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The reason I don’t ship SwanQueen is Regina is basically Emma’s step-grandma. Regina married Snow’s father making her her step-mom and then Snow gave birth to Emma. So yeah, step-grandma. Thoughts?

So basically you hold Regina to a marriage she was forced to be a part of?

Regina has not been Snow’s stepmother for a very long time. In the canon of the show they are friends/confidantes which is what they started out being and should be because it is a friendship that works.

To call Regina Emma’s step-grandmother is absurd. She has never been Emma’s grandmother and I bet if you asked Emma she certainly wouldn’t put Regina in a grandma role in her life.

My main problem with this step-grandmother argument is that it holds Regina to a marriage she was forced into when she was only eight years older than Snow. That marriage to Leopold was filled with abuse and neglect and helped push her into darkness. It was an unwanted and frankly disturbing marriage and I don’t see why people still confine Regina to the bonds of it.

What Emma and Regina are to one another is far from grandmother/granddaughter. They are mothers to their son. They are two women who have gone from enemies to tentative allies to a friendship that is one of the most developed of the show.

Their relationship is one of trust, support, care and love and is one of the few on Once which has actually been substained and nurtured narratively.

A Scene that Needs to Happen

Random Magic Character of the Week: OK, everybody, it’s revelation time!

David, Hook murdered your father even though he was begging for his life and there was no good reason not to spare him.

Mary Margaret, Regina murdered your father even though it would have been perfectly easy for her to write a goodbye letter and poof away. I’m not sure if you ever figured that out, so I’m letting you know.

Regina, you murdered your father. I’m not sure if you remember that, the way this show is written, but I can fill you in on the details if you’ve forgotten them.

Henry, Auntie Zelena murdered your father so she could stalk your grandfather from beyond the grave. I don’t know if anyone ever bothered to fill you in on that.

Belle, Rumple has not murdered your father despite the fact that your dad tried to force you into a marriage with a child-torturer, blamed you for the war your fiance started, tried to erase your mind because he didn’t think you had the right to make your own mistakes, probably erased your memories of your mother’s death and lied to you about what really happened, and was willing to leave you eternally trapped in nightmares rather than have you married to a man he didn’t like.

All the Characters: Yeah! Rumple’s SO EVIL!

Things that are not okay-

Regina having Snow’s father killed, and NEVER APOLOGIZING FOR IT. Snow blaming herself for Regina’s actions, just because she was a “brat” when she was a little girl. Regina separating Emma from her family for 28 years, causing her to grow up unloved and abused. Regina NEVER apologizing for causing to Emma to grow up that way. Regina murdering children for fun, and never receiving any consequences for it. Regina not even attempting to apologize to anyone for hurting them/killing their loved ones. Regina being condescending, rude, and insulting to everyone she meets, even children (hercules). Regina constantly insulting and belittling Emma but being portrayed as her “best friend”. Regina killing who wish!emma believed to be her parents right in front of her for “motivation”. Regina not allowing her son to have friends, and trying to convince him that he was insane when he discovered the truth about her curse.

But do you know what the worst thing is?

The writers constantly focusing on and celebrating a character who does these awful things.

We Do This Together: SQ & Snowing Parallel

I’m blown away by the fact that the conversation Regina and Emma have while fighting the dragon in “I’ll Be Your Mirror” is an exact mirror of a conversation Charming has with Snow in “The Tower.” Both conversations center around one partner’s concern over raising their child, and the other partner reminding them that they can do anything so long as they stick together. I’ve woven the two conversations together to showcase their parallels. Enjoy!

Emma: Why do you keep trying to martyr yourself? I’m the one with the death sentence.

Snow: Are you going to tell me why you were out in the woods all night?

Regina: I’m afraid to raise Henry alone

Charming: I was there because I was afraid…because we lost her, I was never a father.

Emma: What?! You’ve done great!

Snow: You have been a great father.

Regina: Every time I see him with mommy dearest over there it’s just a reminder of what a horrible mother I could’ve been.

Charming: To her now; I didn’t raise her. And this child? This one? I don’t know. I’ve never done this before and I don’t know if I can.

Emma: Well you’re not. Because I’m here too. We always do what’s right for Henry, so you’re not sacrificing yourself and neither am I.

Snow: You don’t have to. We’re going to do this the way we do everything. Together.

Regina: So, we do this together?

Emma: Damn right.

