rumbelle-swanqueen-forever asked:

Do you think Swan Queen or Outlaw Queen is endgame?

Now this is tricky.

Let’s be realistic, right now they are writing OQ as Regina’s steady relationship.

However, the Emma/Regina relationship does have all the characteristics of a slow-burn, and actually it would make much more a lot of sense.

Because as much as I like the idea of Regina and Robin Hood being together, I don’t exactly like their story-line. The way they portrayed it, makes it look random and somewhat rushed. (And almost the same applies to Emma/Hook, by the way.) In my opinion it would have been so much better if they had based OQ on the missing year instead of those few weeks they were in SB, immediatly followed by some drama. Who knows, maybe there was something there, because they’ve spent a year in each others proximity, but at this point it doesn’t really matter, since it hasn’t been a big part of the actual plot.

So yes, SQ is by far a better written relationship than either OQ or CS.

But it looks like they are rather aiming at a very strong friendship with them, which is beautiful and makes sense as well.  And that is actually pretty much where they are right now. And I love it. A friendship can be just as much the center of a show as a romance, can’t it? And this is why I don’t get the “no homo” stuff which is immediately thrown at people who dare to say that they support the SQ friendship but not necessarily the romance. (Yeah, there might be people who have solelly that reason for it, but some others might just see the importance of their friendship as well.) We’ll see what comes next, but I don’t think they will go further than that with them.

And either way, I think SQ still is the most important relationship of the show. I get the feeling  that OQ will be more or less safe by the end of this season. But these two woman are the main characters after all. Whoever they end up with, the denouement probably will be centered around them anyway. (Unless my expectations are too high, and it will be something… random.) So in a way they are definitely “endgame”, if you ask me, just probably not in the sense a lot of people want it to be.