So lately I’ve been giving some serious thought to resurrecting ReGenRex.  For those not in the know, this was a project I got underway last year in an attempt to rally the Generator Rex fanbase and get the show back on the air again, at least to finish out season 3 (since CN pulled it before it could complete).  RGR began in July and ran through December, backed and helped along by a few friends of mine in terms of running the actual site/blog and the social media connections.  Unfortunately, as we got into 2013 and right after CN finally aired (most) of the remaining season 3 episodes, I had to let it all go…

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Okay, I have to say this.

Banner submissions for are starting to come in and I’m really loving  these already.  Given how cool some of these look and if we get more like them, it might be really hard to only choose five or so for the site.  This is definitely a good thing, though!  It means people are putting effort into these and it shows.  Much thanks to everyone who’s participating, helping to spread the word, etc!  <3

As of right now, I’m also giving some serious consideration to creating something of a fan gallery as part of the site, possibly to house the banners that don’t get voted in for header rotation.  That way even if they don’t become a fully functional part of the site, they’d still be around in their own area for visitors to see and enjoy.  This would also up the overall fan content of the site and help make it feel like a larger group effort.

And speaking of group efforts, we’re probably going to kick off our first letter writing campaign sometime later this week with a prompt.  Think of it like a fan fic prompt, except more for a short essay in the form of a letter.  Just a little something to help with inspiration!