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Long Live the Murderous Despot

The Evil Queen on Leadership and Rulership 

The Evil Queen was, without any shadow of a doubt, a terrifying figure.  She came to power in the wake of good King Leopold’s suspicious death, immediately charged his daughter the Princess Snow White with crimes against the throne, and was personally responsible for hundreds and probably thousands of deaths.  Walking away from a personal encounter with the Queen with your life was something to be celebrated.  

But the question remains… what was she like as a ruler?  Because none of the above is tells you either what the people actually thought of her or she was like as a Queen.  Let us first consider her predecessor.  Leopold was a man described by himself and those of his immediate circle as a good man.  The king is only concerned with the happiness of his subjects.  We imagine, in stories, that these are the traits of a fine ruler.  

Except historically speaking it’s not.  

Kings worried about the happiness of their subjects tend to spend extravagantly in order to buy popularity and tax inadequately.  That kind of imperial largess can destabilize by pushing too much gold or silver into circulation and causing a rise in prices as the value of money decreases.  King Midas must have been a nightmare for all the other Enchanted Forest rulers even if he was in fact very stingy.  Rumple as well.  And there is no telling how much gold Cora was spinning to maintain her family’s lifestyle and influence following the apparent fall of Henry’s family from grace. 

The other thing that monarchs like Leopold have historically done is underfunded the army, leaving their homelands vulnerable to attack as they chose to spend their money on extravagances or courting popularity.  It does not seem an unreasonable headcanon given what we saw of both Leopold (a man who wore his crown in his own bed chambers) and the way he treated Snow that Leopold was such a ruler and that Regina discovered a significant mess in the treasury when she came to power.  

We already know that Regina had started filling the ranks of the royal army with her own men before Leopold’s death, and while we know those men weren’t all loyal to her given what we saw in 2.20 The Evil Queen, I do believe we can assume that a significant number were.  She took a personal interest in them.  She knew their names.  She paid them well.  And while she may not have tolerated failure a significant number of them remained loyal to her even after the Charming’s claimed to have deposed her.  I counted at least 25 Black Knights in the force that stormed the Charming’s castle and there were likely more.  Enough to take the castle of a supposedly ruling family easily.

This is the problem of relying on fairy air power to win your wars.  If you don’t actually defeat the enemy on the battlefield they rise again bitter and with a vengeance.

One other important detail about the Black Knights, aside from knowing their names and personally hiring them, we are told that Regina often gave these men second chances in their lives.  The Charmings may have been prepared to dismiss them as thugs and mercenaries, but the fact that second chances were something Regina valued is an incredibly appealing quality in a leader.  As was her tendency to place herself in danger.  Fighting behind a terrifying sorceress with magic and fire in her eyes would have been a very powerful force multiplier in a marshal culture like the Enchanted Forest.

But let’s take a step back from the immediate contact with the Queen.  Her kingdom is apparently stable and peaceful.  The economy strong enough that she could easily withstand cutting off trade with King George while that action virtually crippled him.  We are never shown her kingdom to be plagued by warlords terrorizing the peasantry as we are shown with Bo Peep in George’s kingdom.  Both George and Midas, arrogant men, and shown to be militarily aggressive (at least George was) were deferential to Regina.  She and her knights walked freely and without challenge into their castles.

This deference may have been related to personal fear of her as a murderous sociopath, but it does have the larger effect of meaning that her kingdom was free of external threat.  That certainly doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about dying violently, but Regina’s violence appears to be relatively predictable.  Yes, she will rip out the heart of a bridegroom on his wedding day for violating royal lands, and yes she’ll massacre a village or rip the heart out of every villager in the north woods, but those are actions directly relating to her fight with Snow White.  Don’t aide Snow White and don’t violate the clearly posted law, and you likely would not have a problem with the Queen.  No matter how murderous she was in general.  Believe it or not, lots of monarchs that history has judged as good rulers have a great deal of blood on their hands.  Frederick the Great of Prussia and Catherine the Great of Russia were both very dangerous to their political opposition, and Elizabeth I of England, celebrated selfless ruler ran one of the first modern police states.

Which of course brings us to the topic of Snow White.

The Charmings and their allies will tell you the peasantry loved her, but it’s fairly clear that she went through much of the bandit years without much help.  She might have been robbing royal carriages but she was also breaking into people’s houses and even her presence in an area could attract the attention of the Queen’s forces.  It is highly unlikely that the peasants really cared about a royal dispute.  Historically they rarely do.  And neither David, nor Kathryn or Midas seemed to question Regina’s right to hunt Snow, nor the charges against her.  David aside, that suggests the power dynamics had shifted.  The only people that attached to Snow’s cause were her immediate allies.  The fact that she and David needed magical assistance to defeat King George and then used David’s false claim to his thrown to gain control of his forces to challenge Regina suggests this was not seen as a great crusade outside of the circle of a deposed princess, some rogue dwarfs, and fairies with dubious motives… All one needs to know to show that is how little peasant support there appeared to be to challenge Regina in 3.02 Lost Girl.

Now the political theater of Lost Girl is itself interesting.  Regina’s encounters with Snow are designed to show herself as reasonable, and Snow as only interested in power.  She can have peace and a life away from power with her friends, something the peasant crowd would probably consider a good deal, or she can push for the throne and get other people killed.  The fact that David is publicly pushing for the latter at the same time he’s fighting in the name of Prince James a cruel playboy certainly would not have played into Snow’s case.  We are told that second encounter, where Snow nicks Regina’s cheek with a sword is politically damaging to Regina (especially in front of her knights) because she was seen as invincible.  But I would argue that it was probably a zero sum game for both of them.  Because word of the encounter would have spread and not everyone would have been so impressed with the Prince and Princess bringing a war down on the kingdom.

Wars are good for royals and bad for peasants.  It really doesn’t matter if Regina intended to keep her promise (I’m sure she didn’t), the act of declining the offer damages Snow’s image as the good disinterested royal outside of her inner circle.  And let me point out for the moment, that Snow and Charming’s idea of a court of advisers when they are ruling a kingdom are 7 miners, a cricket, a carpenter, an old widow and a werewolf.  I really can’t see the merchant or noble classes being that thrilled.

So how could a villain be a better leader than a pair of heroes?  Well, the answer to that question is that being a good leader and being a good person are not the same thing.  Leadership is not simply a natural talent, no matter what people might have told you, it’s learned.  The military spends a lot of time teaching leadership and Regina displays a lot of those traits no doubt taught to her in lessons ordered by her mother.  No one can tell me that Cora Mills did not spend her entire life maneuvering her daughter so she cold be a queen without preparing her with the best education possible in how to rule.  Knowing names, being mindful of image, of the conditions of soldiers lives, being willing to risk your own personal safety, and placing the value of the whole over the value of the individual are just some of those commonly taught traits that Regina displays.

The good of an entire town (kingdom) should outweigh the interest of one person.  A hero tries to save everyone, a leader knows that you can’t and that trying to may cost even more lives.  Ironically when Regina says this it would mean that she would argue for her own execution in 2.10 The Cricket Game and against attempting to save her life in 2.22 And Straight on Till Morning, the latter of which she did try to protest on the grounds that they did not know their plan would work.  

