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Single Mothers (circa Fall 2012).

Who couldn’t dig these catchy punk sounds?! Admittedly, I came across the song “Winter Coats” while surfing through YouTube last year. Despite the shitty quality of what was posted, I loved the thrashing bass, crashing drummer, and lo-fi vocals. I mean. Come on, so many musicians use this tactic to add some sort of dimension to their music, but Single Mothers is much more suitable to the entire definition of it. From the lyrics, the photos they post, their music style (duh) and even stage presence all reflect it. Who knows what will be next but DAMN they were a breath of fresh air. 

I don’t know if it was living out the music, being hung over, or just not caring, but the way they performed at Reggie’s was altogether entertaining. His little fufu dance where he brings his hands up in some prissy manner as if to mock some one somewhere, to having keeled over on stage in a ball while screaming into the mic, to bending over and letting the audience do the singing for him… My first time seeing Single Mothers perform really got me all the more hooked on their music. 

Maybe they even rubbed off a bit on me, but I just didn’t care when I got in trouble at work for wearing their pentagram/catcher shirt (which I see has gotten quite popular). 

Single Mothers brings back the poppy vintage sounds of punk I always liked and they do it in style. Makes for some good photographs, too.

Special shout outs to my love, I think our first show together? Continuously putting up with me dragging my camera almost everywhere but also reminding to put the camer down and ENJOY the music!