Can You Keep It? [j.j]

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Title: Can You Keep It?
Fandom: Riverdale
Characters: Jughead Jones x female!reader, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Kevin Keller, Reggie Mantle
Warnings: Swearing, definitely not my best writing :(
Word Count: 1,185
Requested: Nope (because requests are closed y’all)
Short Description: You and your boyfriend, Jughead, are trying to keep your fresh relationship a secret after the town’s golden boy is murdered. You are unconvinced that he can keep the secret. As it turns out, it’s you that reveals your relationship.
A/N: This is my first Riverdale story and I don’t read much Riverdale fanfic so I’m not exactly sure if this fits in but… here we go!

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name
[Y/L/N] = your last name

The student lounge was, as always, fairly crowded. Students were lounging around the room, chatting, staying away from the outside or finishing any last minute homework. It was also an area where the primarily “popular” people tended to spend their lunch times, as they were “too cool” for the library. Quiet chatter was all that you could hear as you attempted to concentrate on your English homework, answering a ridiculous essay question for Wuthering Heights. You were sat with Betty and Kevin, working on some homework as Ronnie sat close to Chuck Clayton, undoubtedly chatting him up with her implausible Veronica Lodge charm as she sipped on coffee.

Then there was Jughead Jones, in all of blue-green eyed magnificence. Jughead was tall and lanky, with pale, creamy skin and his signature frown on his face. A bag was draped over one of his shoulders, a raven black jacket covering his maroon hoodie. He seemed to always bury himself behind clothing in dark shades, but you liked the way that it made his eyes stand out so much. His back was sloping alongside the wall next to the vending machine; people watching. Jughead’s trademark crown-shaped beanie was placed atop of his head of ebony hair, and the sight alone made me bite back a grin. Noticing your gaze, Jughead looked in your direction before sending you a quick and discrete wink. You winked in return before glimpsing over at Veronica to explain why your head was turned.

Jughead had been one of your best friends since before you could recall. It was virtually like Betty and Archie; you and Jughead been intimate friends since the single digit days. Any vital childhood memory you could think of had Jughead present; just the way you wanted it. Initially, you had presumed that Jughead had fervent, platonic feelings for you. At some point in the summer of Jason Blossom’s death, you were proven wide of the mark, when Jughead unpredictably declared his love for you. Fortunately, there was something inside of you that was sure you felt the same way.

On July 4th, Jason Blossom had gone missing and was presumed to be dead after his twin sister, Cheryl, emerged after their boat capsized. It was a scandal that had taken over the entire town of Riverdale, so you and Jughead had agreed to keep your relationship away from your friends until the right time to tell them came around. You were less than persuaded that Jughead would be able to keep this secret, but after his fall out with Archie over the summer, he didn’t have many people to tell. Usually, Jughead and Archie told each other everything, but it seemed that the both of them had been keeping secrets.

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Bet || R.M.

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Word Count: 2095

Pairing: Ross!Reggie x reader

Summary: Chuck bets Reggie five hundred dollars to hook up with you, his tutor, and the outcome leaves you heartbroken.

Warnings: smut, fingering, cussing, unprotected sex, Reggie being a complete fuckboy, complete filth

Requested by anon:

“Hey Can you do a Reggie imagine where his bet that he couldn’t get the reader to go out with him. The reader is really pretty and awkward. So he tries and eventually falls in love with her. With a really fluffy ending. I know it’s cliché, haha.”

I kind of strayed off from the request, hope that’s okay! I might do a second part where it’s fluffier though!

Masterlist // Part Two

It was a normal day at Riverdale High. Reggie was walking down the hallway with his boys at his side like they always do in the morning. Reggie, on the outside, was the definition of a fuckboy. He was the new captain of the football team which inflated his ego even more and when he went partying, he went home with a different girl every time. You didn’t know him personally, but he had that reputation and his friends were the same way.

“Hey, Mantle,” Chuck said approaching Reggie at his locker, and placed his hand on Reggie’s shoulder before continuing, “Where were you last night? You missed a wild night of 7 minutes of heaven at the party last night.”

“Damn, I wish I was there. My mom is making me go to tutoring lessons, or I have to quit the football team.” Reggie scoffed, rolling his eyes as he closed his locker and leaned against it.

Chuck laughed lightly, “You should have skipped it last night. Cheryl’s party would have been ten times better than listening to some nerd go off by algebra.”

“I don’t know about that man; my tutor is pretty hot.” Reggie looked up and bit his lip trying to hold in a smirk.

“Oh, I get it now, Reggie has a thing for smart girls. Who is she?” Chuck inquired while slapping Reggie on the shoulder, laughing.

Reggie said your name and Chuck gave him a look, “Really, I heard she is hard to get with like she has never hooked up with one of the guys before.” Chuck was saying that you hadn’t shown up in their Playbook which was peculiar since most girls at Riverdale High have shown up at least once.

“I don’t know about that dude. You should have seen the way she was on me last night. We didn’t go very far, but I don’t think it would be hard to tap that.” Reggie was straight up lying to Chuck. You had not done anything at all, and you were not all over him like he was letting on. You were so wrapped up in the material you were trying to teach him, that you had just brushed off his flirts. This, of course, hurt Reggie that you had shown little interest in him, so it led him to lie about it to make himself feel better.

“Really, Mantle?” Chuck raised his eyebrow with a look of challenge in his eyes, “Well, I bet you can’t go all the way by the end of the football season.”

“Are really doubting me, Chuck? That hurts my feelings.” Chuck shrugged in response with the same look of mischief in his eyes, “Okay, I’ll take that bet, but when I do, you owe me five hundred dollars.”

“Deal Mantle,” Chuck said in confidence as he looked Reggie in the eyes.

That encounter had been seven days ago and ever since Reggie had been basically attached to your hip; he followed you around school and sat beside you in every class you had together, and you had no idea why he is suddenly being so clingy.

You were the opposite of the girls Reggie would go for. You were the quiet, shy girl who would sit in the front of the class eager to learn. You never went to parties or drank or even wore revealing clothing. You were the definition of a good girl.

However, you weren’t naïve. You knew when Reggie was coming on to you, and it left you flustered to no end, but you never let it show. Whenever he leaned against you to point at something in the textbook, your heart started to beat a million beats per second. Your body was betraying you. You had no wish to get with Reggie, but whenever he put his hand on your knee in class, you couldn’t help but feel butterflies in the pit of your stomach.

This tutoring session was no different than usual, however, Reggie was coming on to you strong. When you walked into Reggie’s empty house, he led you into his bedroom which was strange because you usually study in the kitchen.

You sat down on Reggie’s bed and started to open your textbook, “I was thinking that we could start with number-“

“Actually, tonight can we start with Chemistry” He inquired with a sly look on his face.

“Oh, I didn’t bring my chem books, but if you have yours then, of course, we could.” You were slightly confused as Reggie’s mom said that he only needed help in math.