Which of course brings us to the topic of Mayor Mills.  Here is a woman who goes from being a tyrannical absolute despot to a small town bureaucrat who describes her work to Snow in a season 4 deleted scene as “public service”.  She is frequently seen in season 1 working late into the evening in the mayor’s office, and doing town paperwork in late season 2 after the majority of the town has dismissed her as an irredeemable villain.  She tells Henry that she traveled to many worlds, and this was the fairest.  She voices repeated concern when first Emma and then the Charmings start treating the sheriff’s department like a family business (a concern only highlighted when Snow is mayor and pardons Will Scarlet simply on the assumption that David let him escape to make her feel better).  I have no doubt that she used her power to torment some people with parking tickets and town ordinance violations, but I also have no doubt that the streets were in good repair and the town budget balanced.  She’s even concerned about property values when monsters show up.  

Regina claims to have designed Storybrooke and many of it’s features, and I think now that we know that Rumple did not in fact write the dark curse, but simply stole it for his own ends, we should take her word for it.  She came from a world and a place where she had no control and no choice and where she saw the harsh realities of the world.  The Enchanted Forest was not, in fact, some idealized version of the middle ages.  It was, as Issac tells us, a place with dysentery and a short life expectancy.  We’ve seen poverty so crushing that parents sold their children, and violence so random be it from an Evil Queen or an ogre attack.  Yet Storybrooke has full employment, no poverty, no homelessness, universal education and a fully staffed and equipped hospital (with yes more doctors than just Whale).

The Evil Queen gifted the people she hated with an idealized society at the same time she was attempting to deny their happiness.  In some ways she was an incredibly inept villain.  She worked hard to maintain that society even after she lost power.  And she verbally protested when the Charmings attempted to run Storybrooke as if it were an extension of an Enchanted Forest kingdom.  All of this speaks to a deep sense of fairness and justice, even in the heart of a woman capable of great cruelty and injustice.

All of this may read like a hit piece against the Charmings, but I actually think it’s not.  Let’s go back to what I said earlier.  Leadership is learned not a natural trait.  David was a shepherd and while a good man has never had any of the training a man of princely station would have had.  He’s behaving how he imagines a leader behaves.  Getting by with bluster, good looks, and confidence, and frankly reacting rashly when he is out of his depth.  Snow was probably given some lessons in leadership as a princess, but they would have come from her Leopold’s school of emphasizing goodness and happiness not security and order.  If Regina had not gone evil she likely could have taught her better when she was her stepmother, but that was not the kind of relationship they had.  One does get the impression though, as Snow looks to Regina as an adviser and a friend, that she is learning those lessons now.  And that alone should tell the audience a lot about what kind of leader Regina was and is.

The Evil Queen was a good leader.  And a good Queen.  And a terrifying monster.  And a vindictive bureaucrat.  And a dedicated public servant.

Because those are not actually incompatible things.

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Henry asks Regina about her lip scar

Thanks for the prompt :) 

TW for childhood abuse.

“Twenty stitches Ma, that’s the most I’ve ever had!” Henry declares his voice filled with pride as he examines his “hero” scar. 

“How many stitches?!” Regina’s voice cries as she appears from the hallway. 

Emma’s about to speak in explanation when Henry pipes up, “I rescued Pongo but slipped and caught my arm. It’s a mark of heroism!”

Regina raises a brow, “I’m sure Pongo’s very grateful. What did you rescue him from?” 

Henry chuckles, “The mud bank under the Toll Bridge. He’s so clumsy Mom.”

“That he is dear…did it hurt? Are you okay?” 

He shrugs it off, “Nah, I’m fine. Ma’s scared you’ll be mad at her.” 

“Why would I be mad? Accidents happen and besides you got it doing something brave and selfless. I’m not mad, I’m proud.” 

“Phew,” Emma says smiling in relief. For a moment it’s all calm. 

Then her smile drops for the next words out of Henry’s mouth are, “I know. It’s so cool! What about you Mom? How’d you get your scar?” 

He’s talking about her lip scar. Emma knows the story. She knows there are things that neither she nor Regina have told Henry. To him, this scar is a marker of something good that he’s done. It’s a story he’ll tell with pride. 

Emma and Regina, on the other hand, know that not all scars come from good stories. 

Emma steps forward as she sees Regina freeze. Her body goes rigid and fear flickers in brown eyes as she wonders what to say. She doesn’t want him to know the truth - that her scars are reminders of cruelty and punishment rather than heroism and goodness. 

“It’s okay,” Emma mouths to her as she moves to stand beside Regina reaching out to softly squeeze her arm in support. Regina nods, finally letting out a sigh of relief. 

Regina shuffles closer to Emma as she faces her son, so eager and inquisitive, so lucky to believe that most scars have good, fun stories behind them. “There was a cat that used to visit my estate when I was a girl. I used to pet him and sit with him for hours. One day a stray dog went for him and I stepped into rescue the cat, when I was running away with the cat I tripped and fell on a rock.” 

It’s not far from the truth. 

There was a cat that she loved and an out of control dog. 

But there was no rock, and she learned later that her mother had enchanted the dog to try and teach her a lesson. When that lesson failed, Cora went another direction. Regina shudders remembering how she went to bed that night with a throbbing lip and a head full of nightmares. 

She never saw the cat nor the dog again. 

Henry raises a brow before smiling, “I guess you were clumsy too huh Mom.” 

“I guess so,” Regina says, her voice thick with the threat of tears, “Why don’t you get some ice-cream? A treat for being so brave.” 

“Sweet. Thanks Mom,” Henry calls oblivious to the wounds his question has torn open. 

As soon as he’s out the door, Regina whirls around seeking out Emma, who offers her a sympathetic smile before wrapping her in a tight hug. Emma presses a kiss to Regina’s temple as she whispers, “You weren’t clumsy. You are brave. You are selfless. You are loved.” 

7x07 Mother Gothel

ok guys, so this episode we learned that the Witch is actually Mother Gothel, a dangerous witch. 

She and wish Hook had a child, Alice. 

However, this is where it gets interesting. 

Originally, Gothel had the real Rapunzel trapped in the tower. But, at some point Rapunzel switched it and trapped Gothel in the tower instead. 

So what’s my theory?

Lady Tremaine is the real Rapunzel. Why? Because she absolutely loses her shit when Gothel is freed, saying to Drizella that she is the real villain. That Gothel is much more dangerous than Drizella realizes. 

Gothel must be playing Drizella, that’s how she got freed.

Now, what’s her master plan? Did Gothel cast the curse? Is she the mastermind behind this whole operation? 

Now, the real question is: is Gothel worse than Regina and Rumple? Cora? 

Once Upon a Time bosses deep dive into season 7 reboot (3/4)

NEXT: The OUAT bosses tease all the new characters

How does Cinderella and Henry’s relationship compare to Snow and Charming’s?
HOROWITZ: One, you can’t compare them to Snow and Charming. That was a unique thing and it truly was lightning in a bottle, and it was amazing. What we’re hoping with these two characters is that we find something new that is as exciting to the audience, that the audience can really get emotionally invested in, and we want the audience to fall in love with these characters and fall in love with their struggles in a new way, so we’re not planning to repeat a love story that we’ve already told with new characters. What we are doing is keeping romance and love at the center of the show, because that’s always been a huge part of the show, and we’re telling a new love story with these new characters.
KITSIS: Yeah, I would say what started with Henry and Violet at 14, you’re going to see an adult Henry actually find his true love.

