Snow White closes in on her prey, but will the hero Rumple save the day? Watch ‪#‎HeroesAndVillains‬ Sunday to find out!

  • Regina:Emma! Come help me clean the kitchen!
  • Emma:*peers into kitchen*
  • Regina:*turns to Emma* Yes Emma, I mean you.
  • Emma:*enters kitchen*
  • Regina:You can dry the dishes.
  • Emma:*inches towards i-home*
  • Regina:Emma no!
  • Emma:*raises hand*
  • Regina:Emma no!
  • Emma:*extends pointer finger*
  • Regina:You'll be on the couch for a week!
  • Emma:*presses play button*
  • *Disney's Snow White cleaning song starts playing*
  • Regina:*throws towel at Emma* GET OUT!
  • Emma:*runs away* I'M SORRY 'GINA! I LOVE YOU!
There is a top-secret scene that I’m shocked hasn’t got out — but there’s still time!

Eddy Kitsis, Once Upon A Time co-writer

Oh god… he can’t be talking about Emma sacrificing herself(if he is then, he needs to get out more, like most of the Once population know it), so that means we’ll get another heartbreaking feels filled scene…

In my opinion…

Daniel for Regina= right person

Neal for Emma= right person 

Robin for Regina= WRONG fucking person

Hook for Emma= WRONG fucking person

Regina for Emma and vice versa= THE PERSON YOU FUCKING CHOOSE.

Im having none of this Robin being “right” for Regina or Hook being “right” for Emma. FUCK nah.