Reggie scooted closer to you so your thighs were touching and his face was a couple of inches from yours, “No, I’m not talking about the subject, but the chemistry between you and me.”

The combination of Reggie’s smirk and his words had you completely shocked and your mouth was slightly open with fragments of words coming out.

“C’mon I see the way you look at me when I scoot closer to you. I know you feel something between us.” Reggie was inching his face closer with every word that left his mouth and you weren’t stopping him.

Reggie stopped centimeters from your lips and you felt his ragged breath fan against your face, “Don’t tell me don’t.” With that, you crashed your lips against his.

His lips were soft and plump against yours, and the kiss was full of urgency. Reggie swiped his tongue on your bottom lip before you opened your mouth and his tongue plunged in, exploring every inch. When Reggie finally pulled away, you were panting, but he seemed unaffected as he still had a smug smirk on his face.

He pushed you down on his bed and climbed on top of you while connecting his lips to your neck. You arched you back into the bed and let out a soft moan as his lips traveled to your sweet spot on the base of your neck.

“Babygirl, I’m going to make you feel so good.” He hummed as he pulled the collar of your classic white t-shirt lower to expose the top of your breasts.

You lifted off the bed slightly to pull your fitted shirt off your body so you were left in a nude lace bra. If you knew this would be happening tonight, you would have put on sexier underwear, but you were glad you decided to wear matching panties even if they weren’t the sexiest pair you owned.

“Damn, you’re so hot.” Reggie hummed against your skin as he dragged his lips down your torso. He tugged on the top of your jeans, signaling you to lift your butt up to help him undress you. You did as he wanted but pouted, “You’re wearing too much clothing.”

Reggie laughed under his breath and pulled his shirt over his head and gave you a look as to say, “Is this better?” You shook your head as you leaned up and started to work at his belt.

“No princess, not yet,” Reggie said with a teasing tone and pushed you down on the bed.

His lips attached to the top of your breasts again and the way he was sucking on them, there would surely be bruises there the next day. You laced your fingers in his hair, pulling slightly and Reggie let out a deep moan in response.

Reggie kept peppering kisses up and down your torso, but as soon as he would go down farther, he would stop and go back up. “Reggie, stop teasing me, I need you.” You whined.

“Use your words, tell me what you want.” Reggie coaxed as he brought his head up to yours to look in your eyes.

“Reggie,” You pleaded but he gave you a serious look, “I want your fingers.”

“Where?” Reggie teased, “Where do you want my fingers?”

You squirmed around and gave him a look of pure need before stating, “In my cunt. I need your fingers in my cunt please, Reggie.”

“Your wish is my command,” Reggie said biting his bottom lip before pulling your panties to the side and plunging one finger into your soaking cunt. You let out a low grunt as he went knuckle deep. When the grunt left your lips, Reggie added another finger, and you moaned his name loudly.

He started to pump his fingers and you felt a small knot form in the pit of your stomach, “Tell me how this feels baby.”

“It feels fucking amazing, don’t stop, please.” You stuttered as you couldn’t think straight with pure pleasure clouding your brain.

Reggie bent his fingers up into your cunt and he hit your sweet spot. Your body jerked up as he assaulted that spot and a mix of cuss words and his name left your mouth.

“Fuck, Reg, I’m close.” You panted and you barely finished your sentence before you felt an emptiness where his warm fingers were. You started to whine as you opened your eyes to see Reggie fully exposed and on top of you.

“I want you to come around my cock tonight, Babygirl,” Reggie said in a dark tone before lining himself up with your entrance.

He looked into your eyes almost to ask if you were ready before slowly pushing his large member into your cunt. Your mouth fell open as he stretched your walls out, and he didn’t start moving for a few seconds to let you adjust to his size.

He started out moving slow and as your moans got louder, it encouraged him to go faster. He started to slam into you and you swore you could see stars. You could tell he was also feeling the same intense pleasure as his eyebrows were scrunched and he had a look of concentration on his face.

“I’m close Reggie, fuck.” You moaned and placed your head into the crook of his neck.

A couple more thrusts later, Reggie was as close as you were as he became more vocal, saying your name and how much you felt good wrapped around him.

“Come for me baby, shit.” He mumbled into your ear and his words sent you over the edge. An intense feeling of pleasure took over and your orgasm pulsed through your whole body.

Not soon after had Reggie also let go into you. He continued to sloppily thrust into you so you both could ride out your orgasms.

Reggie rolled off your body and laid next to you, out of breath, “Fuck, that was amazing.”

You smiled to yourself as you let out a hum in agreement.

The next day, you were glowing. You never had felt so good; you were having a good hair and skin day and woke up in a great mood. The only slightly bad thing was that you had left your textbooks at Reggie’s house because you weren’t focused on your books at all when you left his house at midnight last night.

You decided to find Reggie before class started to see if he had brought your books with him to school. You went straight to the boy’s locker room since that’s where all the football players went before class started.

However, you stopped yourself before walking in when you heard Reggie’s voice.

“Where is my five hundred dollars?” Reggie said to someone you couldn’t see.

“What? No way you hit that this quickly.” It was Chuck Clayton, one of Reggie’s best friends. Why did Chuck owe him that much money, you thought?

“Dude, all I had to do was say some shit like “don’t you feel the connection between us” and she was putty in my hands.” Reggie laughed and you felt your heart break, but couldn’t bring yourself to stop listening.

“Damn, Mantle. Was she any good? Should I go for her next?” Chuck said and you felt a tear fall down your cheek.

“She was basically begging me to fuck her, and when I finally did, she was tight as fuck. Honestly, 10/10 would fuck again. She’s still my tutor, so I think actually might.” You heard both boys laugh and footsteps heading toward the door.

At the last second, you ran down the hallway, tears blurring your vision.  You didn’t care if anyone saw you crying, you were so upset with yourself that you had fallen for Reggie’s tricks.

Reggie had put a price tag of a measly five hundred dollars on you and you played into his trap. He was five hundred dollars richer and you were completely blindsided and heartbroken.

a/n- school is officially out for me so expect a lot more imagines for the next couple of months. Also, don’t forget I’m always taking requests so send some to my inbox if you want something specific! I think I might start trying to upload twice a week, once on Sunday and on Thursday. One day would be an imagine and the other would be part of a fic! So send me what you think of this schedule and also how you liked this imagine because I love when I get your feedback!

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno - Reggie Mantle x Reader Imagine

Warnings: Some swearing, some yelling

Request by @stevrgers:  hey could I request an imagine where the reader has a thing with reggie but it’s super lowkey and reggie wants to keep it that way because he wants to keep her out of the playbook (cause he really cares for her) but the reader perceives his secrecy of their relationship as him being embarrassed to be seen with her by his friends/the school and reader gets upset & reggie is torn cause he wants to tell her about the book but also doesn’t want to get in trouble by the team for exposing their secret

Hope you enjoy it! I’m sorry if it seems a little disjointed. I tried to jam so much into it and it got so long (almost six pages on Word), but here you are!

