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Remember the mall episode? Maybe before Pidge came along, Lance and s/o were checking out the shop?

Yeaaaahhh!!!! This is a short one bc I’m unimaginative

“Alright, 2 through 6! I’m counting on you to find those scaultrite lenses!” Coran adjusted his disguise, seemingly proud he was ‘blending in’. You and Lance shared a skeptical look over your glasses but said nothing as Coran continued, “Remember, you have no money. And no one can know who you are. So looking only! Got it? And don’t cause any trouble. This may look like a mall, but this is a swap moon. Swindlers are everywhere!”

“Yeah, yeah. We got it Coran. Just look around for one varga. No touching. No fighting. Keith.” Lance sniggered while Keith shot him an unappreciated “Hey!” and continued, “We promise, we’ll be good. I’ve got Y/N to keep me out of trouble.” He shot you a wink and you felt a warm blush rise in your cheeks.

“That’s what I’m worried about Space Juice.” Coran shot Lance a withering look that had your boyfriend cowering. “Just keep a low profile. Got it?” You all nodded, eager to ditch your babysitter, toss your ridiculous getups, and to explore some shops.

“Whoa! Hey, Y/N! Look at this shop!” Lance stopped in front of an empty store, his hand clasped in yours forcing you stop next to him. 

“Looks kinda sad…”, you mumble. It was a lot more empty than the other stores you’d seen. In fact, there wasn’t a single person in it. Just a lonely grey alien waving enthusiastically at his potential customers.

“Well…yeah, ok but look at what it’s selling! This is all retro Earth stuff!” He lets go of your hand and dashes in, his face lighting up with excitement and making him look like a twelve year old rather than a Defender of the Universe. You can’t help but smile as he starts going through a stack of ancient CD’s, his tongue poking out between his lips.

“Anything good?” You peek over his shoulder, resting your chin on it and enjoying his cologne. How he managed to smell like citrus in space he won’t let you  know. Lancey secrets he says.

“Yeah babe, look at this stuff! MCR. Fall Out Boy. Nickelback. Prince. Kesha. Oh my god, they have freaking Queen! This is like ancient history! You can’t even play this stuff on Earth anymore without some major internet searching.” You snuck your arms around his slim waist, content to hang out while he continued searching a new stack labeled ‘Reggae’. “Man. I wish we had money. I would give up my slippers for some Earth music. Even some oldies like this.”

He pauses in his searching and leans back in your arms with a heavy sigh, “I miss Earth.” His hands come to a rest on yours, nervously rubbing circles with his thumbs on your skin. You sense he has more to say, what with the way he’s chewing his lips and the downcast look in his eyes. So you patiently wait.

“Y/n? Do you–? Do you ever think we’ll make it home?” His voice is quiet and serious, a rare thing for Lance so it’s actually quite terrifying. You want to comfort him, to hold his face and kiss him senseless, to tell him that of course you’re going to make it back home. And sooner rather than later. But…

“I…want to believe…”, your voice trails off. You know very well that you and your friends could die any time you fly out. Any battle could be your last. And the chances of you all making it back to Earth statistically went down every time you survived. Eventually, your luck was going to run out…

“Nice X-files reference”, he snorts.

You roll your eyes, “Seriously? Lance! I thought we were having a moment!”

He turns around in your arms, his goofy smile back as he leans for a quick kiss, “And now it’s gone. C’mon! There’s Pidge!” 

He slips out of your arms and takes your hand, tugging you to the front. And you let him, setting a mental reminder to finish this conversation later. Maybe in a less public space.

 “Pidge! Hey Pidgeon! Look at all the cool Earth stuff this alien is selling!”