According to’s schedule, Generator Rex will be on again starting December 26 to air the final episodes of season 3.  (Though it looks like, for whatever reason, “Hermanos” is not included with the rest.)  Hopefully CN will actually stick to this schedule and not make any changes to remove eps.

If you intend to watch, please make sure to check your local listings for the right time.  (What we’re showing here is Eastern.)

EDIT: “Enemies Mine” is also not part of the listing, unfortunately.  (Thanks for catching that, Neopuff.)

Who’s ready for a revolution?

ReGenRex is very close to being ready to go and at this point, there’s just some remaining work on the website that needs to be finished up.  Therefore, I’m going to post links to the various social media accounts that the website will be using to put out update alerts.  If all goes according to plan, it won’t be much longer until you see all three of these go fully active.

Follow one, follow all three, whatever you’d like to do if you’re interested in trying to help get GR back on the air in the US and lend your voice in calling for a fourth season/new series.  Before you make that choice, however, here’s how these accounts will be operating.

The tumblr and Facebook accounts will deliver blurbs about website updates along with links directly to the updates, sometimes with accompanying graphics.  Both of them will be “staff run” for the most part.  (And you’ll have to be rather patient with me on the Facebook end of things, I’m still getting the hang of using it.  But I’ll get it!)  The Twitter account, however, will be largely manned by “Rex” himself.  Updates will flow through that account with links as well, but obviously with less information due to the 140 character limit.  The plan with that account is that it will also deal a bit more in interactions with fans since it will be taking point in any “tweet at CN” campaigns that may happen.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to fire ‘em straight at my ask box.

When Generator Rex first went off the air, Joe Kelly told a fan over Twitter to “gather your armies.”  If we want GR back on the airwaves in the US, that’s what we have to do and unfortunately, as things stand right now, the fanbase is too scattered.  Some fans on Deviant Art don’t necessarily know what’s going on here on tumblr, or those just using Twitter may not be aware of attempts being made over Facebook.  Some fans will obviously be using multiple social media platforms and sites, but it’s already been pretty much proven that only having a DevArt group or only a petition isn’t going to cut it.  The former is a good idea, but it’s not that useful for anyone who doesn’t have a DA account.  It’s too limiting.

What we need is a central site that’s updated regularly and backed by a schedule. That site also needs to be hooked into major social media platforms - Twitter, Facebook and tumblr - to make it easier to keep track of updates so that fans don’t have to remember to check the site via a bookmark every other day.

And that’s what Project ReGenRex will be.

It also occurred to me that we needed a central voice to sort of rally the troops.  It’s worked well in past Twitter campaigns, such as Steve Blum asking his followers to tweet repeatedly at Cartoon Network about getting Toonami back on the air.  He would get them going and for a number of hours, that’s what they would do, really concentrating their efforts.

Well, if we’re Rex’s Army, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to have Rex leading it, would it?  Unfortunately, the good folks who worked on GR are far too busy for any one of them to take up the role.  So again, this whole thing is in fan hands.  In thinking on this, I realized that maybe my two plus years of role playing Rex might actually be good for something.  If I could take up the site updates in an IC fashion, it would at least keep things interesting.  It would sort of be like an ask blog, just with a lot more content and pro-active posting, including dates set for Twitter and letter writing campaigns.

So this is what ReGenRex will be…  A central site with posts written by “Rex” and updates sent out over the major social media platforms.  The site itself is close to being ready to go and I’ve already started on setting up the social media accounts.  Hopefully everything will be done by sometime next week so this thing can get off the ground.  Once it does launch, one of the best ways to help the movement along will be to spread the word about it.  The bigger and more active the army, after all, the better.

Also this may be the worst idea I’ve ever come up with for anything…or it might actually work with some degree of success.  I have no idea.  Either way, I’m willing to give it a shot.


Restart the Revolution.


A little reminder of how things began.

Oh, Cartoon Network, why did you stop pushing Generator Rex after only a couple of months on air?  Just a word of advice from your fans on this…  Please reconsider how you handle the advertising for some of your series.

Just a quick reminder that the current random drawing give-away we’ve got going right now for five Cartoon Network Action Pack comics (all featuring either full issue or half issue Generator Rex stories) plus a volume 1, two disc DVD set will close after tomorrow, December 23rd.  If you haven’t entered yet and want a shot at winning this lot of prizes, click here to access the entry form and fill it out!

RGR’s Generator Rex Tweet Week

Join RGRexSalazar and the RGR staff on Twitter from October 6th through the 13th to kick up activity on the #GeneratorRex hashtag and let Cartoon Network know that we want Rex back on the air. Use the hashtag to tweet about your favorite GR episodes and characters, discuss what you’d like to see in another season, etc. Tweet at Cartoon Network and let the folks in charge know why you love GR! The RGRexSalazar account will be periodically checking the #GeneratorRex hashtag to favorite and retweet your tweets. Overall, this is meant to be a group activity to help concentrate our fan campaign efforts. Hope to see you on Twitter!

Blog post #6 is go!

In this update:

  • Lots and lots of news!  What’s going on, how it’ll happen, etc, includng…
  • Banner voting!  How and when that will happen.
  • RGR’s first random prize give-away and when that will take place.
  • A mail-in campaign to take the “fight” to Cartoon Network’s mail box.  Info incoming!
  • A personal post from Rex now and then?  Hey, it could happen!
  • Ben 10 Omniverse and what that might have to do with helping Generator Rex continue.

So lately I’ve been giving some serious thought to resurrecting ReGenRex.  For those not in the know, this was a project I got underway last year in an attempt to rally the Generator Rex fanbase and get the show back on the air again, at least to finish out season 3 (since CN pulled it before it could complete).  RGR began in July and ran through December, backed and helped along by a few friends of mine in terms of running the actual site/blog and the social media connections.  Unfortunately, as we got into 2013 and right after CN finally aired (most) of the remaining season 3 episodes, I had to let it all go…

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