Tell us about Cinderella as a person.
HOROWITZ: I think that we’re picking up with Cinderella in the midst of her iconic story, but there’s a twist to it.
KITSIS: Yeah, we’ll find out she’s not necessarily looking for her prince. And I would say that in Hyperion Heights, we see a single mother who is struggling to keep her family together, keep her life together, keep her head up against many obstacles, and so finding herself once again being Cinderella to the world where she feels like she is constantly cleaning up her mess, but yet she can never get ahead.

Tell us about Lucy.
KITSIS: Lucy right now has to bear the burden of the truest believer because her father no longer does. So it is up to her to get people to remain hopeful and I think that you’ll see a lot of Henry in her, and I think you’ll see a lot of her grandma, Snow, in her.

What can you tell us about Lady Tremaine?
HOROWITZ: As often as is the case on Once Upon a Time, there’s more than meets the eye to what we know about the character, so Lady Tremaine is the wicked stepmother, she doesn’t like Cinderella very much and she’s got an agenda.
KITSIS: I’ll tell you what she is: She’s somebody who wants to get to the top and will use any means necessary. So why it’s important for her to be royalty, why it’s important for her to crush everyone else is the story of the year.
HOROWITZ: Beyond that, there is something broiling beneath, personal and painful, that is driving all of this.
KITSIS: In true Once Upon a Time fashion, evil isn’t born, it’s made, and we’ll see that with her as well.
HOROWITZ: So how was it made is one of the questions we explore.

She sounds a lot like Cora, no?
GOODMAN: She might be a little bit like Cora. We’re also going to see in Hyperion Heights that the role she’s taking is very similar in terms of getting to the top, in terms of being a developer who is this character who is trying to push out the fairy tale characters who are living in Hyperion Heights, gentrifying the neighborhood and bringing other people in.
KITSIS: She learned the lesson that Regina didn’t, which is, don’t keep them all together where one day they can find themselves.
GOODMAN: Spread them out.
KITSIS: Push them the hell out. You push them the hell out and you gentrify the neighborhood and you bring in a cold press juicer and they can’t afford it anymore, then you won’t worry about the Pied Piper finding Alice.

What can you tease about Lady Tremaine’s daughter Drizella?
KITSIS: She presents to be as evil as the Evil Stepsisters promise to be, but like everything in Once Upon a Time, you never know what’s underneath it. What we can say is that she is deliciously evil.
HOROWITZ: There’s a lot going on inside Drizella. She earned the evil moniker.

What kind of dynamic does she have with her mom?
KITSIS: She takes a lot of abuse, it seems like, from her mom, but I wonder how long that will last.

Where are we picking up in the timeline of Tiana’s story?
KITSIS: We will be doing her origin story in episode 5, and like all Once Upon a Time [characters], we will have our own spin on it. It will not just be the movie.
HOROWITZ: We’re not redoing the movie, but we’re taking it as a jumping-off point. We want to honor the character and make sure we’re true to it, but we have a Once Upon a Time spin.
KITSIS: What we also love is that in Seattle, her relationship with Cinderella is like Snow and Red’s. They’re roommates, they’re good friends. We love to write those friendship stories.

And she’s a good person?
KITSIS: Yes, she’s a hero.

How about Alice?
KITSIS: Be careful what you drink around her. [Laughs] I’m sorry, I meant LSD because it’s Alice. No, I was kidding. I would say the thing about Alice is she is a character in the vein of Rumplestiltskin in that you don’t really quite know what she’s up to, or where she’s going, or where she’s been.

You’re going to be bringing in a prominent LGBT character. What do you want to say about that?
KITSIS: One of the show’s franchises is love. This iteration is reflecting the world today and so it will not be anything other than just one of the other love stories that are happening. There will be a character who is gay and that’s just who they are. They exist in the world. They don’t have a sign on that says, “Special Episode.”

Will we see other new iterations of characters we’ve seen on the show before?
KITSIS: We will, as the year goes, do new iterations, because as Henry said, he has found himself in a new book with a different author. So similar to the way that there are many different versions of fairy tales in the world, be it in Germany or Italy—
HOROWITZ: But I think there’s an important distinction for fans to understand. We’re not recasting Josh [Dallas] and Ginny [Goodwin] as Snow and Charming. Those characters still exist in our show, whether they’re on the show or not, or if they come back for a guest appearance or not. There are some instances with some of these characters that we’ve already explained — with Cinderella or Alice — where we’re finding the different versions of them elsewhere. But what we’ve seen on the show still exists. And it’s important to be able to say to fans that that exists and it’s all very important to what we’re doing now, but now we’re going into a new book and a new chapter.

Are we in one new book or multiple?
KITSIS: We have the freedom to go through multiple books.

You mentioned another author, so are there multiple authors then?
KITSIS: I think so. I think there is. There has to be one author for each book. I think that is the case.
HOROWITZ: I would say the different books have different mythologies. It’s not like we’re going to retell the author mythology the same way or the Dark One mythology the same way. There’s going to be new things and new mythologies to explore.
KITSIS: What we aren’t trying to do is repeat the first six seasons with different people. We are not just trying to redo it. We’re trying to keep this show moving forward in being fresh and different, while still recapturing the spirit of the first six seasons.

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Prompt: OQ “Hold my hand, we have to make this look convincing!”

Thank you very much for the prompt, anon! I hope you’ll like it!!

Regina felt as if she was suffocating. It wasn’t the fact that she was afraid of flying, she’s been on an airplane plenty of times and felt just fine. What makes her sick is the location of where she is going.

She’s going home, to the States, to see her family. A family she didn’t miss at all.

She moved to the United Kingdom when she was still very young with her boyfriend Daniel. The reason for that was the same family she’s going to visit now. Her mother was against her relationship with Daniel, her sister made fun of her on a daily basis because Regina was a shame to the Mills family.

So she took her purse, Daniel’s hand and traveled over the ocean because it was the only way to stop her family from controlling her.

They found their happiness there.

But Daniel is long dead and Regina had no other choice but to stay in touch with her family, because family is what matters the most, even when that family makes your stomach turn.

Regina already knows what Mother will ask first. She’ll not be interested in Henry, she’ll not be interested in Regina’s new occupation. The first question will be about Regina’s love life. Is she still single? Why is she so pathetic? What kind of woman can love a man who’s dead?

She can already see how Cora will roll her eyes when Regina tells her that she’s still single and that she’s not seeing anyone. Then Cora will start ranting about Regina being foolish for holding on to someone who wasn’t even worth her.

Of course, Mother will find more things that are awful about Regina, but she’s sure that the first day will be about her love life.

It won’t be the first time Mother acts like this ( she was a snob the whole life, it just got even worse after Daniel), and at first Regina would cry herself to sleep, she would actually feel pathetic but time does its magic and now those words don’t hurt her as much as it did before.

This weekend Regina will suffer with her head held high and then she’ll travel back to London, be shaken up for a few days and then continue to live her peaceful life with her son, the only man she’s interested in.

However, the weekend will be hell. It’s enough time for Cora to point out all Regina’s flaws, remind her what a disappointment she is and show all the photos of old business men who would like to marry her.

Regina groans at the thought.

“Is everything alright? You look pale, mom,” Regina’s snapped out of her thoughts when Henry touches her hand.

She blinks her eyes for a few times and forces a smile.