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Boy’s Night: ReggiexReader! Mini Fic Part 2

hey guys, so by popular request, here is part 2 of boy’s night! i’m thinking of doing a part 3 with smut, so if you’re up for that, please leave me a message in my ask! :) 


Summary: Reggie stays the night and things start to get heated…

Warnings: Swearing, v. light smut, mentions of alcohol. 


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(obv a 13rw gif but drunk ross ;))

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The Next Picasso || Jughead Jones

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word count : 905

pairing : jughead x reader

warnings : reader being bullied on, cursing.

summary : Reggie and his goons all gang up on you, taking you sketchbook and make fun of you but Jughead steps in to stop them.


     You always tried to live your life one day at a time, and making as little noise as possibly. You weren’t one to be in the lime light and having any attention on yourself was very stressful. You mother always said you were too backwards for your own good. You would only laugh and sneak off to your room where you’d spend the next few hours drawing or whatever art medium you were messing with that day. 

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You Catch More Flies with Honey than with Vinegar / Reggie Mantle

Words: 1489

Rolling her eyes, (Y/N) slides out of her booth at Pop’s and heads for the door, tired of yet another one of Reggie’s attempts of pursuing her. 

“Hey wait up!” he calls, rushing out of his seat to follow her. (Y/N) had made it out of the diner and Reggie had to jog a few steps to catch up with her. “Please,” he says, reaching out to gently grasp her arm.

She releases a frustrated groan and yanks her arm out of his grip. She stops walking and turns to face him. “What?” she demands, crossing her arms over her chest.

Reggie seemed lost for words, shaking her head (Y/N) goes to turn until she finally hears him speak. “I just want to talk.” Slowly, (Y/N) lets out a breath and lifts a hand, motioning him to continue. “I don’t really know how to do this,” he tells her.

She raises an eyebrow, “You think?” she questions.

Thinking back over the past month, (Y/N) could recall at least a dozen instances where Reggie had tried to gain her attention that had gone horribly wrong. 

When he first began to try and win her over, he approached her at school, his friends behind him, and in front of everyone-publicly declared his intentions. Everyone who knows (Y/N) understands her lack of anticipation to be in the limelight and this stunt he pulled caused a lot of unwanted attention. 

Reggie attempted to impress her on the football field-but his actions caused a number of injuries to those from the other team. And while, of course she had school spirit and was happy the Bulldogs won-she hated seeing people get hurt.

That’s why when her friend Betty had told her about the playbook she found and that Reggie was in it-she was beyond mad. (Y/N) can’t stand it when someone plays with another’s feelings-especially when it is extremely clear how wrong the actions are in the first place. 

Reggie managed to cross yet another line when (Y/N) found Jughead as a target-yet again-to the football team. While he may not have said anything himself to ridicule her friend, it was the fact that he had just stood there and laughed with the others while Jughead was being humiliated.

Reggie had his moments, (Y/N) knew that. He could be kind and compassionate, honest and affectionate. 

He was always sweet to her-had never uttered a bad word to or about her. Whenever they were together, he always ensured she saw warm enough or comfortable enough or had had enough to eat that day. 

But it’s not enough.

(Y/N) couldn’t tolerate his-anyone’s-idle standing by when people were being hurt and teased-let alone his occasional involvement. These actions went against a lot of her principles and she wouldn’t let herself get involved with someone who so openly had such little respect for other people.

“Look,” Reggie sighs, “I really, really like you,” he says, running a hand through his hair. “I don’t know what to do.”

(Y/N)’s expression softens and her arms drop, “Reg,” she groans.

“I know you like me too, okay? I just don’t understand why you keep pushing me away?”

(Y/N) ignores his comment, “You haven’t figured it out by now?” she laughs. 

“Would I be chasing after you like a mad man and standing out here in the cold if I had?” he demands.

“We see things differently,” she tells him, “and whether I like you or not. I can’t accept certain…parts of you.” Hurt flashes across his face and (Y/N) felt her chest tighten. “I’m sorry…but I can’t change what I think. I’ve always had strong opinions and I’m sorry.”

Reggie shakes his head, “I should be apologising. Not you.”

“I would never ask you to-”

“I know,” he interrupts. “I know you wouldn’t.”


“No,” he says, “please don’t. I should get going,” he smiles, (Y/N) knew instantly it was fake. “I’ll see you around.”

He takes a few steps back before turning around, starting to walk away. “Reggie?” she calls after him. 

He stops in his tracks, turns his head so he could see her, “Yeah?”

The words were caught in her throat, “I-” she stops herself. “Goodnight,” she whispers.

He nods his head, “Goodnight, (Y/N).”

(Y/N) felt worse now than she could ever remember. She felt guilty for how she treated Reggie and she wished she could take it all back. 

“What’s up with you?” a voice says from behind her, moving to sit on the seat next to her.

She looks up at the person beside her and offers him a small smile, “Nothing,” she says. Archie gives her a pointed look and she felt her smile fall. “I think I made a huge mistake last night,” she admits. 

“With Reggie?” he asks, knowingly. (Y/N) didn’t bother asking how he knew, she only nodded. “Talk to him.”

“I can’t face him. Not after what I said.”

“He’ll forgive you,” Archie tells her. “He’s practically in love with you, (Y/N).”

She remains silent, “I don’t deserve his forgiveness,” she argues. “I think I was cruel.”

“We all say things we don’t mean,” Archie says, leaning back in his seat. “Believe me,” he scoffs.

“I understand that…but I think I hurt him. And I hate that I did that. You know how I feel about people hurting others-and I went and did just that.” (Y/N) could feel tears pool in her eyes. “I feel so guilty.”

Archie wraps an arm around her shoulders and pulls her into his side. “Stop worrying so much. I’m sure Reggie will understand.”

“Understand what? That I’m a horrible person?”

Archie snorts, “You’re the least horrible person I have ever met.”

“I want to make it up to him,” (Y/N) says, nodding her head in agreement with her own words.

“The go find him.”

“Now?” she questions, pulling away from Archie’s hold. He only nods in reply. “Now,” she whispers. (Y/N) stands, letting Archie’s arm fall. “I’ll go find him now,” she smiles, “and I’ll apologise.”

(Y/N) wanders around the school, checking the halls and the oval until she finally found him in the student lounge. He was sat on the couch surrounded by his friends. 

She enters the room slowly and spends a moment to take him in. He was laughing at something that someone must have said, looking as carefree and happy as (Y/N) had grown used to. 

When his eyes find her, his expression falters. His brow furrows as he realises she’s across the room. He stands on his feet, momentarily forgetting his friends. “Are you okay?” he asks softly when he approaches her.

(Y/N) takes his hand, much to his surprise, and leads him out to the hallway. “I have to apologise.”

