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Shuffle Challenge

Tagged by: @moodymoodboardskpop put your playlist on shuffle and see what the first ten songs are that show up. Hehe I’m a tad bit scared to see what the songs will be (I have some odd songs) but oh well~ 💕

1. Breakeven-The Script
2. Jessica- Regina Spektor
3. Chivalry Is Dead- Trevor Wesley
4. Seventeen- Alessia Cara
5. Superfly- 24k
6. Stigma- BTS
7. Weight in Gold- Gallant
8. Miracles- Two Steps from Hell
9. American Idiot- Green Day
10. Animals- Neon Trees

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i kissed you on a saturday

i missed you even more today…

Too Tall Girl They Might Be Giants Saturday Io Perry Acoustic Guitar The Magnetic Fields I’m Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You Kate Nash Jenny Whale and the Village King of Wishful Thinking Lauren Zettler I Don’t Believe in the Sun The Magnetic Fields Jessica Regina Spektor Drive My Soul Lights