“Of course,” Regina lies but when her son gives her a knowing look, she sighs, defeated. Henry is only twelve and already reads her too well. “You know grandma Cora will complain that I’m such a disappointment to the family and try to hurt me like she always does.”

Henry frowns, “She’s so unfair to us.”

Regina can only hum in response.

Unfair is an understatement.

“Don’t worry, Henry, it’s only three days and then we’re going home and won’t see any of them for another year,” she says, trying to sound as hopeful as she can.

Henry looks at her for a moment, he’s obviously not happy to go there either, but then he sighs, knowing that he won’t be able to change anything. He rests his head against Regina’s shoulder and Regina closes her eyes, tries not to think about Cora.

But it’s too hard to do so and Cora invades her thoughts again, making her whole body tense.


Regina’s eyes snap open when she hears Henry’s voice. She must’ve fallen asleep for she didn’t even feel how her son pulled away from her. Blinking her eyes rapidly, she turns to look at her boy confused. They don’t know anyone on this plane, there’s no one her son could talk to.

“Hello?” it’s a male voice that greets Henry back, and that man sounds obviously confused.

Regina lifts her head a bit so she can see the man Henry’s talking to better. He’s been sitting here all the time but only now she noticed how handsome he is. He doesn’t look much older than her, his hair are dark blond, the strand falling over his  forehead, and his eyes… his eyes are the color of the ocean they’re now flying over.

She hasn’t felt like this in a really long time.

“Are you single, sir?”

“Henry!” Regina cannot help but hiss, grabbing her son’s hand. “I’m sorry, he’s not usually like this,” she quickly apologizes to the man who only chuckles.

“Well, if you’re that interested, yes, I’m single,” he answers Henry’s question, his eyebrow raised in question. “Why are you asking that?”

“Would you mind to be my mom’s fake boyfriend for the weekend?”

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CSBB: Part of the Narrative (16/17)

Emma Swan just wants to write the follow-up to her bestselling debut novel, that’s all. But when she gets off to a rough start with her new editor, Killian Jones, she knows it’s not going according to plan. Then, an unexpected figure from Emma’s past reappears and life begins to mirror the crime thriller she’s penning. Suspicion and secrets abound–but love might too. A writer/editor AU with a thriller twist.

Rated E. Includes sexual content, kidnapping, some gore, mild violence, and minor character death–not to mention salty language! On Ao3 here.

Chapter warnings: There’s processing of neglectful parenting and a whole lot of fluff.

I can’t believe it, but this is the last real chapter! Next week is the epilogue, which I hope you’ll all enjoy. (Also, I forgot today was Monday and am thus very late with posting, oops.) Thank you so much to all of you who have been reading and commenting and waiting patiently…I just love you all a lot, okay? And of course, thanks to all of you who helped me get here. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies at @captainswanbigbang for all you’ve done to make this possible, and all the support you’ve given. Sophie @shady-swan-jones made the delightful banner and another photoset that I adore. Kayla @bleebug did some incredible art for the first, sixth, and fifteenth chapters, which you can check out here and here and here. And all the love and thanks to Kris @sambethe for beta-ing this and making it a ton better. Just…she’s the greatest.

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Chapter 16

Henry is found, and that leaves Emma and Killian to come up with some definitions, resolutions, and conclusions.


Killian watched as Emma all but ran out of the car before it stopped. There was Henry, wrapped in a blanket, and Emma flew toward him and pulled him into her arms. Henry seemed to be fine. He had a couple of scrapes and bruises, but otherwise seemed okay. And as he watched their reunion, Killian would have been lying if he tried to pretend his eyes were dry watching the woman he loved embrace her son.

He loved Emma Swan. Realistically, he had for a while. This wasn’t even a new realization, but it was one he was now ready to accept. There was even a chance she might feel the same.

It had been some time since he had heard Milah’s voice in his subconscious, but he thought she would approve. They’d probably have liked each other, Emma and Milah, had they been given the opportunity to meet. Killian knew Milah would have wanted him to move on, and Emma…well, Emma was everything.

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Can you give us a special Mother's Day fluffy one shot about Roland and Regina ? Please...

She smiled when he turned to look at her, gathering her hair to one side and allowing the gentle breeze to keep it in place as she moved to cross her legs and opened her arms to him without the need for words.

He fit so wonderfully - just as Henry had in her embrace at this age - against her, leaning back against her chest and taking one of her hands in his as she dropped a kiss into his curls. It was a way of taking comfort from her, playing with her hands, and so she found herself frowning as she took her eyes from the three in the water - Henry held one of Scarlett’s hands whilst Robin held the other, keeping her balanced as the waves lapped at her little ankles - and asked, “Everything okay, sweetheart?”

He’d done nothing but smile all day long - they all had - as he’d built sandcastles with Henry and kicked at the ocean spray, roaring with laughter whenever he’d manage to wet his father. She wasn’t quite sure where the change had come from.

“Do you miss your mama, Regina?”

The question caught her off-guard. They’d spoken of Cora - briefly, of course - once before when Roland had asked about her. He’d found a picture stowed away and almost forgotten in a drawer when he’d been searching for crayons and had brought it to Regina. It was a picture crafted from a memory - just the same as the only photograph she’d once had of Robin and herself when he’d left for New York - a time before Daniel and her mother’s scheming. Before she’d come of age - or as of age as her impatient mother wanted to wait for her to be - when image was not quite an issue. It had been the only time she’d ever remembered being embraced by her mother for reasons other than manipulation. A bittersweet memory.

Her throat thickened as his small hands bent and straightened her fingers slowly. “Why do you ask, my darling?”

His head tilted against her chest as he sighed softly. “Because I miss my mama sometimes but then you and papa make me feel better and I still miss her but it doesn’t hurt as bad…” he began in his wonderfully innocent way, “so I thought that maybe you miss your mama too, ‘specially on mama’s day.”

The term had her smiling despite the anguish flooding her body because that was what his card had read this morning. Written in his own hand with a picture of her - a heart-achingly sweet stick figure with long dark hair and an apple in its hand - on the front. She’d cried happy tears reading it and had squeezed him a little too tight but he hadn’t complained, had merely held her back and told her, “I love you, mama.” as he did so often these days.

“You know what, my darling boy?” she hugged him tighter, glad when he followed the path of her hand and merely covered the back of hers with his own when she wrapped it around his waist, “I do miss her terribly sometimes but you know what helps?” He turned his head enough to look at her, shaking his head so sweetly that she couldn’t help but press a kiss to his cheek before pulling back to look at him once more. “You and your papa and Scarlett and Henry.”

“Just like me?” he gasped with a smile, always as wonderfully ecstatic as she when they discovered one more thing in common with one another.

She nodded her head with a smile that came much easier even as her eyes teared, “Just like you, sweetheart.”

He grinned before it was he who was stretching himself up enough to press a sweet kiss to her cheek and dropping back down into her lap again, content to stay with her watching the others play. “I love you, mama.”

She breathed a soft laugh through her nose, laying her head upon the top of his head as she kept her eyes on her other loves and replied, “I love you too, my little knight.”

anonymous asked:

What kind of abuse did Regina suffer in her marriage to Leopold ? Sorry it's been awhile since I watched that episode .

My answer to your question comes simply in these photos - do these look like someone who was part of a happy marriage? 