Reggie shakes his head, “You really don’t. You were right.”

“No,” she insists, tightening her hold on his hand, “I wasn’t. I was rude and I hurt you. And I’m so sorry.”

“Stop apologising.”

“No,” she repeats. “I need you to forgive me.”

“There’s nothing to forgive,” he denies.

“Please,” she begs. 

Reggie frowns, lifting a hand to her face. (Y/N) closes her eyes as his hand makes contact with her skin. He rests his palm on her cheek for a small moment before his hand slides to the back of her neck.

“If you really want me to,” he mumbles, “then I forgive you.”

Reggie pulls her against his chest, wrapping his arms around her tightly. (Y/N) holds him tight in return, her hands clutching his shoulders. “You were right,” she whispers in his ear.

“About what?” he questions with curiosity. He attempts to pull away so he could see her face, but her grip only tightens in response.

“I do like you,” she mumbles. 

Reggie couldn’t help but let the smile he felt coming form. “Told you,” he replies.  (Y/N) hits his shoulder and muffles her laugh as she buries her head in his neck. “(Y/N)?”


“I’m going to try to be better,” he says quietly. She bites her lip gently, shifting her head so she could see him. He peers down at her with a smile, “Promise me something?” he asks.


“Promise that you’ll stay by me,” he says. “It may take some time-but I want to be better.”

(Y/N) closes her eyes, “Of course, I will. But Reggie,” she begins, “it won’t take as long as you think. You’re a good person. A kind person. You just sometimes…make bad decisions. But everyone does. And I was…mistaken when I judged you.”

“It’s in the past,” he shrugs, removing his arms from her. (Y/N) frowns at his actions but reluctantly takes a step back. “And thank you,” he tells her, full of sincerity. 

(Y/N) smiles bashfully as he continues to stare at her. “Stop,” she mumbles but he only laughs. 

“Let me take you out,” he exclaims without hesitation. 

She snorts, “We’re at school.” 

He rolls his eyes, “Not now. Tonight?”

“Okay,” she nods. “Tonight.”

You Belong With Me

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A/N: AND SHE RETURNS!!! Hello, it only took me eight years but here I am, with something new, especially for @thatsadbreakfastclub and our mutual love of Reggie. Its not perfect but it’s s o m e t h i n g (hopefully it’s not eight more years until the next one)

Summary: Walking alone in Riverdale can be dangerous, especially at night when well-meaning football players are lurking. (Andrews!Reader)

Word Count: 2,133

Warnings: N o n e, ‘cept some mild fear at the beginning 

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“We’re Official” (Reggie Mantle x Female Reader)

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(Credits to GIF owner)

Summary: Reader and Reggie have been dating for over a year and haven’t had sex yet

Warnings: Smut, nothing new in my blog to be honest

Author’s Note: Sorry I took so long with his imagine, but now I’m slowly getting back into writing after a hectic week. If you enjoy this imagine, feel free to leave some feedback! Also, I haven’t proof read this yet but I will do it tomorrow morning. 

The school bell rang as Reggie’s lips found their way down Y/N’s neck to her exposed collarbones while his hands held her closed to his tall muscular body. “Reggie, I can’t be late for class.” She whimpered, gripping on tighter to his bare shoulders as his cold hands slipped up her skirt up to her butt cheeks. The locker room was empty and only their pants where the only audible thing as the school hallway outside were empty. 

“You bailed on me last night, it was going to be our night.” Reggie complained, resting her down carefully from his waist to the bench. 

“I’m sorry, I just freaked out.” Y/N apologized while she fixed her now wrinkly skirt. She kept her head down as her boyfriend pulled his own shirt over his head. She was embarrassed that she was so scared of having sex with her own boyfriend. 

“We didn’t have to do anything if you didn’t want to. I just wanted to spend time with you alone for once.” He mumbled, wrapping his arms protectively around her. “You should’ve called at least, I was worried.”

“Can we talk about this later? I’m already late to pre-calculus.” Y/N pressed a quick peck on his cheek before grabbing her bag from the floor. 

“I won’t be at lunch, since I skipped practice for our plans last night I have to make up for it.” Reggie held the locker room door for her as she stepped out before him. 

“We could talk later when you finish your football practice after school, I’ll wait by your car.” Reggie nodded, waving her off as she walked the other way towards her own class. 

At lunch, Y/N had barely touched her own food. Instead, she decided to play with it and move it around her plate with her plastic fork while Veronica and Betty sat across the table. 

The cafeteria was packed, per usual but Y/N seemed out of it while Veronica and Betty kept on talking about an article Betty had finished writing for the school’s paper. 

“Is it weird that I haven’t had sex with my boyfriend after one year of dating?” Y/N blurted out, catching her friends off guard. 

“You haven’t had sex with him yet? I thought you were off that train a long time ago.” Veronica admitted before taking a sip of her water. 

“We all thought you weren’t official.” Betty began, pushing her food tray to her right. “You never really call him your boyfriend.”

“We’re official, we just haven’t had any sex and I’ve been pushing it from happening honestly.” Y/N whispered to her friends, knowing that Riverdale high loved gossip. “Every time we’ve tried something always comes up and I swear the world doesn’t want me to have sex with him.”

“Don’t stress about it, it will happen.” Veronica encouraged her as they all stood up from the lunch table and exited the cafeteria.

After school, Y/N had decided to run off to the library instead of waiting for Reggie in her usual spot on the bleachers. Usually, she would take her class assignment with her while Reggie was in football practice, but she didn’t need any more distractions that she already had on her own.

Just by the thought of Reggie’s sweaty body hovering over her own body made her core ache for his hot skin. She crossed her legs closed tightly, trying to hide the fact of her aroused state. As the time passed slowly, Y/N’s eyes would dart constantly over to the clock framed into the wall by the library door while she waited impatiently for the hands of the clock to land on the time she desperately wanted it to be.

Luckily, she sat closed by to the window that looked out perfectly to the parking lot next to the football team, so when she saw Reggie’s teammates walk over to their cars with their things she quickly darted towards the lot herself. “Archie, have you seen Reggie?” She asked the redhead, who had clearly come out of the showers.

“Yeah, he was just finishing up talking to the coach. He’s probably headed to the showers by now.” Archie answered, pushing his dampen locks out of his face.

“Thanks, I’m just going to wait over here.” Y/N smiled at Archie as she waved him goodbye. Once the whole team disappeared to their own ways, she pulled her hair out of her high ponytail and made her way towards the boy’s locker room. Quietly, she made her way in the empty room until she reached Reggie’s locker. She placed her things next to Reggie’s as she completely undressed herself once she made sure they were the only ones there.

Her long locks covered both of her breasts as she walked over to the back of the showers. Reggie’s firm muscled butt cheeks was the first things her eyes landed on, she bit her lip as she watched him completely dozed off into his own thoughts under the shower head. “Need some company?” Y/N began, her arms roaming from Reggie’s shoulders down to his waist.

