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I found a letter to myself from 2012 me, set to be open 2 years ago but I forgot about it. Let’s see what it says.

Dear Future Me,
Remember this:

-Your BFF’s are Sarah, Jazmine, and Shaiann!
(Dear Past Me, you’re not friends with Jazmine or Shaiann anymore, sorry yikes)

-you LOVE fashion.
(And now you wear yoga pants with high-top converse and call it an outfit.)

-you love mustaches and bright colors.
(1. OKAY WHY THO and 2. Sorry you only like neutral colors and maroon and olive green now)

-your favorite band is SuperChick.
(Past Me, solid choice. A strong independent girl band. U go)

-your favorite singer is Taylor Swift.
(Past Me, you know full fucking well that your favorite singer at the time was Regina Spektor but you said Taylor Swift to fit in. Fuck you)

-your lucky number is 13.
(Why tho? Bc it’s Taylor swifts lucky number? Cut the shit who even are u past me)

-you have bright pink (partially) hair.
(Okay so this part hasn’t changed but now it’s my whole head and the dye is washed out)

-you want to take the lead role in all the school plays.
(I mean, past me, you played Sharpay Evans the next year so that’s fair)

-you LOVE photography and art.
(You hate photography. But you love art still that part is good yes)

-you are allowed to date in high school.
(Bitch you were allowed to date in middle school but boys just scared you for reasons you knew FULL WELL but didn’t want to face. Stop making up rules for urself hoe)

-you want a belly button piercing.
(Okay I stand firmly by this one. Still true.)

-you love to sing.
(Still true!!!)

-you have a scar on your chin from flipping over on your bike and blacking out for a few seconds.
(You have accumulated lots more scars since then, dear. About half of them are from being far too clumsy. Idk why you danced for such a long time you’re like the least coordinated person I swear to god.)

anonymous asked:

Have you seen the description for the scenes yesterday? The BF is in Regina's car and she's "dressed like Regina". I'd love to think that that means she's been pushed off to the side while this AU or whatever it is is happening. But I'm concerned that could mean it'll have a Regina focus. Or she's stuck somewhere with Emma. Again. Ugh. I'm sorry I know I'm completely jumping to conclusions, but I can't help it. 6a and the season 5 finale is burned into my head and I can't help but not trust a&e.

I can understand that. It’s easy to think it’ll be about Regina because we’ve had a bit of an overload of her this season and we know it’s going to continue in the next episode too. 

That said, I do think the focus will ease up after 6x14. I think it’ll shift over to Emma and her Saviour arc a lot more and also Killian and the final part of his redemption. Then, of course, the wedding!!

As for the finale, all I can say is that I actually think it’ll be about everyone. It’s always the darkest before we get a resolution and I’ve always thought it’d be a good vs evil kind of battle to finish the show and after hearing the title, I haven’t changed my mind on that yet.

After yesterday’s filming, I’m just wondering where all the heroes are! With the BF seemingly looking like she’s taken over SB, are they still there being denied of their HE’s, just as in season 1 with a twist on the original dark curse? Or are they somewhere else? 

I’m sure we’ll all get a better idea of where it’s going as the season continues :)

Dear Regina...

I love you more.

When I say that I don’t mean more than you love me.
I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead.
I love you more than any of the fights we will ever have.
I love you more than than any obstacle that may try and come between us.

I love you more.

- Emma

anonymous asked:

I agree: Rumple hurt the Queen and I hope they will talk about that. He hurt Belle too, but he was desperate. He didn't hurt her in 5B at all. All he wanted was her acceptance. I can't belive that it is still painted as he did something wrong! He told her that she needs to accept that she fell in love with all of him, with a man who has darkness in him, not only light. He said he will be better for her but won't deny anymore who he is: a complicated man. Like the Queen is Regina's part too. If

as the woman. I’m sure the fandom wouldn’t celebrate abuse in that case. I agree, Regina made better choices than Rumple. You are right. But Regina had people to belive in her, people to love and support him. While Rumple had a wife who constantly tried to change him and punished him when he couldn’t do everything because she had fallen in love with an imagined version of him, not the real man. And yes, Belle was afraid of Rumple in 4B but only because the writers needed her to be afraid.            

Until the very end of 6A Belle never had any reason to be afraid of her husband. Yes, he lied to her. But he never ever hurt her. Belle is not written as a character on this show: she is a plot device to hurt Rumple or be afraid of him when the writers need to isolate him, need someone to push him. So Belle being afraid of him in one episode of 4B doesn’t mean he ever would have hurt her or she had reason to be afraid. Please think about how this marriage would look like if Belle was a man!        

Alright Nonnie which part of - I don’t want to continue this conversation - did you not understand?

I’m not jumping on the poor Rumple, Belle is so abusive train i’m actually horrified by it. As I am by what you keep saying

You are ignoring practically everything I said (HE FUCKING HURT HER IN ALL OF 6A) except that the part with Regina/Queen… You need to get out of your Belle hatred bubble dear. Now.

Belle isn’t the villain in this tale, she stood by his side far longer than she should. And yes I would say the same damn thing if Belle was a man - you would still be wrong. 

I’m done talking about this.

Dear Regina,

I miss you dearly while watching Ouat but I couldn’t stand to watch repetitive storylines, wasted potential stories be squandered, storylines be left open at the end of the season and never explained or sadly Killian who I also love dearly over the course the last two seasons basically be Emmas cheerleader and plot device to full her story, especially in the Queens of Darkness half season.

Sadly part of me wants to see this show succeed while another part of me wants to see this be the last season. Adam and Edward are talented writers but perhaps it’s time to hand the reins over to someone else because I feel they’ve exhausted their creative talents on this

PS. For other fans I don’t care if you hate on this it’s my opinion and I still love this show but it lost my interest this season

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Do you have any thoughts on what might happen to Robin in the next episode? Even with the crappy story they've given us so far, I still think they're unlikley to kill him a second time. Since he wants to leave, do you think Regina will find a way to break the town line barrier by the end of the episode and he'll just leave town? That seems...pointless?

Everything seems pointless at this point. 

I had hoped once that maybe he’d be sent to the EF to be redeemed by Roland but I don’t want this version of Robin anywhere near Roland at this point, or Regina for that matter. 

I love Sean, I wish he had better to work with, I really like his take on a happy ending of this Robin getting Robin Hood’s memories, but at this point I think that’s a pipe dream. 

So i guess only based on what they have set up there is only a few (horrible imo) options. 1) Robin has an epiphany, and saves Regina from the EQ by sacrificing himself.  Either Robin or Regina kill the EQ or she gets reabsorbed and Regina is left alone. 2) Regina defeats the EQ, or re-absorbs her and poofs Robin back to the Wish Realm Buh Bye… and again Regina is alone. 

No matter what Regina will end the show alone, her soulmate is dead. her true love is dead and one day Henry will be all grown up. 

Either of these options are not personally what I would like to see from the show.  

Warning: I’m salty af about this whole arc. 


#it’s true they hated each other on s1 but look #everything about this moment is so soft #regina in awe at what emma says and looking at her lips #emma’s face when regina comes closer #regina taking a deep breath and looking into emma’s eyes before she finally speaks #emma’s smile at witnessing regina’s mask slip #you just know this will be the start of something beautiful