regina edits

WWII AU ; Regina Daly

*record scratch, freeze frame*

yup, that’s me. you’re probably wondering how i ended up in this situation:

  • grew up in verona with her parents and two sisters. mostly helped around the house/ran frequent errands before the war
  • was caught not too far from the outskirts of one of the earlier bombings of verona. had it not been for someone who had dragged her out of the flames, she may have become a casualty - to this day, she does not know who it was. this has left her hard of hearing in her left ear.
  • joined the rebellion not long after out of necessity
  • was given a pistol and basically she never looked back - some things never change, and regina still loves the feel of a gun in her hand and finds enjoys murder. if you aren’t part of the rebellion, she likely won’t hesitate (she might have taken her time, but there is none to waste now that the war has reached a crescendo)
  • mostly fights for verona the same reason star lord saved the galaxy (because i’m one of the idiots that lives in it)
  • has a normal range of emotions (gasp) but represses them - no need to get attached to things she could so easily lose.
  • had written correspondence with a soldier in england towards the middle of the war. has not heard back in a while. so it goes.
  • won’t ever say no to a drink if you’re offering (does she ever learn???)


  • Grace & Catherine Daly: [cut from the same cloth] Regina and her sisters have always leaned on one another, especially as wartime conditions roughened. raised in an era where even the more well-off had to be conservative with their means, the sisters were not corrupted by greed and wickedness inhabited the bones of the more… noteworthy historical figures, allowing them to grow closer as they aged.
  • Hector Sawiris: [the savior without a face] she had been trying to get home during the early air strikes, but that soon became an attempt to get anywhere safe. a bomb had landed far enough away not to kill her, yet close enough to catch her in the blast radius and for the fires to begin to swallow her. he’d saved her from what seemed like certain doom at his own risk, but she cannot remember him. Regina knew someone had helped her, but she couldn’t see their face through the smoke and her barely-conscious state.
  • more to be added???

thank you once upon a time seasons 1-6 and it’s fans for instilling us all with a little hope and magic.