“I can’t never say no to you baby girl.” Reggie moaned as Y/N palm wrapped around his cock teasingly. Reggie’s hand rested on hers as he guided her movements up and down his shaft. His quiet moans were her favorite, how they would slip out of his heavenly plumped lips while her touch only made him go mad for more. Y/N’s now wet breasts pressed against his warm back as her hands were pushed away by him. Hungrily, Reggie spun around to face her and pressed her up to the cold white shower tiles with his dampen body pressing against her own. Reggie captured Y/N lips with his own while one of his hands rested on her jawline and the other one rested on her sides firmly. At first, it was slow and sweet but she wasn’t having it for too long. Y/N bit down on his lower lip, his lips parting apart as a moan slipped out of his luscious lips and she slid her own tongue between his lips. Her tongue did all the work, she dominated him as her hands gripped on his biceps.

Y/N whined at the loss of contact when Reggie had pulled away from her lips but only to be replaced by a moan when his teeth gripped on her sensitive skin on her neck. He pulled her up as Y/N automatically wrapped her legs securely around his waist while Reggie bit on her collarbone. Reggie rested his face between her breast, placing sloppy kisses between them before giving each one some fair attention. His tongue twirled around her nipple, sucking on her before taking her nipple with his lips as he pulled away slowly finishing with her right breast.

“Baby, I can’t wait anymore.” Y/N begged between moans, her core aching for him. Reggie didn’t hesitate, he slipped his index finger between her folds as she sighed out of pleasure. Reggie pumped in and out of her as he added another finger into the mix. His free hand gripped around her tightly as she squirms from the amount of pleasure his fingers did to her.

“Oh God, Reggie.” Y/N moaned, rolling her eyes back as her hands gripped on to his hair. Goosebumps were starting to spread throughout her body as a knot was already forming in her. Her pussy tightened around Reggie’s fingers as his eyes were latched on to her. His cock twitched at the sight of her in his arms moaning his name and crying for his touch. He could only do that to her.

Reggie pulled his fingers out of her pussy and lined his cock between her folds, but she was desperate for her release. Y/N guided him into her aching core with her own hips as her lips met with his own. Electricity ran through their veins as with each thrust Y/N walls tightened around his cock. Reggie thrusted deeper, hitting Y/N’s g-spot multiple times as her nails dug into his shoulders grasping on to him.

Y/N’s thighs trembled as her whole body gave in to the pleasure. Reggie’s thrust became sloppier as he rode out his high while Y/N’s body gave out completely. They held each other as they both tried to catch their breaths, the now shivering water landing on their steaming bodies.

“God, you don’t know how much I love you.” Reggie breathed out, resting his forehead on hers. Y/n smiled weakly, running her hands through his jet black hair.

“I love you Mantle.” She giggled as Reggie placed multiple kisses all over her face.

After another shower, Y/N’s cheeks heated up as she noticed Reggie staring at her in awe while she got dressed. “You are always giving me heart trouble with that smirk of yours Mantle.”

“Not even sorry, you just make me happy.” He admitted, grabbing her own bag with his own as she finished getting dressed. “Your place or mine?”

“My parents are visiting my grandmother for the weekend, so I have the whole house to myself.” She teased, her hand wrapping around his free one.

“Thank God, I need more of you.” Reggie groaned, pulling her closer as they made their way towards his car. It was way past six o clock and the night had already taken over the once bright sky while they made their way towards her house. One year can seem long, but everything will fall into place at the right time.

One of Those Days  [ R.M ]

Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Reader

Request: Can I request a super fluffy Reggie x Reader? The reader had a shit day b her parents are overbearing and expect a lot from her and get mad bc she messed up and they yell at her. Also she’s been studying and swarmed with homework and she goes to Reggie bc she wants cuddles and she tells him about her day and he just listens then reassures her that she’s doing her best and that he’s proud of her and then he makes her take a break from of everything by napping/ cuddling with him


Word Count: 890

Warnings: Some fluff mostly

A/N: Ok I apologise for how much this sucks; I was basically dying when I wrote this. Anyways, I hope this is what was wanted!

“What’s been wrong with you lately?” Reggie blurts, fiddling with the strap of his bag on his shoulder. It was a usual thing for him to walk you home once the both of you have finished the day at school (of course, along with any extra curricular activities) ever since the two of you had started dating. Reggie would usually swing an arm over your shoulder or lazily conjoin your fingers with his but he kept to himself today. He noticed how tense you’ve been and he didn’t want to do anything that had the possibility of making you feel uncomfortable.

“What do you mean?” You mumble, not bothering to meet his questioning gaze. You knew exactly what he meant, but you just didn’t want to talk to him about it. Besides, you thought you were fine to deal with it alone.

“You’ve been acting weird lately. Like, distant,” Reggie explains, “or as if something’s bothering you.”

“I-uh, I don’t want to talk about it.” You mumble, your eyes falling to the gravel underneath your feet.

There was something that had been bothering you and as much as you wanted to deny it, you knew that Reggie wouldn’t buy any excuses. You’re parents had been on your back more than usual and had been expecting more and more from you. They had yelled at you last night and that had set you in a bad mood ever since. As well as having overbearing parents, you had been pretty sure you’d been drowning in homework and studies. You were more than just stressed out and you’re days have repeatedly been bad ones.

“Yeah, well,” Reggie rolls his eyes. “I want to hear about it.”

“Reggie, not now. I just want to rest.”

“You can rest at my place.” Reggie interlaces his fingers with yours, quickly pulling you in the direction of his house rather than yours. You don’t bother protest.

It barely takes you five minutes to arrive at his house. As soon as the two of you step through the door, Reggie grabs an armful of snacks from the kitchen before dragging you to his bedroom. You take a seat on his bed, placing your bag on the floor.

“It’s one of those days,” You say once Reggie has settled himself beside you, resting your head on his chest and flinging his arm around your shoulders. “Where I feel like I’ve achieved nothing at all. But like, for almost the past whole week. My parents are asking too much of me, Reggie, I can’t keep up.”

Reggie doesn’t say anything. He just nods, placing a small kiss on your forehead and caressing your shoulder with his thumb. You were thankful for his silence–it was an indication that he was listening and not just letting you speak at him rather than to him.

“Apparently, I’m not doing enough. Apparently, I need to try harder or I’m not doing anything correctly. And, damn it, I’ve been trying so hard but all they’re doing is reminding me that I’m just not enough.”

“Don’t listen to that, please. Try and shut it out because it’s not true. You’re so much more than just ‘enough’, you hear me? Don’t you ever doubt that.” Reggie frowns, his gaze becoming more intense as he waits for you to carry on. He knew that you needed to let it out sooner or later.

