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tv meme: [1/5 shows] dead like me

“You know what Henry Ward Beecher’s last words were? ‘Now comes the mystery’. Beautiful. You know what his last thoughts were? Me neither - haven’t been able to find his paperwork. We’re witnesses, peanut. Everyone matters.

“The day I dropped out of college I remember lying on my bed, my mother came into my room and she had been crying. She stared at me for a long time and then she said, ‘You only have one shot at life, Georgia, this is no dress rehearsal.’ And I said, 'You know what mom? Maybe I don’t even want to be in the play.’ A month later I was killed. I wonder sometimes if someone was listening.”

- George Lass, Dead Like Me 1x14


So…this is Miriam Regina Lass from the show Hannibal:

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When I saw her I thought….huh….she looks familiar….sorta like an older version of:

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This my dear friends is Ellen Muth…who plays the character George “Georgia/Toilet Seat Girl” Lass on Dead Like Me.

Same Last Name…

Meet George’s younger sister REGGIE Lass:

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Now here is an update about the news of Hannibal:

Ellen Muth, who played soul escort George on Dead Like Me, will guest-star in an episode of the forthcoming NBC drama, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Muth’s new character is named Georgia, a nod to her role on Dead Like Me, the Showtime series created by Hannibal writer and executive producer Bryan Fuller.


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Is going to be THIS one’s sister:

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I see what you did there Fuller you giant bastard….and I LOVE you for it. 

And here’s me flipping out on facebook as I gradually discovered this:

Oh my god, Bryan Fuller you ASS! I KNEW Miriam REGINA (Reggie) LASS looked so much like George “Toilet Seat Girl” Lass. I swear if you AU canonologically made George’s SISTER one of Hannibal’s victims….then we AT LEAST deserve on final Dead Like Me Episode that has the Der Waffle Haus Crew crossover with the Hannibal team. Do it! DO IT NOW! ~~~~~~~ By the way Fuller….you are a genius. A cruel, sadistic genius. But still a genius. Damn you for being such an effin’ genius. ~~~~ FULLER YOU BASTARD….ELLEN MUTH (GEORGE LASS) IS GONNA BE ON HANNIBAL AS MIRIAM LASS’S SISTER???????????? I WILL KILL YOU FOR MAKING MY HEART COMBUST WITH SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!