The whole marriage itself is despicable. Regina did not accept his proposal. Cora did. When she tried to voice the fact that she did not want to marry the King (shocking given that he was old enough to be her grandfather!) she was silenced or told that it was “cold feet”. Regina was at most eighteen years old and was for all intents and purposes sold off to a man at least triple her age. 

Her marriage has often been referenced as a time of neglect and loneliness as seen in 1x11 and in Season 3 where she referred to herself as the Queen of Nothing. In Season 5 she tells Snow that she never knew how to dance because the King never wanted to dance with her. In her marriage to Leopold she was an object in the castle. He treated her with distance and neglect only showing interest when it looked like she could make him look bad, as shown through the fact that he openly admits to reading her diary and then locks her away when he does not like what he reads. 

Regina’s face when Cora says “I never should have made you marry the King” says it all. That marriage, for her, was full of pain, loneliness and misery which ultimately put her on the path to being the Evil Queen. 

Leopold, though they may show him as a kind and loving King/father etc, is an awful character. He showed zero regard for Regina’s wishes and treated her the way he would an old vase. He showed no care and no interest, exiling her to a life of despair and darkness. 

Fallen, II. (oq au)

Summary: Hell is empty, the devils are here, said Shakespeare. And they are. They influence mankind every day, and usually, where there’s a devil, there’s also an angel trying to right the chaos.
But can a fallen angel fall in love?

ch. I

Dinner with Mother is hell. Literally.

Cora has booked in one of those super chic clubs, where waiters wear gloves and wine flows easily. It’s always been their modus operandi, really, and with all of their money, who could blame them? To be ruthless is to give your money a boost, they say. Tonight, however, there is only Zelena, her husband, Cora and her business partner Mr Gold. And Regina already knows, she’s going to be questioned all evening.

So delightful, to live her life.

At least, those stupid humans can hope to have a rapid, painless death to end their misery. And yes, there she is, stuck until the Judgment Day – as if her judgment was a surprise, after all.

“You’re late,” Cora welcomes her, shaking her head at Regina’s Sorry, Mother, I got caught up in the traffic. Why does she even bother?

“So, Regina, tell us,” Zelena inquires, taking a sip of wine. “How’s the new year going?”

“Couldn’t be better,” she answers. Sits next to her, tucking her hair behind her ear. “They sent the dearest Arariel to bother me, this time. I wonder why they don’t give up already.”

“Be sure you’ll have something… consistent… to present to the Council, dear,” Mr Gold intervenes. She meets his eyes for a moment – that glint, the ancient flames perpetually burning, the power he has – they always make her speechless.

“I’ll take care of that,” she hisses. “Have I ever disappointed you?”

As soon as the words leave her mouth, she regrets saying them.

“I recall a particular disaster with that darling Gabriel, don’t you?” Zelena smiles. “But you know better now, sis, right?”


continue on or Ao3 

OQPromptParty: Day 5: 138. Hogwarts AU

The first day of school is always such an event.   Robin is a sixth year now, and having been through the ritual five times before, he finds the day downright boring.  But no one else seems to share that sentiment, which is somewhat frustrating.  Emma and Will argue about the new  students every year, trying to pick out which of the fresh new faces will join them in Gryffindor.  

It’s Groundhog Day, every year the same predictable shit.

Except for this one.

This year there are no excited shouts roaring over the dining hall.  And the first years look more scared than nervous.

This year is all different because of her.   Regina Mills, a sixth year transfer from Ilvermorny.  It’s not like she’s hard to spot, sitting there with the other unsorted students, a few heads taller than the second tallest one at her table.

People are pointing and whispering.  The unsorted children are crowded into their space together, putting as much room as possible between them and Regina.  

“That’s her,” Emma mutters.  “The girl who died.”

Robin has heard the stories and is fully aware of why she is called The Girl Who Died, but he can’t help but think that she looks very much alive right now, with cherry red lips and a nice blush to olive skin.  

She’s stunning, absolutely so.  His heart knocks in a special way just looking at her that almost embarrasses him.

“I doubt she really died,” Will chimes in.  “That sounds like bullshit.  I’m sure she charmed herself or something.  She’s got powerful magic, right?  That’s why she has the cursed mark.”

“Please there’s no such thing as a cursed mark,” Robin spits out.  “And where, I don’t see any—”

She turns just then, enough so he can catch her whole face - can see the tiny scar above her lip.  Oh.  

“That’s just a scar,” Robin scoffs.  He draws back his robe and points at the scar on his upper arm.  “I suppose I am cursed with dark magic, too?”

“No, because you got your scar when you decided to try to ride a unicorn.” Emma argues.

Well, that’s a story isn’t it?  But it’s not the point, so Robin just smiles cheekily back at her and reminds her,  

“You get my point. We don’t know how she got hers either.  That story is just a rumor. And I’m all too familiar with rumors, they made my first year here miserable.”

“That was different,” Emma waves off.  “You survived a very deadly curse.  You didn’t….have the oddest survival story ever, and what about all those rumors of her cursing those who wronged her in Ilvermorny?  I heard she was vindictive as fuck, she—”

But Robin isn’t listening.  He’s watching how she picks at her food, the solemn way she looks at her plate, the elegant, regal posture she carries.  She’s gorgeous.

“Well the Ministry denies The Curse exists, or that Regina was ever involved in any wrongdoing.” he says with a shrug.

“The ministry is full of shit,” Emma scowls.  “They cover up everything.  Look, I feel bad for her, but if she was cursed with this dark magic, she’s a walking time bomb.  And Ilvermorny clearly didn’t want her,” she shrugs.  “Probably for good reason.”

“I heard she was transferred because most of the students refused to attend if she stayed,” Robin argues.  “She doesn’t really look that dangerous.”

“I’m not proud of how people are acting a iut this either.  But looks can be deceiving,” Emma mutters.  “There are bets on where she’s going to place — 10 to 1 odds on Slytherin, of course.”

“Wasn’t she a Horned Serpent in Ilvermorny?” Robin asks.

“Sure, before her soul was blackened and cursed,” Will argues, “she’s a Slytherin, plain and simple.”

Robin smiles as he stares at her.  “I hope she’s Gryffindor.”

“Oh don’t say that Robin,” Emma mutters, “we have enough problems without a potential ticking time bomb to deal with.”

“She’s a problem I’d like to deal with,” he quips back.

“For fuck’s sake, Robin, sometimes I swear you have a death wish,” Will grumbles before grabbing another dinner roll.

“I just know how it is to be judged on the crimes of our parents,” Robin snaps back.  And that has Will wincing apologetically, and Emma once again attempting to differentiate Robin’s story from Regina’s.

But he won’t here any of it.


Every day she seems to suffer a new humiliation.  But this, this day is worse than she ever anticipated.

She’s sitting at a table meant for 10 year olds, and were she anyone else, the first years would probably surround her with questions, the way they tend to.

But she is Regina Mills, so they are all crowded on the end of the large table, huddled as far away from her as they can get.

That’s familiar, at least.  Her mother is Cora Mills.  People have been shrinking away her whole life.

But this time they are avoiding her because they know her secret.  They know that her soul is dark and twisted and broken.