“Try as I might, I can’t keep my mind off of my worries,” You mumble, taking his free hand in between your own. You fiddle with his fingers, lacing and detangling them between your own. It was a comforting action for the both of you. “And last night, my mom and dad yelled at me because my grades weren’t as they would have liked. I tried my best but they don’t care. Honestly, Reggie, I feel like I’m a disappointment to them.”

“Think ‘bout it this way, being a disappointment is better than you think. No one else will have any high standards of you. So, when you do something cool, everyone is amazed,” Reggie smirks. He shakes his head, flashing you a small smile. “Okay, but seriously, babe. You’re not a disappointment to anyone and you never will be.”

“I just–I want to run away. I don’t want to deal with any of this. Even though I know that these bad days will pass by soon enough and I’ll have good days again.”

“Run away?” Reggie watches you fiddle with his fingers, his head leaning on yours, which still rested against his chest. He chuckles, knowing that you didn’t really mean it. You could feel the vibrations of his chest against your ear. “Do you really think that is the right way to go about things?”

“It was too much for me to handle, but I think it’ll be alright.”

“Hm,” Reggie hums, running his fingers lightly through your hair as he nods. He pecks your cheeks, noticing your eyelid begin to droop. Neither of you realised just how tired you were up until now. “Go to sleep, sweetheart. You’re tired.”

You fall asleep with your arms and legs tangled between Reggie’s. A small smile lingers on your lips, even in your sleep and Reggie’s fingers in your hair lull you into one of the most peaceful sleeps you’ve had in quite some time.

Moody Vampire-Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead jones x reader
Description: Reader is new to the school, doesn’t talk much, at least until the boy they have an infatuation with starts to get picked on by a certain jock.
Warnings: A few cuss words?? That’s really it I think lol

The student lounge was a room for kids to relax during free period, or after school until their ride showed up. Everyone hung out there, the jocks, the river vixens, the theatre kids, the nerds, and me. I had, unfortunately, gotten my own category, alongside Veronica Lodge, although I got a smaller spotlight. They called me “the newbie’, or, a vaguer one they liked to use, “the mystery”. I hadn’t said more than a handful of words to anybody at the high school since I came here. Talking wasn’t my thing. I chose to stay as far away from the front of the crowd as I could. I wasn’t good at talking. I always screwed it up somehow, and the last thing I wanted was to be involved with the wrong person. I had learned quickly that the kids here were cruel.
   Today, I had decided to check out the student lounge, use the space that was offered to me. I took a seat in the corner of the room, seating myself in a comfy chair. The football team sat in the middle, taking up most of the couch space, as they bantered about whatever was new.
“So, Archie, tell us, what exactly we’re you doing up by the lake, and why was Ms. Grundy there too?” Reggie pegged the redhead boy. I hadn’t talked to Archie Andrews much, but my mother had just started working for him, and him and his dad had helped us move in, so I had said a few words to him. From what I could tell, he was a nice kid. He didn’t deserve whatever shit Reggie was about to give him.
“Come on Archie, we’re you shacking it up with the Music teacher? We won’t tell. We need everybody on the team that we can keep since Ms. Feminist and her psycho friend had to get five teammates kicked from the squad.” Reggie changed his line of target to Betty and Veronica. I had probably spoken to those two the most. Betty had showed Veronica and I around the school, and she was a kind-hearted girl. Veronica was a very confident, truth-be-told person. She was very blunt, and never held back what she thought. She had complimented my makeup the first day I met her.
“Stuff it, hollow-head.” Veronica spat. Reggie rolled his eyes. He turned his head and smiled, the gears turning in his head. I followed his line of vision to where A boy with raven hair and a grey handmade beanie leaned against the opposite wall from me, arms crossed and an uninterested look on his face. Jughead Jones the Third.
“Hey, Suicide Squad, who do you think it was?” My eyes stayed on Jughead as Reggie began to taunt him. I sat next to the quiet boy in creative writing and biology, and something about him had always intrigued me. I absolutely hated when anybody picked on him. He was an innocent kid. He was never mean to anybody that wasn’t mean to him, and his writing was amazing. I had read his articles in the blue and gold, and he seemed to be passionate about the stories he told, mainly the add-ons to Jason Blossom’s death, but nonetheless.
Jughead looked up at Reggie and rolled his eyes. He turned his head and his blue locked with my gray.
“C’mon, freak of nature, you have to know something. Did you suck his blood? Killed him off so you finally had something interesting to write about?” Jughead stayed staring at me, a blank expression on his face.
“Come on, you fucking freak? What are you, broken or something? This is why you can’t get laid, Donnie Darko. Girls dig the cool kids.”
“Hate to be the one to break it to you, Reggie, but girls dig vampires over jocks. At least, this one does” The words flew out of my mouth before I could stop them. I stood up, my eyes turning away from Jughead to look at Reggie. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jughead’s expression change from a blank one to a surprised one, as well as most of the people in the room.
“It speaks.” Reggie let out a half-hearted, breathy chuckle. He began to walk towards me, looking at me as if I was prey and he was coming in for the kill.
“As do most humans.” I retorted. I crossed my arms.
“Didn’t know you were human.”
“Didn’t think you had a brain, guess we were both wrong.”
“Why don’t you just go back to being silent you little bitch?” Reggie’s fists clenched as he advanced towards me. He pushed my shoulders roughly, knocking me into the wall behind me. I hissed in pain, rubbing the back of my head. I lifted my fingers to my face. Blood.
“Back the fuck up.” Jughead stood in front of Reggie, his back towards me. I clutched at the strap of my shoulder bag nervously.
“Or what? What will you do, freak?” Reggie laughed, beginning to push Jughead aside. Jughead’s fist collided with Reggie’s jaw, knocking him back a few feet. He began to regain his balance, and wiped the blood from his lip. Before he could hit Jughead, A few of his friends stepped in, getting him away from us and calming him down, telling him “a scrawny kid and his weirdo friend weren’t worth it.
“Reggie? If you ever come near them again, I’ll knock the shit out of you.” Jughead spoke slowly and calmly. He wrapped his hand around mine, pulling me out of the student lounge as he gave Reggie a death glare.
“Where are we going?” I asked him, my fingers intertwining with his.
“The first bathroom we find.” Jughead stopped at the boys’ bathroom, flinging the door open and pulling me inside with him. He took no hesitation in grabbing my waist and pushing me backwards until I was in front of the counter, before lifting me up and on to it like I was nothing. We sat in silence as he wet a paper towel with cold water before placing it against the back of my head, using the mirror as his guide. He stood incredibly close to me, standing in between my legs.
“What you did back there,” Jughead started.” Sticking up for me. Thank you, for that.” Jughead cleared his throat awkwardly, holding the towel behind my head.
“It wasn’t a big deal, really, “I spoke softly. Here I was, sitting in the boys’ bathroom with a guy I only dreamed about talking to, his face mere inches from mine, and I felt like I was going to shit myself.
“So, you like Vampires, huh?” Jughead joked, starting up a conversation. I laughed, my hand going to his arm resting on the counter by my thigh to steady myself.
“I’d pick a moody vampire over Reggie any day.” I told him, our laughter dying down.
“Well, have you been to pops yet? This moody vampire frequents there, and was wondering if you would like to ditch school and get a burger with him.” Jughead held his hand out for me to take. I hopped off the counter, accepting the outstretched hand.
“I’m sure one day wouldn’t kill me.” I followed the raven-haired boy out of the bathroom, and out of the school.

