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Favorite Sibling ever

a1- Alec and Isabelle Lightwood

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2 - Dean and Sam Winchester 

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3- Alex and Justin Russo 

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4- Buffy and Dawn Summers

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5- Zelena and Regina Mills 

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6- Effy and Tony Stonem 

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7- Fred & George Weasley 

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8- Loki and Thor 

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9- Aiden & Ethan 

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 10- Cora and Derek Hale 

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11- Stark / Snow Sibling 

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12 - Bash & Francis 

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13- Elena & Jeremy Gilbert -

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14- Damon and Stefan Salvatore

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15- Jace and Clary 

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Fictional Female Characters Meme

Rules: List ten of your favourite female characters in ten different fandoms and then tag a few people.

I was tagged by @lttleslytherin , thank you so much! <3 

(you can put gifs/photos to symbolize your characters, i chose to be extra and make posters + i was bored) 

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My top ten OTPs (in no particular order)

  • James Potter and Lily Evans
  • Robin Scherbatsky and Barney Stinson
  • Casey Cartwright and Cappie Jones
  • Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf
  • Robin Hood and Regina Mills
  • Annie Cresta and Finnick Odair
  • Lydia Martin and Jordan Parrish
  • Emily Thorne (REAL Amanda Clarke) and Jack Porter
  • Michael Moscovitz and Mia Thermopolis
  • Molly and Arthur Weasley
Black Harry Potter

Morgan Freeman as Dumbledore.  Obviously a man who has played God multiple times would play Dumbledore.

Cicely Tyson as Professor McGonagall.  Twitter kept suggesting Viola Davis but she’s nowhere near old enough.

Cree Summer as Sybill Trelawney.  Does Cree act anymore or does she only do voiceovers?  Still, who better than Freddie Brooks for this role.

Lynn Whitfield as Dolores Umbridge.  Lynn has been equal parts creepy, sweet, and threatening for the past 30 years.  Y'all remember A Thin Line…  with Martin Lawrence?

Had some fun last night on Twitter casting Harry Potter with Black actors.  I realized two things:  1) There are a lot of white people in the Harry Potter universe and 2) There are a limited number of Black actors/actresses with widespread name recognition.  Still, this was so randomly fun and I was giggling the whole time.  Of course I missed some characters because it’s a huge cast and I wasn’t a Potterhead anyway, but y’all can suggest your own to fill in the blanks.

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