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Made-up fic title: Slight of Heart

The Regina-centric HS/College AU (I will never get around to writing):

The hotel is loud.

Regina should really not be all that surpirsed – isn’t, honestly – considering its housing a whole host of high school students here on an away game. But she’s seriously starting to question her parents’ good sense in letting Mary Margaret come to these things with the rest of the squad. Though, she figures that Mother probably isn’t involved enough to know that the hotel staff is auspiciously threadbare and the faculty is off doing fuck-all while the students run around post game and drink themselves silly. Leo, she figures, is just blissfully ignorant, but that’s par for the course at this point.

As it is, it’s loud, the students are rowdy and flooding the halls, and Regina is, to a point, beyond sexually frustrated. She’s beyond annoyed with her little sister for interrupting what was arguably one of the best orals she’s ever had the pleasure of receiving, and it takes all of her effort and concentration to hold onto that simmering anger as she stalks her way into the elevator and down the hallways. She tries not to lash out at David when she bumps into him halfway there – she figures he’s the whole reason Mary Margaret even called her and asked her to drive out and pick her up in the first place – but it’s a near thing; he’s indulged in the festivities for the night, it seems, and Regina does not have the patience to deal with his slurred words and beaming smile and good intentions.

When she knocks on the door to her sister’s room, she only has to wait a moment before the door clicks open and she brushes inside quickly. “Alright,” she sighs, spinning on the spot and anchoring her hands on her hips. Mary Margaret shuts the door and turns to face her, lip worried between her teeth. “You are both fortunate and unlucky that I was with Robin tonight. Fortunate because he was nice enough to drive me up here in his car while mine’s in the shop. Unlucky because you very much interrupted what was a very good date, and you are going to owe me so big for that. So,” she huffs, glancing around the room for a second to orient herself, “I am going to use the restroom, you are going to make sure all of your shit is packed, and then we are going to go downstairs, get in Robin’s car, and not talk about this the entire ride home. Understand?”

Her sister only noods, looking uncharacteristically meek and chastized for a moment. Under any other circumstances, Regina thinks she’d be a little kinder about the whole thing, would take the time to coax her sister into telling her what the hell happened. As it is, the image of Robin’s face between her thighs is still all too fresh in Regina’s mind, and the thought of forging her way shoulder first through the crowd of drunk high school students on their way back downstairs is not at all helpful in making Regina feel more patient or kind. So she ducks into the bathroom and makes quick work of it, painfully aware of how slick she still is between her thighs, and she tries to use the minute she washes her hands in the sink to pull herself together.

And then her eyes cast down – glance, really, at the wastebasket between the sink and the toilet – and all of that fades into background noise as her heart slows and stutters to a stop.

That’s… a pregnancy test.

Well shit.


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