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me: *remembers a tv show that mistreated a precious character/ was cancelled halfway through/ caused any source of emotional pain*

also me: *considers rewatching it*

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ATWFL: 16th-19th January, 2015. Part Two. (Robin/Regina, Rated PG, OQ AU 2/4ish)

Author’s Note: Apologies for any errors.


Part One

Part Two:

They’ve been driving for a while, have made it out of the city, through the bottleneck of Friday afternoon traffic beginning its exodus, are already passing Stamford when Robin finally asks her, “Are you angry with me?”

Regina has been quiet for the last twenty minutes.

Quiet, and still. Not asleep, not still enough for that, but not at all loquacious and only occasionally doing more than staring out the window beside her, watching the lights along the highway pass by in the darkening sky.

Even now, she’s slow to react, turning after a moment to offer him a distracted, “Hmm?”

“Are you angry with me?” he repeats. “For surprising you with something like this.”

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I don't think Sarita and Phoebe are shallow, and I like Phoebe a lot. But I think the reason why a lot of people dislike Sarita is because she was advocating for Jo to get sexually assaulted at the party in the pilot. And maybe some people see that as "shallow," IDK.

i would see that more as bullying, tbh. shallow is a bit too nice, lol. sarita is a bully, point blank period—-but i think there’s a little more to her in a sort of “blink-and-u’ll-miss-it" kind of way…

in general, the fandom DOES often refer to lacey’s friends as shallow even though more often than not, they show signs of being the exact opposite. and by extension, they are viewed as disposable (see: omg why can’t lacey just ditch her friends for danny!!!! she’s so selfish!!!!) totally missing that lacey’s concern with losing them has little to do with her status as a popular girl and more to do with her history with them. they were her support system when danny and jo were out of her life. they are as much a part of her facade of perfection as they are a part of the “real" her. if ppl only view lacey purely by surface (read: perfect and popular and therefore unworthy of sympathy) then of course they’re going to refer to her friends as shallow.

but let’s take a closer look at them and reevaluate that assumption.


gorgeous, rich, and seems like the typical mean girl but there r a few things that went down before her murder and after it that seems to suggest otherwise. for one thing, she had no problems with danny when he returned to town. u COULD argue the reason why is because she was attracted to him and that would make her “shallow.“ but then i’d just argue back—-at least she was keeping it real. at least she saw the danny standing right in front of her and treated him no differently from any other dude she wanted to bag—-regardless of his past.

ppl called her a bitch/slut often but she seemed to relish both of those titles. the impression regina leaves on me is that she quite literally didn’t give a fuck what ppl thought about her so long as the ppl she cared about the most were happy. regina and lacey being the closest out of the group is totally unsurprising. they’re like two sides of a single coin in some regards. fierce, forward, and very blunt. lacey’s loyalty to her and the desire to control how ppl remember her makes me think that regina’s public behavior was as much a facade as her own…

we kno that over the past three years lacey’s parents went through a long and ugly divorce. in addition, i dont think lacey ever received proper therapy. she spent the first two years after The Incident, being emotional support for jo. she’s not close to her family; her interactions with her mother is decidedly cold, especially when compared to jo’s interactions with hers.

regina must’ve seen lacey at her absolute lowest point and vice versa. this would explain, a thousand times over, why lacey lashed out at anyone who spoke poorly of regina. why she despised danny even tho there was no proof that he murdered her. and why she called out jo for speaking about regina like she was an object instead of a real person.

the aftermath of regina’s murder highlights another key point. popularity =/= security. let me reiterate that:


the idea of that is total bullshit. u have to work to maintain a particular image when u have so many eyes on u. u put a single toe out of line and u’re finished—-u have a LOT more to lose when ur on top. on the flip side we kno regina was very manipulative. she and phoebe were on the outs for months as a result of this. regina was supremely liked or disliked by various groups of ppl. she always wanted to get her way and wasn’t always kind. if she was engaged in blackmailing prior to her murder then she’s a hell of a lot smarter than anyone gave her credit for. even if it DID backfire…there was a side of herself that she got really good at hiding from lacey.


what a tough cookie. i STILL don’t kno what to make of her. her sense of humor is hilarious on one hand (her affinity for horror movies during the sleepover, omg) but on the other it’s really dangerous. like her putting jo on the spot during regina’s party and later the video shown before the whole school was absolutely terrible. she’s fiercely loyal to lacey but she always seems to miss something…

sarita: regina would’ve loved it.

lacey: not the regina i knew.

