Criticize the Iranian government as you wish, in fact most Iranians would be on your side in harshly condemning the actions of that regime. Iranian people in general are strongly opposed to their government, so please keep that in mind and don’t let the criticism of an oppressive leadership turn into attacking and insulting the very same people who are oppressed by it.

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Just started a face regime today!
The winter dries my face and lips out so bad, so this is a necessity. Hopefully with a couple weeks of commitment it will clear up all my dark spots & acne scars! I use
•Clearasil Superfrit Scrub
•Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleasner
•Olay Fresh Effects Cleanser (comes with a vibrating scrub brush that I LOVE)
•Ambi Fade Cream (oily skin)
My skin feels great already 😩🙌 #greatmakeuprequiresgreatskin #skincare #regime #girlypost 💜