“The Queen is dead. Long live the Evil Queen.”

anonymous asked:

Hey! I am sorry you are sad, I hope writing it out will help, so here is a prompt: DrunkRegina verse, Robin tells her he cannot be her mentor anymore (due to being in love with her of course) or Robin tells her they need to set up boundaries otherwise the whole mentor thing won't work. Another for the What Once Was Lost verse cuz i miss it so very much: Huge fight where Regina says she never wants to get back her memories of him or more like them. Thank you! I hope you'll feel better soon! <3

Okay so, I went with the Sponsor Verse prompt just because that one is literally written just on a prompt basis whereas I’m currently in the middle of a complete re-write of What Once Was Lost as I still like the premise of the fic but I don’t like my original writing for it. I’ll post a sneak peek of the new version below the Sponsor Verse prompt. Thank you lovely xo

Sponsor Verse

“It’s just…” he sighs, swallows thickly and drops his eyes from her face, from the hurt there, “it isn’t working anymore. It’s nothing personal,” he hates himself for lying to her because it is personal, of course it’s personal, “I just can’t continue on like this. I have a friend though, John. He’s agreed to take my place and continue on with your weekly sessions. He’ll look after you.”

“I don’t want another mentor, Robin,” she shakes her head, taking a step closer that he matches with a step back and he can practically feel the betrayal rolling off of her in waves, can taste it. “I don’t understand, we’ve been doing so well, I’ve been doing so well?”

“Of course you have,” he chances a glance up and wishes he hadn’t because there are tears in those dark eyes now and he just wants to take her into his arms and apologise, tell her he doesn’t mean it, kiss those glistening tracks from her- “But I’ve already made my mind up,” because this can’t continue. He’s supposed to be caring for her, keeping her on track, not falling in love with her for fucks sake. She deserves better than that. She deserves better than him. “I’m going back to England at the end of the month.”

“You’re…” she gasps as though he’s stolen the very air that she breathes and he hates that he’s done this to her, that he’s let himself get too close when she’s so vulnerable and in need of so much more. “You can’t.”

“Regina,” he begins, swallowing thickly against his own emotions because it’ll only complicate things if she sees how much this is killing him, “I-“

“No, Robin,” her voice trembles along with her chin as she shakes her head at him, “I’m better with you,” and there’s no pretence in her now, no denial of feelings she shouldn’t be having for him as there has been before when they’ve gotten too close to doing something stupid and he aches for her. “I’m better with you, you make me better.”

“John can-“

“I don’t give a fuck about John or anyone else for that matter.”

A tear escapes, rolls down his cheek.

“You and Henry, you make me better. You make me want to be better, for you. You can’t just leave me,” her momentary burst of anger ebbs out of her like breath from her lungs as she whimpers, “please don’t leave me,” takes another step forward and then another before he can move away, grasping at his arms as she pushes her forehead against his own and all but begs, “please don’t leave me.”

What Once Was Lost - Sneak Peak (Re-write) It’s a big preview to (hopefully) see if you guys are still interested in it!

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Regina Mills {Evil Queen}: ENTJ [Once Upon a Time]

Dominant Function, Extroverted Thinking, Te: This function deals with standards. Patterns that repeat themselves and show themselves to be consistent. These are elements of life that are easiest for Te dominants, like Regina, to deal with. Regina attempts to make choices in an impersonal way. She needs rational reasoning in her decision making. It is why she is so bothered with Snow White’s ideas of hope, faith, and emotional dependence. These are ideas that can’t be measured, that can’t be understood in a systematic fashion. As a Te dominant Regina doesn’t like making decisions that way. It is why she can come off harsh to believers like Snow and Henry. She will bluntly cut people off for their irrationality. 

We see her systematic efficiency in being Mayor. She may be stomping on others for her own benefit, but Stroybrooke ran smoother under her management. Curse or no curse it was a well functioning machine. This function can appear quite selfish, especially in Regina Mills. We see this in her treatment of Henry in Season 1. She wants Henry to think he is imagining things in order to keep the structure of Storybrooke intact. On the one hand Henry in the dark keeps him loyal to her, but on the other hand Henry fishing around would also ensure chaos in the structured well-oiled machine that is cursed Storybrooke, that Regina created and enforced. 

Te, especially when used too much, is very external goal oriented. Her mother enforces an external goal of power, position, and privilege within Regina. Despite her hatred for her mother, she also loves her and still tries to reach that goal of power in order to achieve a Te type of freedom. She sees this need for power with her position and magic as a responsibility. However, if she were to use her auxiliary function, Ni more, like she does later on in the series she would realize that it is also responsible to figure out who she really is and to take care of herself instead of being solely focused on her external world. She isn’t the Evil Queen, she is Regina Mills. She has to answer the question of who is Regina Mills? Take on the responsibility of herself and her actions.

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OUAT and Consequences

You know what I think drives me the craziest about Once Upon a Time?  There’s no risk anymore.  I mean that in a lot of different ways.  (This is a really long one so brace yourselves).

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  • Regina: Guys! I just found out that Marian has actually been my sister this whole time!
  • Charming: Sure, OK. So what's the plan?
  • Regina: What. That's it? That's all the reaction you're going to give?
  • Charming: Regina, think about the past three years. Henry was Pan. Pan was Henry. Cora was Lancelot. Gold was Hook. You were in Snow for, like, two minutes the other day. If you suddenly morphed into the Blue Fairy midway through this conversation, I'd just shrug and keep talking.
Script Analysis of Hook (or: My True Love will always be The Script)
(This is going to be long)


I have lots of problems with CaptainSwan.


I think Hook is vile and misogynistic. I am disgusted with Adam & Eddy for writing him this way and having him end up with Emma. I hate that JM’s last interviwew confirms that Bae/Neal was killed off for CaptainSwan. I think CO’D is an excellent actor, and if he had been written as The Dread Pirate Wesley (meaning his bad deeds were all lies and he was a truly good character), I would consider him to be a legitimate rival to be Emma’s “endgame” pairing.


But the thing is that this is NOT what Adam and Eddy have written.


I can prove using the scripts, the whole scripts, and nothing but the scripts that Hook is a vile character with a history of violence against women. Indeed, those who ship CaptainSwan should be troubled by the character that Adam & Eddy have written. [[more]]

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we’ve wasted our lives

so i wrote regina kind of comforting killian in underworld here. so now i’m writing killian comforting regina. 

kind of like a missing scene/deleted scene, or honestly lets be real, something we all wish happens in this show between the two of them instead of just constant snarking (as fun as that is). 

thanks a lot to @oparu for looking this over for me <3

Hook sat at the doorstep of Emma’s, of their house, a book borrowed from Belle perched on his lap. The telltale signs of someone walking was apparent but it neither were the slightly crouching ones of Henry, or quick paced and determined ones of Emma. They were hard, and commanding, and clinking – the latest characteristic making it quite clear which guest he was about to (slightly unwillingly) entertain.

“Did Emma already kick you out?” She smirked, pouting her perfectly painted red lips and raising a teasing eyebrow.

“Why, your majesty, I’m sure you would offer me your most humble accommodations so should that be the case. I wager that I’d make a better roommate then your wicked sister,” he answered, not taking his eyes off of his book. After finishing the page, and surprised at the fact that the woman waited patiently for him to do so, he looked up.

“What can I do for you?”

“I’m here to pick up Henry for the night,” she informed him, “I’m sure Emma told you.”

“Aye. The lad and Emma have gone to get ice-cream,” he said, a silence descending them both as Regina nodded. She could tell the wheels in the pirate’s head were turning as he was staring at the empty space just beside her but she didn’t know how to ask him about it without it seeming as if she cared.