if the popular girl holy trinity was lacey, regina, and sarita then sarita was definitely on the outside. lacey saw the real regina but sarita was only let close enough to see the facade. she didn’t have a particular like for regina and only seemed to tolerate her because of lacey—-much like how she tolerates ANYONE who’s not lacey. which is kinda creepy now when i think about it…but the person who’s interest she seems to have the most at heart is lacey’s. with regina gone, sarita is next in line and she seems to take that position very seriously. i suspect she may have been around during lacey’s rock bottom before danny came back to town. sarita has her moments…like when jo stole the DVD she didnt tell lacey because she saw lacey was happy and she didnt want to ruin it. the only reason why she brought it up was because lacey openly expressed that her relationship with jo was changing for the better—-which from sarita’s perspective is obviously nagl since jo stealing from lacey =/= better. she’s very perceptive—-she caught on to lacey drifting away and i think she subconsciously knows lacey and danny have an attraction to each other. when sarita said “u can’t have it both ways” i feel like ppl read her wrong. they thought she was THREATENING lacey when i sincerely think she was WARNING her. because no—-lacey cant have it both ways. “us OR them" is really “ur carefully constructed facade OR the reality u worked so hard to distance urself from.“ lacey’s fall from grace is MORE than just popular vs. unpopular. there’s nothing like vilifying the nearest female and lacey’s decisions is putting her in the line of fire. ppl r cruel…in her own way sarita is really trying to protect lacey. her methods r questionable but there’s no denying her loyalty.


it’s EASY to like phoebe. for the most part she’s utterly harmless. she has fantastic one liners and when she’s been insensitive she’s always quick to apologize.

i think phoebe sat on the outside of lacey and regina’s relationship just like sarita did. and it was bothersome—-she even admitted to trying to put a wedge between them that ultimately failed. that grief session episode also points out that regina’s death was devastating for phoebe. they weren’t on speaking terms over some boy and something that seemed like such a huge deal suddenly meant nothing at all. regina betrayed her but she chose not to dwell on that and instead put all her energy in to maintaining the memories of a time when things were better between them. ultimately, it was guilt over the petty disagreement that prompted phoebe to break this story to lacey.

a lot of the relationship between lacey and phoebe that we’re seeing NOW is as a result of this. lacey actually puts in work to maintain this new dynamic. she hosts a sleepover for the sole purpose of helping sarita and phoebe get over their differences. also—-lacey interacts differently with phoebe. we’ve seen lacey spend time at phoebe’s house and vice versa. once when phoebe is getting dressed to go to manhattan instead of fall fest and again when lacey was trying to avoid going to danny’s party.

sarita remains an enigma…


in some ways, regina’s death brought the 3 of them closer than they’ve ever been. she was a “bitch” but there’s no denying that she was the glue keeping them all together. sarita and phoebe aren’t perfect ppl at all. between the two of them, the only one i would call unkind would be sarita. but that doesn’t mean they arent worth fighting for. and it doesn’t mean they would stop being lacey’s friend if she openly had a relationship with jo and danny. much of that fear is all her own—-we see as much when sarita says she’s not going to tell anyone that she knows lacey is hanging out with them again.

there’s nothing shallow about a statement like that. aside from social status—-there isn’t much separating lacey, phoebe, and sarita from danny, jo, and rico.

in fact, we see danny, jo, and rico looking down on lacey, phoebe, sarita and other ppl in their circle of popular kids FAR more than the other way around. there is a lot of complaining being tossed around at how exclusionary popular kids r but in my personal experience it isnt even remotely different for ppl regarded as “social outcasts.“ u see how rico started to behave when jo began to move more in to the spotlight, right? even BEFORE he started to suspect she liked danny, he was quite resentful. it’s NATURAL to feel that way when someone u regard as ur friend is starting to pull away from u but i dont see anyone saying jo should leave HIM behind…

there will ALWAYS be something wrong with ppl wanting lacey to give everything up, IMO. like, it bothers me to NO END that everything important to lacey is disposable and her unwillingness to let go of her friends is being chalked up to selfishness. in addition to just flat out bias because ~popular kids r perfect~ the writers for the show never take an appropriate amount of time to explore lacey’s side…of like…anything. the narrative imbalance between jo, danny, and lacey is really crippling. like we saw jo’s date with tyler but that scene was utterly irrelevant. even if they DID keep it in, it went on for far too long. we learned more about tyler in his interaction with danny during the interview than we did during his entire date with jo. so they’ll show us THAT but we dont even see lacey break up with archie? wouldn’t his reaction be imperative to future events? especially since ppl long suspected that archie’s hatred of danny was half legit and half out of fear of losing lacey ?

i mean… but i digress, lol.

tl;dr —-ppl running around saying lacey’s friends r disposable r full of shit.

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What if Vikram was the one texting from Regina's phone in the pilot?

That second text was super grammatically correct. Regina doesn’t seem like that type of texter. What if Vikram was trying to reach out to Danny without suspicion? The first text could’ve been Regina trying to get him there for Vikram. When Danny rejected her, Vikram took a shot. Or maybe Regina actually did know, because Vikram told her.

Extreme, but nothing is too extreme for Twisted.

I can’t help it, I love Regina. That flashback at the end with Phoebe was one of the most interesting scenes in the whole season. I want to see more of her. And you know it will actually serve a purpose of adding more clues and insight into the mystery, move it along and I will be more interested.

Actually the whole dynamic between Regina, Lacey, Phoebe and Sarita is really interesting. I would welcome additional scenes and plots for them next season.

I smiled at the end when Phoebe showed up and reminisced with Lacey.