regina darkov


sketch request 4/5! jeb requested regina doin’ something badass, and while gina is not particularly an out-and-out badass, she CAN do some pretty impressive things. like make needles come out of her knuckles for throwing and all kinds of such violence. she doesn’t like doing that, though.

lots of darkov developments are coming, because i’m finally ready to take some big steps into making this more than just concept work. 8) thank you for looking!

Nightcap, the antagonist. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT IT.

It is the gloopy remains of a monster recently slain, given sentience by mysterious circumstance. Boneless, mostly brainless, driven by the proximity of a warm body…it latched onto Regina, Martin’s sister.

Having a physical body at its control, senses, powers and all, was pretty shocking and exciting! And a Darkov at that…even better. The sensory overload made it very prone to indulgences…hence the fancy attire. It took a great shining to the luxury and wealth it found after, y'know, slaughtering rich people.

Shit’s cray.