Having You Around {Reggie M. x Reader}

Originally posted by riverdalesource

“Are we there yet?” You asked, sitting up from the back seat and leaning your back against the window and your eyes on the driver.

“Nope. A couple more hours to go.” Reggie shook his head, a small smile plastered on his face as he focused on the road. You tilted your head, groaning as you were bored and tired of the endless scenery of fields in the gloomy, grey weather. Finally deciding not to sleep anymore, you squeezed in the middle space and settled on the passenger seat right beside Reggie, he grabbed your left hand, kissing the back of it before tangling your fingers together.

Both of you had decided to go out of town for spring break since you had always wanted to go somewhere for a scenery change. It took months and a few little arguments to convince Reggie to go with you on this trip.

Little did you know that Reggie had already made up his mind about going with you but he wanted to play the ‘playing hard to get’ game that you usually pulled at him before the two of you started dating.

“Go out with me?” Reggie, the letterman wearing jock asked while leaning against your locker. You shook your head, before softly putting your hand on his chest and pushing him softly, although he didn’t budge and continued to grin at you. “Please?” He had done this a lot of times, hoping to get another answer but he’d get was a no for you which motivated him more to ask again.

He liked you, and you were so oblivious to that fact that you passed it off as him just constantly annoying you as a dare from his football friends.

You sighed, if this is what it takes for him to stop bugging you then, “Fine. Now will you please move away from my locker?” The smile on his face widened, moving away from your locker.

“I’ll see you at Pop’s 7:30 pm.” He turned away before walking in the hallways, raising a fist in the air and yelling 'Yes’ which caused a lot of students to chuckle and some to look at him weirdly. Elena rolled her eyes, a smile tugging on her face as she turned to her locker.

It was supposed to be something that would happen one time and would convince Reggie to stop bugging you. But all it took was that one date that you realized you actually enjoyed his company because you had a normal conversation in contrast to the constant teasing around the school whenever he’d see you. So you decided to try it out more, going out with him on a couple of dates and late night drives because you knew now that the boy had a heart, and was an amazing gentleman to you.

Eventually, you’d fallen in love with the dork who made you happy, even before he fell in love with you. But of course, you just had to play hard to get. You didn’t hang out with him around school when he’d ask you to as you refused to be that trophy friend all student-athletes have around their popular circle, you still hung out with your non-popular friends, and didn’t let him become your 'entire world’ when the two of you became friends.

So when he agreed on going on a trip this spring break, the smile on your face was almost the same as he had when you said 'yes’ on being his girlfriend and it meant the world to him.

A few silent minutes passed as you sat beside him, your head against the window. He untangled his fingers away from yours then turning the volume up in the radio. You rolled your eyes as he started rapping along to MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This, glancing at you playfully once in a while, and every time that he said 'Can’t touch this’ he would motion to his friend down under making you face-palm, hiding your smile from him.

Suddenly a car was right beside his on a stop light, the people in it was an old couple and before you know it, Reggie rolled down his windows, rapping the song over as he made eye contact to the horrified couple who noticed him. Laughter now escaped your lips as the green light went and he stepped on the gas, leaving the old couple stunned behind them.

“Oh my god, you are such a dork, why am I with you?” You said in between laughter, and clutching your sides. He grinned right beside you, finally getting to hear and see your laughter that he loved which made his tiredness go away after driving for five hours in silence while you slept in the back seat.

“Because you love having me around? Duh.” He pointed out, grabbing your hand again and tangling your fingers together. He couldn’t wait to spend the spring break with you and only you.

Bloody Nose

Summary: An unexpected noseblood during class strikes up an immediate friendship with no other than Reggie Mantle.

Word Count: 2,220.

A/N: Honestly, I’m utterly in love with Reggie by now. This was a complete blast to write and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy! (also yes i’m very well aware that that’s a zach gif and not reggie one, oh well)

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I won’t let you go

Originally posted by musingmola

Hi all! Sorry that I’ve been MIA, but I found some muse to write a Reggie Mantle one shot. I’ve been trying to do a new Eric Coulter imagine but I’ve came up short or I didn’t like it. But I’m still trying! Anyway, I hope you like it! Feedback is always appreciated!
Y/N- Your name
H/C- Hair color
E/C- Eye Color

He found himself watching her from where he stood. She laughed at the guys that surrounded her, but every so often her eyes would drift to him. He grinned to himself when he remembered that she belonged to him, just like he belonged to her. With a deep feeling of satisfaction, she broke away from the crowd of men walking gracefully towards him.

“Reggie,” she smiled up at him, managing to take his breath away. “Babe, I’m tired. I think I’m going to head home.”

No matter how sappy it seemed to his teammates, he pulled her closer not wanting her to leave. “Just a little longer baby girl and I’ll drive you home or you can come stay the night with me.”

Reggie watched her bite her lip softly, before looking up at him from her long lashes. “I don’t have any clothes.”

“I have some for you,” He grinned leaning down to whisper in her ear, “or you can just sleep without them.”

She huffed pushing him back, swatting at him playfully. “Just for that Mantle, I’m going to go home.”

He pulled her back, lifting her over his shoulder. “Oh no you don’t.”

“Reggie!” Her fists hit his back, when he tapped her butt grinning on how firm it was. “Put me down!”

Reggie paid her no mind, instead he turned to his teammates nodding his head to them and walking out with Y/N still on his shoulder. Once he was at his car, he set her down brushing his fingertips against her soft pink cheek. She swatted his hand away, a small pout forming on her lips. He found himself leaning forward, his intent to make her full lips swollen, instead she put her hand over his mouth shaking her head lightly.

“Baby girl…” he whined lowly, but instead of the reaction he was hoping for he received a curt ‘no’.  Reggie rolled his eyes, opening the door for her. She grinned and internally he fist bumped the sky because he knew how much she liked it when he held the doors open for her. Y/N got in quickly while he jogged around the car, heaving his big figure into the car. He looked over seeing her wrapping herself in his jacket, before moving so that she was pressed into his side.

Reggie swallowed hard, trying to contain himself. Even though she was in a black shirt and his old pajama pants, he wanted to hold her down and never leave the house. There was something about the way she looked in his clothes. It wasn’t sexy lingerie that he had seen his past exes wear, but somehow she made something so undesirable, desirable.

He stood from his place on the bed, walking over to her in three strides. He grinned widely when he saw her blush at his naked chest. “I can put a shirt on Y/N, if you feel uncomfortable.”

