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Rutile in Quartz~

Quartz can often have many inclusions including various types of rutile. Rutile, itself, is a mineral consisting of titanium dioxide that usually grows in a needle-like form. Rutile can be found in several colors like gold and red. Each color bares a different meaning but each meaning is amplified by the quartz crystal in which it lives.

Golden Rutile~

When the old Scandinavian Norse happened upon the glimmering strands of golden rutile, to them the strands looked like Freya’s golden blonde hair, the goddess of love, fertility, beauty, and fine material possessions.

Golden rutile is an amazing amplifier coupled with the amplifying abilities already present in quartz and you have a powerful stone with a strong vibration. This combination usually brings along intense energy. Because it is a master amplifier, it has the ability to breathe life into what you think and feel making it the perfect stone for manifesting anything you want. All you have to do if feed it your intention.

With this in your possession, life might feel a little bit easier; this stone aids in strengthening one’s ability to cope.

It can be used in meditation to strengthen psychic abilities. It promotes concentration and mental clarity.

Perfect for relieving anxiety, fears, and phobias. It helps the wearer forgive themselves if they have been shameful of something.

With this stone, the aura is cleansed, it repels negative energy. It also helps to uplift moods and create a joyful vibration.

Use this stone to manifest, filter out negative energy, cleanse and energize, and remove barriers or blockages preventing you from spiritual growth.

Red Rutile~

Quartz with red rutile brings in added energy. The red needles bring an intensity to the rest of the stone making it a powerful healing tool.

It can be used to help ailments of respiratory and help cell regeneration. It helps the energy move through the body. A nice balancing stone, it alleviates sadness in the heart.

Black Rutile~

Also know as tourmalated quartz for black rutile is actually black tourmaline. The energies of both quartz and tourmaline are combined.

An extremely lucky stone, carry it with you when you need some luck.

Clear quartz amplifies tourmaline’s cleansing and grounding energy. Because tourmaline is a good stone for protection, this is also amplified.

Use this stone to aid in thinking with clarity, clear energy patterns and protect from energies that are unhealthy.

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Awww those gemlings are so cute! What are your headcancons for how they are born?

Thank you! Well, I go by the geode idea most Gem Egg Hell AUs go by, I just tweaked it a little for my evil purposes, and because I like overthinking things :P So, here’s how they are born in my AU:

(Sorry in advance for the huge infodump! I was kind of writing something about this when I got your ask, this just forced me to put it all in order :) thanks for that )

Gem geodes are basically like real life geodes: Spheroid structures made of mineral matter with a hollow interior. They pretty much look like regular roundish rocks on the outside (which disappointed Steven when he was allowed to see Amethyst and Pearl’s geodes for the first time, the kid has played way too many videogames and was expecting “gem eggs” to be something like pokemon eggs or something cute looking like that).

The gemstone of the new gem forms in the hollow interior, once it’s ready, it activates and takes physical form for the first time, breaking free from the geode. Think of the explanation we got about the Cluster incubating inside the Earth, taking form and destroying the planet around it in the process. That’s pretty much it, but in a much smaller, less apocalyptic scale.

(In my AU it’s not a coincidence, the Cluster experiment was based on research on geode incubation, which adds yet another layer of messed up to the whole Cluster business)

Now before explaining the gemlings, let me explain the difference with Kindergarten grown gems and Geode born gems in this AU.

Based on this part of Classroom gems when Amethyst explains Kindergartens: “Being a weak baby would be a pain, so we suck up all the good stuff from the ground so we can pop out all big, and strong!”

When a gemstone is forming it naturally absorbs all the energy and nutrients it can from its surroundings. With geode formed gemstones, that simply means absorbing all the energy and nutrients from its own geode around it, but long long ago Homeworld came up with an alternative: an artificial way of growing gems. Injected in the ground, the forming gemstones have no limits to how much they absorb, they can suck up all the energy from the environment. Without that resource limitation, individuals are form fully powered, fully grown from the get go. Add this to homeworld scientists being able to pre-program some knowledge and language into these gems and you get the Kindergarten method: ta dah! fully functional adults, ready to serve the diamond authority.  

Geode born gems on the other hand, with their limited resources, are born with a not yet fully powered gemstone. Their gemstone activates for the first time when they have just enough energy to form a projected body, but it still doesn’t have enough energy to sustain a fully grown one, so it forms into a body only big enough to start interacting with the world around it and start learning: So, you get a gemling, a juvenile gem that doesn’t come with pre-programed knowledge. She has to learn everything little by little, and she’s too weak yet to even care for herself. Basically an infant.

A gemling very first form (”newborn gem”, if you like) is very peculiar, it’s called the rough form (Kindergarten gems never pass through it). In this form, their body is so small it has to project around the gemstone. The gemstone thus is not visible on their bodies, it’s in their core center.

In this form, the gemstone itself is still unfinished and rough looking (unpolished and without cut). Though, because it’s inside the gemling, the only way of seeing it would be poofing the baby, but that would be awful and probably fatal, the gemstone doesn’t have enough energy to regenerate yet. 

(Yes, a pearl’s rough gem is basically a baroque pearl. It doesn’t make sense in real life but bare with me)

The gemstone being inside in this form also serves the purpose of protection. Until it’s fully finished, the gemstone is fragile. Newborn gemlings are not very coordinated creatures, and way too curious and fearless, so they probably would end up cracking themselves if the rough gemstone was on the outside.

