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I want crazy (Zach Dempsey x reader)

I did a little something, is pretty short but I love this song so, that happened, I hope you like it. Once again, english is not my mother lenguage so im sorry if theres some mistakes, please let me know.

Word Count: 893


Hannah Baker’s death was difficult, for everyone. At school, because teachers thought that they actually had the ability to understand you, with all problems and all the drama; it seems like parents thought the same so they usually forced you to talk of things that you dont want to talk or simply they dont actually understand, so yeah, Hannah Baker’s death has been problematic, specially for some people at school, like your boyfriend, Zach Dempsey.

When the tapes that Hannah Baker left became public everything went to hell. You knew about those tapes, you had countless conversations with Zach about them, about how bad he felt and how stupid and selfish he was – its ok babe, you have become a better person because of that and I love you for that- you usually told him, but in some way it wasn’t enough and everything was a mess. Bryce Walker left the country and was finishing his education in Europe, some left the school or were transferred. The ones who stayed at Liberty High had suffered the shame looks everywhere they went. That’s why she did it, that’s why Zach’s mum took him away so he could do his senior year anywhere else, away from all this mess, away from you.

So, it has been a pretty rough year for you without him, of course you had your friends, you had Clay too, who has been like a brother, but you needed your love, you needed Zach, because you had all this plans together, to run away, to study together, but now he was in Virginia with his aunt, studying there, playing basketball there, making a life without you even when you two tried to talk as much as you can.

Being away from him has been difficult, they were good days, really good days when you were totally happy ‘cause, beside the distance you talk a lot and you knew you had a guy that completely loves you, but some other days weren’t that good, you felt like if he doesen’t want the same things, what if he knew someone? If he doesen’t love you anymore?

-hey Y/L/N are you with us??- your teacher asked you – yeah yeah, sorry- you said and hurried beside your classmates. You were rehearsing quickly you positions for the graduation ceremony that was about to start.

Boring like all events, the ceremony went slowly as possible but at least it was the end, only this and you can say goodbye to high school, your parents were there so happy and proud, and your little sister was taking photos with her new instant camera like crazy.

After the ceremony everyone stayed at the school entrance, all talking,  taking pictures even some girls were crying and hugging each other. You were talking with clay, about his plans for the summer and everything when you two notice people talking in hushed tones and looking behind you. With your questioning look, Clay noded towards the street, so you turned, and you saw him. Zach Dempsey was across the street, leaning on his audi with the roof off. Why was he there? Why he didn’t tell you??, you looked at Clay who smiles at you an then to you mother who stood right beside you, she gave you a hug and a kiss – go, everything is ready- she told you. Your little sister gave you her instant camera – take this- she told you, you smiled and looked for Zachs eyes who was smiling there, waiting for you. You gave one step and Clay told you – Come on Y/N! GO! – giving you a reassurance push , and then you went running to him. Zach was waiting for you with open arms picking you up and spun you around, you put your arms around his neck and kissed him while he slowly stops spinning.

-hey babe- he told you looking for your eyes- Hey.. why.. didn’t.. you.. tell.. me.. you..were.. coming- you said giving him quick kisses. He put his hands on your cheeks so you were looking at himg right in the eyes- because i needed so see you, i need your kisses, yor warm, your love. I don’t want to feel good away from you, i wanted to take risks. I want this feeling of not knowing how to breathe when i see you, i want to be with you, everyday- he told you just before he kisses you with all his love and passion – Lets go – he told you pulling the door open for you – what?!- lest’s go Y/N, lest get crazy! – he told you taking away your gown and throwing it on the back sit of his car, leaving you with your dress and heels, and then you saw there were two backpacks- we’re runing away?- you asked him – yeah, everything is ready. You turned your head to see your parents who were smiling and saying goodbye so you entered the car and went away with the love of your life.

Once you two were on the road by the sea, you looked at him and took his right hand – where are we going?? You asked him, looking at the sea.

-I don’t care as long as I’m with you- he said smiling you and you gave him a quick kiss. With this man you could go to the end of the world.


Throwback to the VERY first episode of #Girlfriends in 2000! 

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