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Bob Marley by Michael Putland, 1975 

ID #78452

Name: Luna
Age: 17
Country: Netherlands

No joke, I feel kinda lonely,*cues sad music* which is why I’m here. Yes I have friends but I don’t feel like I can share just about anything with them. On a more positive note, having a penpal always simply intrigued me. Talking to ‘strangers’ gives a kind of rush I guess…

NOw, what interests do I have? Great question! I like;
the dankest of memes, and yes, I like them (almost) offensive. I’m an edgy teen*cringe activate*
anime; epic with good plot really makes me bust a nut, my guy(tips fedora).
music: reggae, classical, R&B, trap, hip-hop, kpop(i love kpop memes also, there are some gems, especially BTS ones), khiphop, kR&B, indie, EDM, Punk rock, etc. Point is, as long as the beat go hard or the flow is nice enough, I’ll listen.
Movies, psychological thrillers are my shizzle my nizzle(someone please stop me). So yeah, Shutter Island, Memento, Inception, Jacob’s Ladder, etc. I also like GOOD horror, no pussy shit. If we could share some recommendations, that’d be pretty nice I guess *shrugs shoulders, too cool to care*
Books; I really just like good stories. Not to sound like an elitist snob, but I prefer classics like The Catcher in the Rye, Demian, Kafka’s works, and some Dutch works I don’t think anyone will reckognize.(Also did I order a lot of Haruki Murakami that i’m super psyched to read) Coming-of-age stories I can relate to and psychological stories I like best.
Philosophy’s also pretty dang cool.
Shows: Boondocks, Rick&Morty, Ozark, Breaking Bad, The Blacklist, Hannibal, Avatar, The Last Airbender (This is not a bit, 100% serious. Most def in my Top #3 earhtly creations) I rarely finish a show though.
Lastly, I like having real in depth conversations with people, and at times useless talk about who found the best twitter meme that day.

Preferences: I would like to use Whatsapp, email or the tumblr chat thingie. Prefered demographic would be 16+ I guess… Unless you is a reaaaal cool 15 year old, then we can still hang, no worries. I dont take myself too seriously, and hopefully neither do you. And then there is the usual; dont be a Charlottesville Nazi please, or a member of the KKK, a lizard person, an SJW or simply an all-around dick, ya feel?