Anti-Adoption and Emma's role in season 1

So I had a conversation today about Regina’s reaction when Emma came to Storybrook. She told me that she couldn’t understand why I’m so upset about how Emma behaved at the beginning. How she interfered in a relationship between a mother and her son. A son she willingly gave up for a closed adoption. Closed means Emma willingly cut all ties to her child. This was her decision Regina didn’t force her wasn’t even in her life at that point.

Regina is a bad mother because she didn’t want the biological mother of HER CHILD taking him away from her. I guess we can all agree upon that Regina likely screwed up the adoption conversation what made Henry withdraw from her. But that would’ve been something that could be fixed with time and understanding.Something neither Henry nor Regina got the chance to because of Emma. It’s canon that they used to have a great relationship.

She said Regina’s reaction was totally over the top and another sign of what an evil person she is and what a bad mother. That her “I’ll destroy you if it’s the last thing I do” proofs that even with Henry Regina never was anything more than the Evil Queen. A bad selfish person who abuses Henry by keeping him from Emma. That was her argument.

For her now and everybody believing the same.

This is Lena Adams- Foster form the tv show The Fosters. (Check it out its really good)

Lena and her wife Stef have 5 kids four of them are adopted. Lena is a teacher and the worst crime she ever committed is lying to her wife. She is actually the definition of a sweet strong caring mother with a pure heart.

In season 1 the biological mother of their twins a former drug addicted forces her way into their lives again and causes quiet some trouble. She also gave them up willingly she also interfered into their relationship with their adopted parents. Like Emma did. And you know what Lena’s reaction to it was…

(gif by @jamandstuff )

Sound familiar?

(gif by @reginagifs)

Both woman react the same way, both women couldn’t be more different but they have one thing in common: They love their children fiercely and don’t give a fuck who their biological parents are. Because those two women were the ones taking those children in, they raised them and cared for them. They are their mother’s.

I love the relationship Henry has now to both of his mother’s I do. But only now because now…its Regina’s choice to say yes. Back in season 1 it wasn’t and Regina as well as Lena had the right to protect their children.

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