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How and Why the Three Major Anti-Villains on OUAT Became Dark:

Regina: Lost her true love, Daniel, when her mother killed him because Snow White told her secret about their affair, and then gave into the temptation of darkness when Rumplestiltskin taught her dark magic, and manipulated her to cast the curse.

Rumplestiltskin: Goes to war to try and be a hero, cripples himself to get out of the war, so that he can be a father when a seer reveals to him that he will have a son. Gets scorned by his wife and entire village as a “coward” for skipping out of the war. Takes on evil curse to try and save Bae from getting drafted into a war that twists his naturally gentle, meek, and kindhearted personality into something dark, manipulative, violent, and murderous. Becomes addicted to magic. Let’s son fall through a magic portal to LWM because he has a panic attack, and because he is afraid that he can’t protect him without magic when he has become such an addict with an inferiority complex a mile wide. Spends three centuries perfecting a dark curse to find his son in the LWM.

Hook: Becomes an asshole pirate, after brother dies.

Regina and particularly Rumple: Get amazingly dynamic and heartwarming redemption arcs from S1-S3A that focus on themes of making selfless sacrifices for family and true love.

Hook: Wasn’t even meant to be a main villain, and only gets “redeemed” after they shove him together with Emma out of fucking nowhere in S3, and goes after her like he’s trying to win her as a prize.

Regina and particularly Rumple: Get shit on by the narrative post 3A with OOC character assassinating bs plots, keep going in circles of regression and redemption, and get ignored/and or rejected by their loved ones, no matter how much they try to make up for fucking up with them, even though they never meant to hurt them.

Hook: Gets immediately forgiven and called a “hero,” after nearly murdering Emma and sending her family to the UW in cold blooded revenge because he wants to “hurt her like she hurt him” for bringing him back as a Dark One against his request.

Me: They are choosing the wrong villain’s redemption arc to focus on, and I still don’t see why Hook is more deserving of a happy ending/redemption arc than Rumple and Regina.

Apparently the director for the finale (Ralph Hemecker) is the same person that directed these episodes filled with some of our favorite Swan Queen scenes:

1x10 7:15 A.M.

2x1 Broken

Let her go/she is not dying.

Magic by touch!

The True Love push (because that’s a thing, right?)

2x9 Queen of Hearts

Regina saving Emma.

2x16 The Miller’s Daughter

This scene!!!

3x1 The Heart of the Truest Believer

The face Regina makes when they get Emma out of the water.

You want to be friends?

3x11 Going Home

Swan Mills Family <3


Happy endings aren’t always what we think they will be. Look around you.

My gift to you… (I’m still crying 3 seasons later)

3x14 The Tower

Jealous!Regina asking about Walsh.

3x19 A Curious Thing

Jealous!Emma. (a curious thing indeed)

First attempt in the series for Emma at coming out of the closet.

Precious family.

The face Emma makes when Regina wakes up after being hurt…

… and the face she makes when Regina tells Henry she loves him/they share TLK.

4x01 A Tale of Two Sisters

Emma wanting to give Regina her happy ending.

4x09 Smash the Mirror

Regina’s reactions to Snow and Charming being okay with Emma getting rid of her magic.

4x12 Heroes and Villains


“I’m in.” “You are?” - The original™

4x15 Enter the Dragon

“I’m gonna stick by you.”


4x20 Lily

Maybe I need you.

road trip!

Swan Queen + rainbow colors (where are you looking, Emma?)

You are better than this.

4x23 Operation Mongoose Part 2

how many first meetings do these two get?

Swan Mills Family in every universe.

Actions speak louder than words.

5x12 Souls of the departed

Regina don’t ask me to leave you Mills

6x07 Heartless

When a True Love couple ™ parallels you (and as you can see above, it’s the same director for both episodes)

the moment when Regina mirrors David, and gets in front of H00k and we get Snowing + Swan Mills Family.

  • Emma, when it comes to her future with H00k: "this happiness is an illusion"; "then it would be a really short marriage anyway"; start getting rid of his stuff two seconds after he left.
  • Emma, when it comes to Regina: "damn right (we do this together)"; "we make our own fate"; basically tells she'll co-parent another kid with Regina, even if she hasn't been asked to.
  • Me: tell me again which story they are telling?!?

CSers: Ugh I’m so mad I can’t believe Killian didn’t get to tell her, why’d the writers have to do it?

Also CSers: THEY’RE ENGAGEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

But did you see Regina's sour face? It has to be deliberate. Hence the rushed hug and brushed off awkwardness?

Well of course she’s fucking sour. Because this…

…is how she really feels about Emma being with the self-serving douchebag. So what else is she gonna do now but lie through her teeth?

also, just so I can get some of this salt out of my system…

they literally showed that Regina still has people’s hearts in her vault and Robin even called her out on it, and she felt a little embarrassed sure

but then in the same episode we have Hook doing something bad in the past and he’s guilt-stricken about it and that’s gonna carry over for multiple episodes like it always does and just… I’m so tired of this double standard when it comes to him just leave him be