reggie x ray

Aid // Jughead

Summary: Despite being Reggie’s cousin you’re bullied by Chuck and soon he takes it too far sending you to the hospital. Reggie only finds out when he sees Chuck slap you and shit goes down but someone else helps you. Someone who understands how Chuck is due to their own history of being bullied.

Characters: Reader x Jughead, Archie Andrews, Cousin!Reggie, and bully!Chuck

Words: 2606

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. Please read with caution.

Warnings: Swearing, physical abuse, bullying, and fighting

Author: Caitsy

A/N: So we haven’t been getting a lot of notes and I only recently found out that sometimes they don’t work in the tags. For that I’m sorry! Also if you’re bullied please seek help because it’s not healthy and any rumour or threats is not worth you’re pain. Tell someone please.

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The books were slammed out of your hands with a force that left you following the textbooks on the onto the ground. You scurried back against your locked so you were out of peoples way and hurrying to pick up your textbooks with a deep frown. You already knew before you looked up who it would be.

“Freak.” Chuck’s voice announced with glee at your suffering.

The thing about Chuck Clayton was that he would torment you as long as Archie Andrews or your cousin Reggie Mantle weren’t in the area. Those two had grown protective over you even if they had began to split with Reggie’s jealously. With the threat that Chuck had uttered about spreading around how you slept with so many people you didn’t tell them.

“Please don’t.” You mumbled as you reached for one of the textbooks. He kicked the textbook further away and kicking your hand away too.

“Ow!” You cried out at the instant pain spreading through your wrist. You began to cry as the pain developed even more.

“Oops. Maybe you should tell the nurse that you were bumped causing you to smack a locker and fall.” Chuck smirked, “Or else there’s a little rumour I could spread around. Isn’t mommy and daddy breaking up and announcing they were cousins?”

“They are…ow!” You exclaimed as he nudged your aching arm.

“Are you okay?” Chuck asked crouching, “I didn’t see you there.”

You were confused until Reggie stopped beside him looking down in concern as you whimpered and sobbed. He glanced at Chuck before helping you up before gently taking your arm to look it over. With a simply glare you scrambled for an excuse.

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