(She didn’t care, of course not. Zilch.)

She was relieved when he surprisingly confessed himself, “I thought they’d want some time alone. Not sure Henry would appreciate me tagging along everywhere with the both of them; give them some mother-son bonding time.”

Regina pursued her lips and sighed in annoyance at herself for what she was about to say, “Henry does like you, you know? He talks about how cool you are – in my defense, what about would a pirate with a hook for a hand, a ship, an abundance of eyeliner and leather, and a penchant for danger, not make him seem cool to a thirteen year old?”

Killian laughed, surprised in seeing the corners of Regina’s lips curve slightly as well.  

“In my defense, when his mother is the strict and orderly mayor of the city, he would find a pirate more entertaining.”

“Well, you’ve got competition now. The Evil Queen has a penchant for dramatic flair and…danger.” She tried to pass it off as teasingly, but Killian caught the slight tremor in her tone. Being afraid of your own capacity of evil is not foreign to him.

“She’s not going to stick around much longer.”

“Really? Cause Snow is currently under a sleeping curse while Charming sits beside her in bed and they exchange notes like long distance lovers. Emma has a death penalty on her head, Zelena is finding her sisterly love with her, and Gold…who the fuck knows what Gold is up to!” She sassed, not quite meaning to put this much heat in her words but it’s Killian, he can handle it.

“Seems like you’re in need of a drink, love.” He procured the flask from his jacket and offered it to her, Regina just shaking her head in refusal.

Killian sighed, “Look, I know you think this is all your fault–”

“I think? It is.” She clenched her fingers in a fist to stress her words, “Only if I’d been stronger then and hadn’t made this absolutely stupid decision –“

“You were mourning, Regina!” The use of her actual name cuts her short, “We all make mistakes. If I’d lost Emma…I would have done much much worse.”

“You wouldn’t,” Regina muttered, making him snap his head to hers, “You’ve changed quite a bit from the revengeful pirate.”

“Well, you’ve changed quite a bit more from the revengeful evil queen.” He muttered back, slightly uncomfortable with the line this conversation was crossing. He can manage indifference and sassiness with Regina; actual heartfelt supportive emotions he couldn’t. The way her face was grimaced slightly meant she felt the same way as well.

“Apparently not. The situation currently withstanding.” She made a dramatic gesture with her arms. She sighed, long and slow, “I should just end this. Once and for all. Save everyone.”

Killian quirked an eyebrow up, “You don’t mean –“

“Yeah,” she nodded, “It’s the only way out of this. If I’m dead –“

“Regina –“

“— She dies too. Problem solved. Everyone would be safe and happy. I’m sure Emma will be able to fight off the dark hooded figure, having all the Charmings hope and fighting for the good blood inside her. If not, then Henry will still have the Nolans and I guess, you.”

“I didn’t think you would back down from a fight this easily, love.” It wasn’t the actual claim he made, but with the teasing glint that he said it with which set her off.

I’m not! At this point it’s just foolish to think anything else can work! I’m just not strong enough. It turns out the strength in me comes from the Evil Queen, not Regina.”

“You’re the same bloody person!” He rubbed his hand on his forehead, ignoring the way she was staring daggers at him.

Keeping his gaze steady with hers he started, “Listen, Regina. I hate to be the one to offer any optimism and comfort, and especially you of all people –“

“Oh god plea-“

“- stop interrupting me, please.” He raised his eyebrows in question, waiting for her nod of whether or not he could continue without being interrupted again.

He took her crossing her arms and tilting her head slightly to look at him as his answer.

“I was friends with Cora. We talked sometimes; I told her about Milah, she told me about you.” He searched her face for any discomfort but except of her clenched jaw found nothing.

So he continued, “I don’t remember my mother; she died when I was just a boy. But I do know that mothers are not supposed to be how Cora was to you.”

Regina’s hands dropped to her sides with a jerk, and she carefully masked her quite emotional reaction by clasping her hands together in front of her and nodding at him to continue.

“The way she talked about you…I don’t think she viewed you as anything but a passage – a way for her to gain everything that she never could, out of pity revenge or insatiable sate, whatever, I don’t know. The way she treated you as a young child, and then killing your first love – yes she told me all about that - and then shipping you off to get married to a King against your wishes…that’s not what a mother does.”

He clenched his jaw as he noticed the way Regina’s lower lip was wobbling lightly and she was blinking rapidly. This reaction was not something he would expect out of from the fiery woman, but wounds made during childhood and from the ones we love do hurt the most. He understands that all too well.

“All I’m trying to say is that – if you can survive Cora, can survive being separated from Henry, can survive Robin’s passing – surviving and winning from your own evil counterpart is nothing.”

Regina tilted her head and let out a shaky breath, pushing her stubborn tendrils behind her ear a couple of times, and Killian let her just be – understanding that she needed time to compose herself.

Finally, she let out a long and loud exhale and moved to sit beside him, startling him slightly as this was not what he was expecting.

“Can I still have the rum?” She asked, her voice just slightly shaking.

“Of course, love.” He grabbed his flask and handed it to her, watching in surprise (and slight pride) as she downed down whatever rum (almost half of the flask) was left and after wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, handed him the flask back.

He didn’t know if it was him or Regina who were more relieved when the Bug came to a park in front of the house and Emma and Henry get out, giggling at each other with ice-creams in their hands.

After handing Regina her ice-cream, Henry quickly ran inside, mumbling about grabbing his bag, and Emma gives them both a weird look as she’d never seen them sit so closely (and peacefully) before. Neither of them looked pissed off and Regina actually looked upset so she asked, “You okay?”

Regina nodded, offering a convincing smile.

“I got you a rum and raisins,” Emma informed Hook, smiling at him softly as she handed him his cone. She turned towards Regina, “I suggested maple walnut but Henry said you preferred pralines and cream.”

“I actually prefer no ice-cream at all, but seems like I finally understand what people mean by ‘eating your feelings out’” Regina quipped, taking a lick out of it, “But does it have to be this ill-civilized? Sticking your tongue out to lick it? What happened to standard bowls and spoons?”

“I agree,” Killian smirked, before darting his tongue out to taste this new flavor which Emma promises he’d like. Just having rum be in the name was enough for him to give it a try. He smiled at her in approval as the sweetness hit his tongue, Emma quirking an I told you so eyebrow at him.

“You’re a pirate, you were probably used to eating on leaf plates using your hands and well, hook. I was royalty.” Regina teased him, a hint of her usual self coming back again.

He took the bait all too easily and this time when he retorted back, he was delighted with Emma’s laugh echoing loudly, Henry’s own chuckle being heard from behind, and Regina turning the other way to hide her own sly smile.

(A good hour later when Henry and Regina were finally leaving, all of them lost in conversation at the front porch with ice-creams in their hands, and Henry had hugged Emma goodbye, and thrown Killian a smile and a wave, it was a nice surprise to him when Regina smiled at them both and teased them for having the house all to themselves.)

(If someone had ever told him he would one day actually like the Evil Queen and be friendly with her, he would’ve killed them and worn their ring on his finger.)