So, to recap
  • Killian was abandoned by his father. 
  • Regina was abused by her mother. 
  • Zelena was abandoned by both parents and abused by her adoptive father.
  • Rumple was abandoned by both parents and later taunted and assaulted by both parents. 
  • Neal was abandoned by both parents.
  • Ruby was abandoned by both parents (or forcibly taken by her grandmother).
  • Graham was abandoned by both parents to be eaten by wolves.
  • Emma was given up by her birth parents and given up by one of her foster families.
  • Henry was given up by his birth mother and gaslighted by his adoptive mother.
  • David was neglected by his alcoholic father.
  • Cora was neglected by her alcoholic father.
  • Archie was exploited by his parents.
  • Villager: You killed my father!
  • Regina: Whoa, whoa, slow down there.
  • Regina: The Evil Queen did that. Not me, Regina. She's gone though so we're good.
  • Charming: That arguement didn't work when Grumpy tried it, it's not going to work here.
  • Grumpy: (in jail) I'm telling you it was drunk!Grumpy who peed in Granny's roses. Don't punish sober!Grumpy for his actions!
My Speculationfor 6.14

This will be updated with more spoilers as they come. I just thought for my sanity and for anyone else who wants to speculate and add to it, it would be cool to bring all the spoilers and spec under one roof.

 Here is what we know:

  • it’s a regina centric
  • there will be some kind of EQ showdown
  • The title is referencing Robin and Regina’s page
  • Captain Nemo will be staring in a few episodes starting 6.14 (image 1 below)
  • Killian ends up back at the shipyards judging by Kats posts (image 3)
  • There’s also been some reports of Lana and Tony filming (Regina and her father) by Kat. (Image 4)
  • Lana was interviewed one thing I thought was telling was the following remark: “Right now she’s a snake, but she’s not a snake for long. She comes back, and Episode 14 (airing March 26) is a big Evil Queen/Regina episode. There’s a big standoff between them, and there are a lot of words exchanged. A lot of words are exchanged! It was quite challenging, and also a lot of fun.”
  • There were also reports that Jen shot a few days IN STUDIO
  • Rose/Tinkerbell shot around the time consistent with 6.14
  • And then of course we have an image of Jen and Colin and then just Colin in the preview that don’t look happy. It’s worth noting that the one with both of them in the shot but with the focus on Jens sad face looks to be during daylight, while the one of Killian looks to be during night time. 

My theory for 6.14 is as follows:

I think rather early on Emma is going to find out the secret. Because it’s a regina centric there is a possibility I think that Emma will be told BY the EQ but I am going to guess that she is told by Killian. I am basing this on the fact that the close up in the promo seems to be in the CS house with both of them during her sad face and it also seems to be during the daytime. I am also basing this on the reports of her filming in studio. I am going to assume that she doesn’t take it well. Not horribly but mostly sad because of the timing and how it may feel in relation to the proposal (judging this by her face). I think that she will clearly be upset and that she might ask for some time to think. I do think the ring will be removed just because it doesn’t pop up I believe in spoilers until the 17th episode. I’m also basing her need for some time to process on the fact that I think Killian is terrified that the truth will create distance between them and I dont think he’d create it on his own unless she asked for a day to process or something like that. I think after this scene we will get into whatever the story for Regina is. We know there will be some flashbacks with her father. And that Robin and the EQ will all be involved. I’m still not sure if I think WishRobin will take the EQ up on her offer. My gut says page 23 will be what he needs to at least know he should help Regina before he leaves. Who knows maybe we even might get a scene where WishRobin is able to cross the border and leave after it all goes down and it could mirror that scene from 4x11 where Regina had to say goodbye to real robin as he crossed the border and she ends up staring at page 23 again. I think Rose will be reintroduced into the storyline somewhere in here and I also think we are going to end with Killian going to the docks and meeting up with Captain Nemo who he enlists for help on a quest to help snowing and emma with all that is going on.

Feel free to correct any spoiler errors or add any ideas!


Hood Mills Family in 5x01

125/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


On the possibility of Rumplestiltskin being Regina’s father — (x)

 “When [Bobby and I] work together, there’s a little element of wonder: ‘Is he my father?’, 'Is she my daughter?’. We both kind of play with it — it’s not ever present in every single scene — but there’s a hint of it underneath, for both of us.”

213- A Jefferson One-Shot

Title: 213
Request: Can u write an imagine where the reader is pregnant with Grace and until Jefferson takes Regina to get her father, he won’t be allowed to see her and while he’s away she goes into labour.
Pairing: Jefferson x Reader

Y/N sat on the couch with her huge stomach, trying to put shoes on.
“Need help?” her boyfriend Jefferson asked.
“Yes please.” she laughed.
There was then a knock on the door.
“I’ll get it.” Jefferson said. Behind the door stood Regina Mills, looking frantic.
“You’re coming with me to see my father. Now.” Regina asked.
“Why me? I can’t leave Y/N here our baby could come out any day now.” Jefferson said.
“You have no choice in the matter. Come on, I need you because my father is missing and you can find him with your hat.” Regina said.
“Fine. Give me a moment I’ll be right out.” Jefferson said. He closed the door, leaving Regina outside for a moment.
“Do you really have to go?” Y/N asked.
“I’m sorry but yea. Regina is a pushy person, you know that. If I don’t it will backfire on us both. Call me if you need anything. I love you, and little Grace.” Jefferson said kissing her forehead. He then left with Regina to find her father.

