• Emma:Will you tell me THE STORY?
  • Regina:You heard it like a milion times
  • Emma:Yes, but I want again
  • *she smirkes* *Regina sit next to her*
  • Regina:Once upon a time there was a queen. She was very unhappy, because she lost love of her life. So at least she thought. One day she met a fairy. Fairy promised her that she can be happy again. With help of the magic dust she decided to bring queen to her happiness. To her true love, her destiny. The queen was afraid that if she finds love she can lose it again, but she followed fairy. She was very suprised and confused when she find out that dust shows her biggest enemy. She really wanted to kill that woman, because it her contributed to the death of her beloved but something stopped her. She looked at fairy and when green told her what was happening she understood. Her true love wasn't born yet. Her true love was a child of her enemy. Queen decided to find a way to be in the same age with her destiny. When the child was born she cast the curse that moved her to another world and stopped the time. She can't see her true love for very long time, but after 28 years her sweetheart arrived in the town where queen lived. Because 28 years is nothing in comparison with happiness that she known when she finally meet her princess.
  • *Regina looks at sleeping Emma*
  • Regina:(whispering) I love you, princess.
Ship swan queen

I like swan queen because i believe the true love is be there to the other person, and have faith in this person, make her a good person like Emma does with Regina, she stop her in the right moment when the evil appears.

And the opposites attract, the saviour (the light) and the evil queen (the darkness).
This are only titles, is for that, i like Emma gets some darkness, it will be in the same situation as Regina.

And the end i will do a video with all the sq moments in all seasons :3

Life Lessons from Once Upon A Time

On the last episode of OUAT, when Snow says…

"None of that matters.. What matters is what we did"

In every day life and on social media we try to justify our bad behavior by referencing the bad behavior of others. But none of that matters. What matters is what YOU see when YOU look in the mirror, what YOU can live with, and how YOU feel about what YOU have done.

its all about YOU and taking responsibility for your actions.

We can not control the actions of others.. but we can control our actions, how we respond to a situation.

That one line Snow said is so important in life.

I’ve been reading a few theories about Robin working for Zelena (not counting the ones that people posted during season 3B), most likely because he was being blackmailed or something.

I don’t know if that’s really how things went (I guess we’ll have to wait 10 more days to find out) but still, I was thinking about Robin and Regina in this whole situation and I realized something.

Even if Zelena didn’t blackmail Robin, they still knew each other, and Robin kept it from Regina, even though he could’ve told her that on countless occasions (when they were in the Enchanted Forest and they realized the Wicked Witch was at Regina’s castle; when he accompanied Regina to her castle and even said “It appears the Wicked Witch is a formidable foe”; when they met in Storybrooke at Zelena’s hideout, which I’m starting to think is awfully suspicious, btw; before or after the showdown between Regina and Zelena; after Zelena was apparently gone for good… need I go on?)

Great. So, now, if you’re a masochist (like me), think about when Regina is going to find out that Robin and Zelena knew each other. It’s inevitably going to happen and she’s going to find out either through Rumple or through Robin.


I mean, just think about how utterly betrayed she is going to feel!

Everything is probably going to work out in the end, otherwise they wouldn’t be holding hands when they leave NYC and go back to Storybrooke in 4x20.

But I can’t stop thinking about the moment she’s gonna find out he lied to her well, not exactly lied but he didn’t tell her something quite important…