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cora has her heart and is working on getting reginas trust. emma and regina are dating but keeping it a secret. one day cora walks in on emma and regina kissing and cuddling and regina freaks out and starts crying asking cora not to hurt emma and that she'll be good because when regina was younger cora hurt regina anytime she looked at a girl. but emma comforts regina and cora tells regina she is proud of her and is happy that she is happy with emma. thank you :)

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Regina smiles as Emma loops her arms around her waist. This is the happiest she’s been in a long time and yet fear prickles at the edges of her heart. Emma frowns seeing the change in her secret girlfriend’s eyes before caressing her cheek softly, “Hey, it’s okay, just stay in this moment, just you and me okay?” 

Regina nods hastily wiping her eyes, “Okay. I love you Emma, I do.” 

“I know,” Emma replies, “I love you too.” 

“I’m sorry we’re having to keep it secret, I know you want to go public…”

“Hey,” Emma interrupts, “Don’t worry. I’d love to have public dates with you and walk around holding your hand, and kiss you whenever we want but we’ll go public when you’re ready. Trust me, you’re worth the wait.” 

Regina smiles before answering, “I love your patience,” she says before placing a soft kiss to Emma’s lips. 

As she does the door flies open and the pair spring apart. Regina freezes when she sees her mother in the doorway. In that moment it doens’t matter that Cora has her heart, or that her mother loves her now and is trying her best. In that moment all Regina feels is a familiar terror of being caught and losing everything. 

“Regina?” Cora questions, her brows furrowing in confusion. 

In response her daughter’s breathing picks up speed as she positions herself in front of Emma shielding her. Her shoulders shake as she finally sobs out, “Don’t hurt Emma. Please, I’ll be good Mama, I will, I’m sorry, please just don’t hurt her…..don’t take her away,” she rambles. 

Emma frowns before moving to hold Regina from behind. She places a soft kiss to her temple as she hugs her tight, “Ssh,” she reassures her in a quiet tone, “It’s okay. No-one’s mad. You don’t have to be sorry,” she whispers, “You are good, okay? So good Regina. No-one’s getting hurt and I’m not going anywhere. I love you, just come back to me.” 

Regina hiccups and cries turning into Emma’s arms and letting the physical reassurance of the hug soothe her. 

Cora watches in awe as the couple embrace and Emma comforts her daughter with ease. She waits until Regina has calmed down before walking over. She sits down cautiously not wanting to panic her daughter before taking Regina’s hand and telling her something she should have done years ago, “Regina, I am so proud of you,” she promises, “And all I want is for you to be happy. I can see that being with Emma makes you happy and I will not stand in the way of that. It’s okay to be happy and I’m glad you are.” 

Regina sniffs before shifting out of Emma’s embrace to hug her mother quickly. She pauses sighing in relief when her mother doesn’t break the hug to hurt Emma. She pulls away before turning to smile at Emma, “At least we don’t have to hide anymore.” 

Emma grins, “You want to come out?” 

Regina nods before replying, “it’s okay to be happy right?”

Emma smiles again kissing her lovingly, “Right.” 



Day 3 of Swan Queen Week: Amnesia

Rated T

Cora tries to help settle the custody dispute over Henry. 


“Mother, what have you done?” Regina gasps as she races over to a bound and comatose Emma on her living room couch. “Thank God, she’s breathing.” Regina breaths a sigh of relief when she hears life beating in Emma’s chest and move quickly to remove her gag and restraints. 

“Oh you did always have a flare for the dramatic.” Cora rolls her eyes slightly as she waives a hand in the air. “I wouldn’t kill her. I’ve left that honor for you dear.” She smiles triumphantly before becoming confused at Regina’s horrified expression. “What?” She asks completely miffed by Regina’s lack of gratitude.  “Mother I don’t want to kill her!” Regina barks through gritted teeth.    “Now I really don’t understand Regina.”  Cora throws both hands up in the air and spins on her heels. She saunters to the bar to pour herself a drink while Regina tries to force Emma back into the waking world.    “You know you go on and on about having to share my grandson with her, and when I hand you a solution on a silver platter you turn your nose up like an insolent child.” Cora continues as she shakes her glass.    “What exactly were you expecting me to do after you delivered the unconscious body of the savior to my house?!” Rage courses through Regina’s veins as she spits out her question.  “I don’t know dear… I was going to leave that up to you.” She says with a grin as she sits with her legs crossed.  Regina shoots an angry glare in Cora’s direction.  “Just tell me what you gave her so I can wake her up.” Regina prepares to make a mental note of what she might need from her stores.  “Oh you know,” Cora pauses to take a sip of whiskey. “A little of this a little of that.” She finishes with a shrug.  “You are impossible.” Regina huffs while striding to the kitchen. She can try to come up with the homemade equivalent of smelling salts.  “Come on dear, don’t be so upset.” Cora whines while begrudgingly following Regina into the next room.  Emma’s eyes open slowly. The world around her is blurry and she has a major headache. She can’t remember getting here, but the place looks nice enough. She struggles to her feet. Still woozy from an apparently hard night of drinking. “Emma!” Regina gasps when she finds the other woman upright and stumbling in her living room. “Hey… beautiful.” Emma slurs in Regina’s direction. “Excuse me?” Regina snaps, shocked to hear Emma regard her with that word.  “Listen I’m sorry I forgot your name.” Emma smiles sheepishly. Of all the nights to have scored with such a hottie and I can’t remember a thing. "I really need to get going. I don’t feel all that great.“ She explains while trying to pick up the red leather jacket hanging over the back of a chair near the door.  "You can’t go anywhere like this!” Regina insists, letting the earlier comment slide for now.  “Don’t worry baby, I’ll call a cab.” She mumbles through her goofy grin. “Listen you’re really smokin’ … like seriously,” Emma takes a long glance at Regina's shapely form before bringing herself back on course. “And I’m genuinely very sorry that I can’t remember your name, can you remind me?” Emma asks while trying to straighten out her rumpled clothing.  “My name is Regina, Miss Swan, do you really not remember me?” Regina asks noting Emma's dilated pupils and unsteady demeanor.  “Regina.” Emma smiles. “That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful woman."  "Okay, I think you need to sit down, and wait for the effects of whatever my mother has given you to wear off.” Regina tries to get Emma to sit down, but she resists. She’s stronger than she looks even in this state.  “That sounds kinky and everything, but really I have to go.” Emma maintains her silly expression even as she wills her body forward and out of the living room.  “Fine, but I will drive you to your apartment.” Regina reaches for her pocketbook and keys as she steers Emma to minimize her chances of crashing into things.  “No worries babe, I can get a cab.” Emma waves a hand in the air as she stumbles toward the front door.  “Not at this time of night Miss Swan.” Regina comments while looking down at her watch.  “Oh come on now, this is Boston, the second city that never sleeps!” She asserts proudly.  “You’re not in Boston Emma,” Regina uses all of her self control not to chuckle. She reminds herself how angry she is with Cora and that sobers her right up.  “Alright alright, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about - but I seem to have misplaced my wallet.” Emma slurs as she checks her back pockets. “So I will appreciate that lift.” She smiles and turns to Regina. “Thanks."  Before Regina can react Emma is plunging forward and planting a sloppy, but not all together unpleasant kiss on her lips. Regina indulges for a moment, before she thinks better of it. Emma is not in her right state of mind. This is just the … whatever Cora gave her, talking. Right?  "Man you’re hot.” Emma confirms before dancing out the door toward Regina’s car.  Regina can’t help but smirk, the tingle of Emma’s kiss warming her lips.  Cora watches from the doorway to the kitchen. Damn I’m good, she thinks to herself as she pours another glass of scotch.