As they walked, Jefferson had found the location of Regina’s father with his hat.
“Do I really need to stay with you? You have the hat, just bring it back to me later.” Jefferson said.
“No. You are staying here in case it breaks or something.” Regina said.
“You know you could be nicer.” Jefferson said.
Regina rolled her eyes, “I could but no.”
Jefferson then got a call on his phone, it was the hospital, “Hello?”
“Is this Jefferson?” a nurse asked.
“Yes it is.” he responded.
“Your girlfriend has gone into labor, room 213.” the nurse said.
“Thank you so much I’ll be right there.” Jefferson said happily, as he hung up the phone.
“What was that?” Regina asked.
“I have to go. Y/N’s in labor.” Jefferson said smiling. He began to run off to the hospital, but Regina used her magic to stop him.
“No! Stay here with me.” Regina yelled.
“My girlfriend is in labor with our first child and you expect me to stay here? Let me go!” Jefferson yelled back.
“When find my father, and you can go.” Regina said.
Jefferson knew Regina wasn’t going to let him go until her father was found, “Fine. We run though.”
They found Regina’s father in about 15 minutes, and Jefferson took his hat and ran to the hospital as fast as he possibly could.
The elevator was broken, so he ran up the stairs.
Catching his breath, he walked into room 213.
“Jefferson thank god.” Y/N said, wincing in pain. Doctors and nurses were all around her.
“She’s coming in the next few minutes most likely.” a doctor told Jefferson.
“Thank you.” Jefferson said, sitting next to Y/N, “Regina wouldn’t let me leave until I found her father, I’m so sorry I’m late.”
“All that matters is- AH!” Y/N screamed in pain.
“She’s coming!” the doctor said.
“Give me your hand.” Jefferson said. Y/N grabbed his hand and squeezed it as hard as she could.
After a few minutes, their little girl finally came out.
“Here she is. Healthy little girl!” the doctor said handing the baby to Y/N.
“Hello Grace.” Y/N said smiling.
“She’s beautiful.” Jefferson said, holding his daughter’s tiny hand.
Grace opened her little eyes, and looked at her parents. She laughed at Jefferson, he was wearing his hat.
“I think she likes us.” Y/N laughed.
“I think so too.” Jefferson smiled, as he sat on the bed next to Y/N. They sat there holding Grace for hours, admiring the little beauty that was now their daughter.


Much love!


Sometimes I wonder how fucked up the marriage between Regina and Leopold had to have been for Regina’s father (a basically good, albeit emotionally fragile man) to bring her a box of highly venomous snakes, stating that it was “the only thing that could free her from this wretched life,” and either knowing her plan to have the king killed and understanding the reasons why, or actually offering his daughter a way to commit suicide. 

ben folds: my father wasn’t around….

regina spektor: MY FATHER WASN’T AROUND….

me, who’s father was around & with absolutely no personal reason for this song to affect me:

  • Regina/The Evil Queen: *makes it her quest to hunt down and kill her step daughter*
  • Regina/The Evil Queen: *kills her father*
  • Regina/The Evil Queen: *sends Captain Hook to kill her mother*
  • Regina/The Evil Queen: *traps her loyal admirer who murders her husband for her for ever in a mirror*
  • Regina/The Evil Queen: *spreads terror everywhere in her realm*
  • Regina: OMG why does everyone hate me? Can we drop the E-word already?? I was always just the Queen, YOU put the "Evil" in my name.
  • The Evil Queen: I want you to share my pain... the pain of being alone.


I don’t talk much about men’s clothing, but here’s a few examples that really make the grade.

Look, nobody wears a suit like Robert Carlyle. If this were The X-Files, we’d all be calling him the Well-Tailored Man.

This costume (previously discussed) is probably my favorite of the menswear of the Enchanted Forest, but it brings about a question I’d love to ask Eduardo someday. Hook isn’t the only man in the EF whose wardrobe comes from the late Georgian period—notably Regina’s father dresses in this style—but then you have the kings in their long robes and David in something like a frill-free, slimmed-down version of the Baroque cavalier. It’s a curious mix.

The mad hatter has his origin in the Victorian period, and it’s nice that the modern version, who, after all, knows who he is, retains that style.

This… really isn’t much of a costume. But you’re welcome.