reginaa phalange

So, yesterday, I just hit 1k followers (THANK YOU GUYS), which is really a big deal for me. I’m so happy and grateful about that. As a result, I’d be doing two things to celebrate that: a follow forever and personal messages to some of my wonderful followers (who appreciate me and tolerate all my weirdness and failed works). However, obviously, I’m doing my follow forever first. This is a list of my favorite blogs and update blogs/favorite people/mutuals/friends that keep my dashboard alive and make each day, being here on tumblr, well, fun. 

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1989tour abiander amazingphil avcngerr badbloodicons badwollf bibliophilenigga breakmelikeapromise cantmakethemstay chandlerthebing chanoeys closestthingtomichellepfeiffer daerjohn dailylilycollins danisnotonfire danscrotch disneyismyescape drunkonjealousy dullsuns edsheeran edsheeransdaily emmawatson ewatsondaily eyebagdehaan eyesopen


fangirl-for-president feariess fitinmypoems frie-nds friendsgifs harrysstyles hcrondale howyougethegirl iconfessbabe instaygram julyninths justgoneandgone 


kaleidoscopeofourmemories kaylrs keepcruising kingdomlightsshine knowsplaces leakycauldrcn lifeseemedlikeapostcard lightsglisten liketenerifesea longlivethegirlinthedress lovethanfights lovethatsfearless maravder milkshakeitoff mondlertimeline monica-geller mydraco neverblindme newfoundgrace newromantis ohsoswiftly onehandfeel onstarlitnights oohiremember outofthewoods 


phoebe-buffay princesconsuela ptaylorswift queentaylor redlipclassicphan reginaa-phalange ronaldweasl-y roundeachtime scarletletterswift schmidtsburg shakeitoffs sherlockswift sonicallycohesive statefgrace stay-stay-stay swifs swifternet swifth tavlors taylorswfit tayswiftdotcom tenerifesea thanksforsayingthat thatsickbeat thepenclick timcgraws timeerasingyou tnnksfrthmmrs transponsters 


upinlights untrouchable whyisntketchupasmoothie wonderlandtaylor youareinloves youbelongwithmes yourcoloursfades youvegotasmile zobothehob0

and the main reason i made this blog, in the first place, taylorswift !

p.s: I never regret following these people (so far lmao jk). They are so amazing. I recommend you to follow them *wink wink*.

p.s again: yah i’m in so many fandoms i’m such a mess.