“Ugh,” Sirius rolled his eyes.

“Sirius! Are you kidding me? In the dorm?” James covered his eyes in a really funny way that you chuckled. 

“I thought at this time everyone would be down for the feast!”

“Yeah, and we were kind enough to come looking for you to go with us…” Remus said awkwardly beside James.

“You broke my heart, Padfoot.” James joked, “I thought we had something.”

Sirius laughed and waved them out of the dorm.

“Sorry about that, y/n.”

“I’m used to this by now. No worries.”

Sorry this is so short :P

- R


Imagine imitating a fictional character’s hairstyle, according to your daily mood, and people who recognize the “inspirational character” also know if it’s a good day to talk to you or not.

Hint for when parents ask what you’re reading and you’re reading gay smut: read the title aloud. If it doesn’t work (ex: Percico smut) then look through your tabs until you find one. When they ask what it’s about, say, ‘it’s complicated. No, really, it’s complicated.’ If they persist, say what you would like for a sci-fi book, like time travel or something. This makes you seem intellectual, along with it making sense that you can’t explain it. Works every time.