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5. Hidden tattoo and SwanQueen.

Emma woke slowly, feeling woozy and sore. She yawned, stretched, and clutched her head as a throbbing headache made itself known. Groaning with effort, she sat upright and paused–suddenly aware that her bed was not empty. Instead, a tousled Regina Mills snoozed on beside her, looking completely at ease and comfortable.


Emma rubbed her eyes and fumbled for her bedside table. From within its top drawer she withdrew a bottle of Aspirin. She dry-swallowed two before attempting to get out of bed without rousing Regina. Once she was on her feet, she placed her hands on her lower back and popped her hips forward in an attempt to stretch out her spine. She stopped immediately when she felt something strange at the top of her ass.

No longer concerned with preserving the quiet, she scrambled to the bathroom and peered in the mirror with a loud groan. There, scrawled in neat, permanent tattoo ink was “Property of Regina Mills”. She craned her neck painfully to get a better look and pawed her fingers over the needle-beaten skin.


She closed her eyes and grimaced. “Yeah?”

“Where are you?”


A moment later, Regina stood behind her with an amused glint in her eyes. “I see you found your handy work.”

“My work?”

“Yes. I believe your exact words last night were ‘I can’t do anything fun anymore, can I? It’s like you own my ass. I might as well tattoo your name there.’” Regina’s fingers ghosted along her flesh. “I rather like the look of that.”

“At least I can hide it,” Emma replied grouchily. “What happened last night?”

“Nothing. You really wanted to have sex, but I didn’t want our first time to be drunk.” Regina winked as she turned away. “Try again when you’re sober, Ms. Swan.”

2) Cuddling For Warmth

“Here,” Emma casually sat down next to Regina on the bleachers and handed her a Styrofoam cup filled with liquid. “It’s going to get really cold fast when halftime is over.”

“For me?” Regina eyed the cup with mild suspicion, but took it anyway. “I don’t like cocoa.”

“Good, cause the cocoa is for me,” Emma clasped her hands around her own steaming cup and blew on it to cool it down.

Regina sniffed hers and then took a small sip, “Hot cider?”

“See? It will keep you warm for the game,” Emma smiled at Regina’s approval, and they sipped their drinks in silence and watched the marching band leave the field after their performance.

“Thank you, Emma. That was very thoughtful of you….for once,” Regina tried to hide her sly smile as she pushed the cup up to her lips and took another swallow. She didn’t even flinch when Emma playfully knocked her shoulder.

“Hey, that means you definitely owe me one now,” Emma said in reference to the fact that she had stepped up her parenting duties and taken Henry shopping for his first athletic cup and jock strap. She still wasn’t over the horrendous awkwardness of discussing the need for the correct size cup to protect Henry’s royal jewels with the sales guy.

Regina had gotten a free pass on that teenage milestone, but Emma was the one who would have the last laugh.

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ATWFL: 16th-19th January, 2015. Part Two. (Robin/Regina, Rated PG, OQ AU 2/4ish)

Author’s Note: Apologies for any errors.


Part One

Part Two:

They’ve been driving for a while, have made it out of the city, through the bottleneck of Friday afternoon traffic beginning its exodus, are already passing Stamford when Robin finally asks her, “Are you angry with me?”

Regina has been quiet for the last twenty minutes.

Quiet, and still. Not asleep, not still enough for that, but not at all loquacious and only occasionally doing more than staring out the window beside her, watching the lights along the highway pass by in the darkening sky.

Even now, she’s slow to react, turning after a moment to offer him a distracted, “Hmm?”

“Are you angry with me?” he repeats. “For surprising you with something like this.”

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