Jamaica celebrates reggae legend Peter Tosh with new museum

By Howard Campbell | AP October 18

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Slain reggae legend Peter Tosh is getting some of the same historical treatment in his native Jamaica as the late Bob Marley.

A museum devoted to the life and music of Tosh is opening near the Marley museum that has long been a major tourist attraction in the Jamaican capital.

The Tosh museum opens Wednesday to mark the 40th anniversary of the release of the song “Legalize It” and includes exhibits such as a guitar shaped like an assault rifle that he frequently used, as well as his unicycle. [Continue reading article at The Washington Post.]


“Reggae music is always there now but the thing that makes our music so important is the lyrics I think. Yes, it is necessary to understand the lyrics. You know. It has meaning to it. But because some people…understand the words, some people never go through them situation. But dreds of the world suffer. Masses of the people suffer. And this music comes from the masses of the people.”- Bob Marley