Okay so let me get this straight...

We haven’t made the playoffs in forever. So we decide to fire our coach. It doesn’t work. We decide to trade players. Even our captain. That doesn’t work. But we then decide to keep our GM… Who hasn’t done much these past few years. Tell me what I’m missing here?

Here We Go

I’ll be upfront with you. I love the Buffalo Sabres. Since the lock-out It hasn’t been that bad being a Sabres fan. We have been playoff contenders almost every year, even reaching the Eastern Conference finals twice in 2 years, and winning a Presidents Trophy. But the Sabres have never been “One of those teams.” You know those teams that are always in talks of being a Stanley cup caliber team, and being that team that’s willing to take chances and go for it, most notably in free agency. 

This almost makes Darcy Regier seem like an even smarter GM than he’s usually been credited for. The Fact that he’s been able to assemble playoff contending teams on a consistent basis with mostly home grown guys is astounding to me. 


Now he has Terry Pegula (And his wallet). What can be said about Mr. Pegula that hasn’t already been said. He wants to win, that’s it. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.

Regier has proven that he knows how to handle prospects and knows how to draft. The one thing he’s lacked is the ability to go after NHL proven guys under the previous ownership group. 

*On a side note, I am eternally grateful to Mr. Golisano for saving my hockey team in the Sabres darkest days as a franchise, so a huge thank you go’s out to him.

So now that Pegula has come in and changed the culture and will do everything he is allowed to do to make Buffalo “Hockey Heaven,” imagine what Darcy might be able to do.

The Sabres first move was to bring in Robyn Regehr (along with Ales Kotalik as a throw-in). They didn’t even have to trade much. This move was wonderful, a nice NHL Defenseman who’s tough and will stand up for his teammates.

Now today they sign Christian Ehroff to a 10 year, $40 million deal. Wait the Sabres made this deal? The Buffalo Sabres?!?! This doesn’t happen in Buffalo. Another NHL proven defensemen who can put up some points. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. 

Best part of all of this “wonderful-ness” is that it is still June 30th. Free Agency Starts tomorrow. 

This Free Agent crop isn’t very deep, but there are still some good players. But the number one guy is Brad Richards. 

I’m not saying the Sabres will be able to get him, but why not? The way Buffalo has been working in the past week why not? They’ve already proven that they are willing to give guys a long term deal at good money, something Buffalo was never willing to do before. 

Richards wants to win a cup. He also wants a big contract. The Sabres can provide both. Buffalo already has one of the elite goaltenders in the league with Ryan Miller. Now they have a strong defensive core with Regehr, Ehroff, and oh yeah, Tyler Myers. The missing piece? A strong center to play with Thomas Vanek up front.

Even if the Sabres don’t land Richards, I’m sure they will be making moves, whether with free agents or making trades. 

The Pegula Age is officially here.

Here We Go.
Regier Says No Shakeup Imminent-- Buffalo News

This is disheartening to read. A week or so ago there was a talk with Ted Black saying that Regier and Ruff were safe for now which was a little discouraging but the knock on them has always been lack of funds, so it may be a little unfair to judge them so quickly after they finally “get a chance." 

Regier saying that there’s nothing actively going on with the roster is something else. There is definitely something missing on the ice night after night and you can only blame injuries and slumps for so long before you need to make a change. 

No one truly sticks up for one another. Phaneuf trolled 3 different Sabres in their last meeting and all he got was a stern talking to from a couple guys. Against the Hurricanes, Gerbe got roughed up a few times and some people came to help but no one threw down to stop it once and for all. Do we really need to be reminded of Lucic? Has it been that long already?

Not to mention the lack of a center. I know this has been written plenty of times, with much more conviction and better proof and analysis but it’s an awful feeling to see the need for a change and never see the change happen. Do I necessarily want anyone to go? Not really, I like all the guys, but by not trading someone, everyone can become complacent and no one is held accountable. Put everyone on notice, send someone out. You don’t need to make a blockbuster deal involving 3 stars and 5 picks between the two teams, but it would nice to see acknowledgement from the front office that the current roster/system/formula isn’t working. 

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NDR 1 Welle Nord Sommerinterview - Ministerpräsident Albig: "Es ist schwer gegen diese Kanzlerin zu gewinnen."

Hamburg (ots) - Vor dem Hintergrund anhaltend schlechter Umfragewerte für die Bundes-SPD hat Torsten Albig, sozialdemokratischer Ministerpräsident in Schleswig-Holstein, infrage gestellt, ob seine Partei für die kommende Bundestagswahl 2017 überhaupt einen Kanzlerkandidaten braucht. Im Sommerinterview mit NDR 1 Welle Nord sagte der Regierungschef, er habe keinen Zweifel, dass Parteichef Sigmar Gabriel es exzellent machen würde. Aber er glaube, dass es schwer sei, gegen Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) zu gewinnen. “Ich glaube, sie macht das ganz ausgezeichnet - sie ist eine gute Kanzlerin”.
Wäre heute Wahl, so Albig, wäre es eine legitime Aussage, dass eine Regierung, an der Sozialdemokraten beteiligt sind, eine bessere Regierung sei als eine, in der die Union alleine regiere. An der nächsten Regierung beteiligt zu sein, könne daher auch Wahlziel für seine Partei sein, meinte Albig. Und dafür brauche man einen starken Kandidaten. “Ob die Bezeichnung Kanzlerkandidat noch richtig ist oder nicht, das werden wir sehen”, so Albig in dem NDR Interview. Der Ministerpräsident verwies auf die Erfolge der SPD in der großen Koalition. “Wie sähe das Land aus ohne Sozialdemokratie? Den Mindestlohn hätte man nicht”, sagte Albig.
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