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ookay… Rocket Power… my OTP is Twiggie (Twister x Reggie) but I think in the show they have some kind of chush to eachother… and in my head when they’re teenagers they start dating… Reggie is more of a surfer girl and Twister an great Skeater, better that Otto (because I hate Otto) and Twist dont use his hat… and have a piercing beacuse one night of drink with Otto… lol


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Can we get something that's pure smut?

Emma’s head slammed roughly against the back of the coat-closet door, the vibrations of the wood’s tremors bouncing against her skull. She hardly noticed though as the air around her became thick, heated, and perfectly tainted by the scent of Regina’s perfume and minty breath. She sucked in a hard gasp that evolved into a guttural moan as the brunette painted her curves across Emma’s own and brought her supple lips crashing atop the blonde’s.

Clumsy fingers pulled at clothing in desperation, and Emma was certain she heard a few buttons scatter across the marble floor of Regina’s foyer as she yanked at the woman’s silken shirt and blazer while nipping at a full bottom lip. Regina had considerably less trouble with her own ministrations, finding it quite easy to divest Emma of her simple tank top and sports bra, though the blonde did grunt and nearly fall with the forceful yank of the items over her head.

“How many goddamn tops do you have on?” Emma growled out as her body ached only to feel the friction of sweet skin-to-skin contact, but was delayed due to Regina’s business attire. The woman had had on a blazer, a button-down silken blouse, a camisole, and of course, her bra.

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I think you should continue on the drabble about the truth serum. Pretty please?

Part One:

Part Two:

As soon as Regina felt the sting of tears at her eyelids, she sucked in a sharp breath and let rage spill through her system. She pushed her way around Emma and Snow and shot for the door, intent on getting the hell away from all of them lest she do or say something she would later regret.

Emma stood there dumbfounded, watching Regina flee the diner, a terrible feeling of guilt overwhelming her. She hesitated only about a minute before she snapped back to reality, and her feet began moving without thought or command. Her mother’s shouts to her were but muted bubbles of air that never reached her ears as she found herself suddenly chasing after Regina.

She rocketed out of the diner, her pulse drumming in her ears. Her head snapped to the right, the direction she assumed Regina would have gone given it led toward the brunette’s house, and she could see said woman a little ways in the distance. Regina must have quickened her pace to have made it that far; either that, or Emma had stood in the wake of her escape much longer than she realized.

“Regina!” she called out, but the brunette kept going, and so Emma kicked her body into gear and began chasing after her. The closer she got, the more she called for the other woman. “Regina, please! Wait!”

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