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  • REGGIE: Before you know it, she's with him. And you'll be all, "Oh, man." And he'll be all, "Yes!" And us, we'll be like, "Oh, dude." And pretty soon you'll be like, "Hi," and, "Well, I can't go. Betty and Jughead might be there." And we'll be like, "Dude, get over it. It's been four years!"
  • JOSIE: He paints quite a picture, doesn't he?

Verse || Intentions || @nctcricus , champagneandswitchblades

“Sometimes modest words when you least expected them in the most unexpected places, could do a thing like that. Show you things about yourself you’d otherwise had tucked away in some forbidden corner of yourself, no one knew. “

Reggie Mantle x Reader: Too good to be true

A/N: Yay my first riverdale imagine. I hope you guys like this if you do and you have stuff you wanna request please do so. If you want a part 2 of this let me know and I’ll do it. 

Words: 1084

Summary: Reader is shy and mostly keeps to herself when out of nowhere Reggie asks her out but the reader just knew from the begining that it was all just too good to be true.

Today had been a weird day Cheryl was being nice to people Jughead wasn’t as sarcastic as other times but the weirdest thing that had happened was Reggie Mantle had asked you out. You had no idea why you didn’t even know that he knew you existed. You were quite shy and mostly kept to yourself so when he suddenly asked you out out of nowhere you were sure it was a trick.

“I don’t know Reggie. I mean we’ve only ever talked when we worked together for a class project why do you suddenly wanna go out with me?” You asked confused.

“Look I know it’s strange but I’ve liked you ever since you let me borrow you crayons in kindergarten.” He said taking your hand and smiling at you.

“That’s a long time. why haven’t you ever done anything about it earlier?” You asked him smiling a bit.

“I don’t know I-I guess I was scared you wouldn’t like me back.” He said nervously rubbing his neck.

“How am I sure that this isn’t just a joke.” You said seriously considering to say yes.

“You’re not I guess you’re just gonna have to trust me.” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Fine.” You said with a smile.

“What??” He said happily and confused.

“I’ll go out with you.” You said smiling at him.

Reggie smiled at you and intertwined your hands.

“Awesome! I’ll come and pick you up this Saturday.” He said smiling.

“Great I’ll see you then.” You said as you grabbed you stuff and walked out of the classroom he had pulled you in a few minutes ago.

The rest of the week went by surprisingly fast and before you knew it it was Saturday. You had asked Reggie where he was taking you but he told you to just wear something casual. He didn’t tell you exactly where he was taking you because he wanted it to be a surprise. You had just put on some black jeans with nude flats a white top and a jean jacket. You had just finished your make up and hair when you heard the door bell.

“Hey Reggie.” You said after you had opened the door.

“Hey y/n. Wow you look beautiful.” He said making you blush.

“Thanks you don’t look to bad yourself.” You said laughing.

“Thanks, so uh you ready?” He asked stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“Yep all ready to go.” You said as you quickly grabbed your purse and then closed the door.

“So where are you taking me on this fine day?” You asked as he took your hand in his.

“Well I was thinking of just having a nice quite little picnic by sweetwater river.” He said swinging your intertwined hands back and forth.

“Uh yeah sure that sounds like fun.” You said smiling.

After walking for a long time you had arrived at sweetwater river where there was already a blanket on the ground with a picnic basket next to it. You sat down on the blanket as Reggie did the same. You were quite surprised at how much fun the date was. You had expected something totally different when you thought of a date with Reggie. The Reggie that was with you right now was so different from the Reggie that you saw at school everyday and you really liked it.

“You know I really didn’t expect that a date with you would be this much fun.” You said laughing at something he had said.

“Really? Why not?” He asked confused.

“I don’t know, it’s just when I see you at school I just always thought that a date with you would include going to club’s and getting wasted not having a romantic picnic.” You said smiling at him.

“Well there’s a lot of stuff about me that would surprise you.” He said as he leaned in closer to you.

“Well I can’t wait to be surprised.” You said also leaning in more.

The both of you slowly kept leaning in until your lips touched. Reggie put his hand on your cheek while you put both your arms around his neck to pull him closer. After a few minutes both of you pulled away gasping for air.

“And I have been surprised again.” You said with a big smile on your face.

“You’re so beautiful.” Reggie said as he put a piece of hair behind you ear with a huge smile on his face.

You blushed and looked down. You couldn’t believe that this was happening it was like an amazing dream but sadly all dreams come to an end at some point. Your date came to an end faster then you wanted and before you knew it you were standing in front of your house.

“I really had a great time today Reg.” You said smiling.

“Yeah same here.” He said with a smile before looking down.

“Um look y/n there’s just something I need to tell you.” He said looking at you with a sad face.

“Sure what is it?” You asked confused.

“Uh Monday at school I think it’s best for both of us to just pretend that this didn’t happen.” He said looking at you.

“What!?” You said confused and angry as you pulled your hand out of his.

“It’s just for the best. I know how the guys are and if they find out we went on a date they’ll start to bother you and I don’t want that to happen.” He said trying to take your hand again.

“I knew this was too good to be true. You don’t want us to not talk about today because you think they’re gonna bother me. You don’t want anyone to know about us because I’m not popular and if anyone would find out you went out with the shy weird girl your popularity would go down and you can’t have that can you.” You said angrily as you crossed your arms.

“That’s not true I could care less about my popularity. I just know how they are. If they know about us they will try to ruin it and I can’t loose you.” He said almost crying.

“They won’t ruin anything Reggie. You already did that for them.” You said as tears rolled down your face and you walked inside your house and closed the door in his face.

 You just knew the moment he asked you out that it was just too good to be true.

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