“No,” She stuttered and his grin turned into a loving smile. His hands reached out on their own accord, grasping her cheeks into his hands and leaning down to give her a soft kiss. She sighed softly, before she pushed herself closer to him and her hands moving to rest against his torso. Even with something so simple as a touch, it sent waves of electricity running through his body. She pulled back to catch her breath and looked up at him, grinning shyly. “Can we lay down?”

Without a second thought her pulled her towards the bed, laying down first. He held his arms opened ready to hold her against him and not let go. Y/N grinned moving quickly, pushing herself into him resting her head over his heart.

Reggie held her tightly, running his fingers along her back. “Y/N?”

“Mhm,” She mumbled tiredly, tracing patterns into his chest.

Reggie paused, unsure if he wanted to tell her the three big words that were on the tip of his tongue. The past six months were absolute bliss for him, she made him feel fireworks every time she brushed against him. Just the mere thought of her being away from him or leaving him, sent waves of sadness rushing throughout his body. He pulled her impossibly closer, inhaling the scent of cinnamon. “Baby, are you still awake?”

It was quiet for a moment and he thought she fell asleep, but she moved so that she could look up at him. “I’m still awake,” She yawned, sending a small smile.

He smiled back, stroking her cheek. “Are you going to be able to go to the game this week or-”

“I’ll be there to cheer you on. Same seat I’m always in,” Y/N soothed, starting to trace shapes into his chest. “Are you still worried about Archie?”

Reggie rolled his eyes, the last thing he wanted to talk about was Andrews. “Why would I be worried about someone as talentless as him?”

She rolled her eyes back at him, moving away so she was sitting up to look down at him. Y/N moved again so that she was straddling his stomach. “Don’t forget who you are talking too Reggie. I’m not going to judge you. I know you’re an amazing football player and Archie couldn’t rival with you.”

He moved quickly sitting up so that his chest was pressed against her’s. He wrapped his arms around her pressing his forehead to her’s. She leaned back pressing a kiss on the tip of his nose. “What does he have that I don’t?”

“Not a damn thing Mantle. You work your ass off with your training and if your coach doesn’t see that, then he’s blind. I know someone will see it,” Y/N grasped his chin so he was staring at her. “You’re amazing and don’t think otherwise.”

He tangled his fingers in her H/C hair, crashing his lips to hers. He relished in her soft lips and how her fingers slid through his hair, lightly scratching his scalp. Reggie tried to pull her closer to him, but he realized that she was already pushed up against him.

Y/N pulled back her eyes were still closed and her lips were beautifully swollen from his kiss. Pride surged through him when he realized he was the only one that could see her like this, right there in front of him dressed in his clothes and her lips parted in bliss.

“I love you Y/N,” He whispered, pushing her hair away from her face.

Reggie watched in fear when her eyes widened. She blinked a few times before a bright smile was directed at him. “I love you too Reggie.”

Y/N moved closer putting her arms over his shoulders, burying her face into his neck. He grinned when he felt her yawn into his shoulder. He moved them so that they were laying down on the bed, “you do realize I’m not letting you go, now that you admitted your love for me.”

“Good and don’t worry, I won’t tell Moose about your soft spot for me. I don’t want him to get jealous,” She giggled pressing a kiss to his cheek.

Nothing Ice-cream Can’t Fix

Jughead x Reader


Requested: @jasminevargase8 - Could you do a jugheadxreader for when jughead gets jealous he gives the reader the silent treatment and he tells the reader to give him kisses to end it. A really cute fluff please.  You’re a really good writer ♡♡

A/N: IM SO SORRY @jasminevargase8 I HOPE YOU GOT MY DM!!! 

         also hey kiddos, I know my post days are usually Sunday nights                  (South Africa time) but i was really sick over the weekend so I didn’t            get chance but here’s a mid week surprise yay. I’ve also developed a            secondary infection so if you guys want drugs you know who to call            ;) being serious though there’s like 6 things i have to take.

Words: 615

Warnings: like one swear.

Originally posted by musingmola

“You’re the one that was flirting with Reggie the whole night!” Jug whined as he sat in the passenger seat of my car.

 “It was his birthday! I said thanks for inviting us and I gave him a hug?” I said with a shocked laugh interrupting me, “Should I go inside and demand he give back the gift too?” I cocked an eyebrow at him as he crossed his arms over his chest and shrugged. “So now you’re not talking to me either.” I shook my head and started the car, driving towards my house. Jug had pulled me out the party about an hour after we got there, telling everyone he felt sick, he then pulled me outside to tell me we’re going home because he “can’t stand to see me flirting with Reggie.” I just rolled my eyes and planned to drop him off and go back to Veronica and Betty once he was home.

 “You missed the turn.” He muttered still looking out the window as we began driving, I ignored him and kept driving past my neighborhood.

 “Maybe if you apologize I’ll take you home.” I sighed then put on the radio letting it play softly as I drove. “Unless you’re still not talking to me?” I chuckled making him glare at me. I came to a red light and stopped giving me the chance to watch him as he frowned and looked back out the window. “Holy crap Jug. Calm your tits.” He whipped around again shooting daggers at me. “The thing is I can also look through the window and ignore you if you’re not going to talk to me because I mean how will you get my attention and then I’ll be like-”

 “Leave me alone.” He grumbled interrupting me, making me scream which gave him a fright, “What the actual Fuck?”

 “Sorry I thought there was a ghost in the car.” I chuckled and pulled off as the light turned green again.

 “You are so annoying.” He rolled his eyes and leaned against the window watching me. “Just take me home.”

 “Nope.” I said cheerfully and pulled into a ice cream shop parking lot. “I’m taking my boyfriend for ice cream.”

 “Oh, where’s Reggie? I think you forgot him at the party.” Jug grumbled and stayed in his seat as he watched me dig around for my purse.

 “Oh my word! Get over it! I wasn’t flirting with him!” I groaned and hit my head on the steering wheel in defeat. “Are your hormone levels okay?” I said lifting my head and looking at him.

 “Leave me alone. Go get ice cream.” He whined and crossed his arms over his chest again.

 “Babeee.” I leant into his chest groaning, “Just get over it. I wasn’t flirting.”

 “No,” he huffed and tried to shimmy me off his chest but gave up once I had held on his shoulders and buried myself into the crook of his neck, “give me a kiss.” He said angrily with a deep frown still playing on his face.

 “Only if you stop being so grumpy.” I said mad crossed my arms mocking him which made him roll his eyes at me and drop his arms to his side. I leant over pressing a small kiss on his lips then peppering ones all over his face before he cupped my cheeks and kissed me passionately. I pulled away and chuckled, “Let’s go get some ice cream and go back to the party, gorgeous.”

 “Okay.” He said with a smile spreading over his face before he jumped out the car and held me against him by the waist the whole time we had ice cream.