Once they store enough energy and their gemstone is fully formed, they’ll naturally reform into a bigger form, with their finished gemstone positioned in the outside like regular gems, in the position where it will be for the rest of their lives. 

The final position of the gemstone on the body is random, and not really hereditary (but back in Homeworld, there’s this old superstition that you can guess what gemstone position the gemling is going to have based on her temperament).

Their second form is still considered juvenile (they pretty much look like toddlers), from here they grow more like humans, slowly. It takes a long time to get the energy to generate a full adult body.


Class dismissed! 

You know why no one other than Slytherins have ever been allowed in the Slytherin common room? ‘Cause it’s their safehaven and in a school full of people who are conditioned to not like them, they need it even more than years ago. The common room is a place where Slytherins can relax and shed their outer skin for a few hours. They don’t have to be afraid that someone is going to attack them and they can stop playing the perfect little pureblood.
In the common room Slytherins can be themselves and hide from the outside for a little time, because sometimes they also have to regenerate the energy to face the world and all its problems and what is better for that than a place where only people like you can come in and won’t judge you for it.

So did anyone else notice that as Missy left, she grasped the Doctor’s bandaged hand and then, in the next scene, the bandage is gone. It’s so incredibly subtle that it almost seems like a continuity error, but I’m convinced judging by the way the camera cuts to their hands holding that she used regeneration energy to heal his hand as she left.

How dare.

In The Wedding of River Song, River says, “I’ve been sending out a message. A distress call. Outside the bubble of our time, the universe is still turning, and I’ve sent a message everywhere. To the future and the past, the beginning and the end of everything. The Doctor is dying. Please, please help.”

Then in Time of the Doctor, after the Doctors save Gallifrey, the Time Lords answer the message, but thanks to the timeline craziness they’re unsure where it came from, so they project their reply on a repeating cycle through all of time and space via the rifts created by the TARDIS. “Doctor who?”

When Clara answers the message, she just says they should help him. “His name, his name is the Doctor … and if you love him, and you should, help him. Help him.” The Time Lords indeed give him a massive burst of regeneration energy, but it’s thanks to River’s message about the Doctor dying that they knew what kind of help he needed.

The Doctor Falls?

On his knees in the snow, regeneration energy swirling through him, the Doctor hangs his head in defeat. Then he hears it. 

The whir of the TARDIS. 

He whips around. She can’t leave him now, not in his last moments. 


He lays a hand on the blue box. His TARDIS wasn’t dematerializing. That must mean…

He slowly turns again on his knees. 

A diner appears several feet in front of him. He knows that diner. 

A woman opens the door and stands there, a glowing light surrounding her. He knows that face… doesn’t he? 

“This way,” she whispers, voice so familiar it pulls him to his feet before he’s even considered it. She stretches out her hand to him. 

He stares hard at her, his mind trying desperately to convince him of a truth his hearts already know. 

“I can save you,” she says. He follows her.  

The scene in Angels Take Manhattan where River and the Doctor get in that fight is such a powerful scene that I feel is under appreciated. Oh, that slap had been brewing for a long time.

The thing with River and the Doctor’s relationship is that, while it may not be quite obvious all the time, they struggle to communicate with each other in a healthy and productive way. One might say that is the major flaw of their particular relationship, and in all honesty I don’t blame them at all. Both of them struggle with their own unique emotional traumas and terrible pasts.

And on top of that, The Doctor has always struggled with the knowledge of River’s fate. I bet you every single time he sees River, he sees her dying in the Library and he hates the fact he loves her so much and can’t stop her death. And he can’t tell her anything, because, well you know, spoilers. And even more on top of that is the guilt of what happened to her as a baby, because, yeah it’s totally his fault. River is River because of him. She was kidnapped as a baby because of him and dies in the Library because of him.

And I think River has always been able to tell that there is something going on with the Doctor that he isn’t telling her. I bet she can see it in his eyes that he knows something, when he thinks she isn’t looking. She knows he is hiding so much pain and guilt, and because she loves him, she doesn’t want to add to it by telling him the deep dark ugly truths of her own feelings.

The way the Doctor behaved towards River when he reads “Amelia’s Final Farewell” is terrible to put it bluntly. He gets so upset at what he read in the book, and yet again won’t talk to her. She knows she is the one who will write it, and she practically begs the Doctor to just talk it out with her so they can work together, as a team, to see what they can do about it. Like reasonable, smart, married, adult Time Lords and Ladies. But noooooo, he yells “NO” and stomps his foot like a 12 year old and instead of helping her get her wrist out, leaves her there on her own and demands she do the impossible (Not break her wrist). Now I don’t know about you, but if my wrist has to be broken, I’d much rather my husband do it than me having to break it myself. It’s just better and easier that way, you know? And yeah, maybe he can fix it with regeneration energy afterwords because he cares so much and hated having to do that. But no.

Yeah, I’d be pretty pissed.

So what’s a Time Lady to do? Well, what she always does.

She hides the damage. And it’s rather easy to do, isn’t it? She’s hid her emotional trauma her whole life. Practically her whole life has been living up to the expectations of other people, especially the Doctor.

He wants her to get out without breaking her wrist? Fine!

I think she probably did try quite hard to do it, and that’s why her hand was so bloodied. Simply breaking your wrist alone isn’t likely to scrape up the skin- she tore up her wrist and hand trying to wriggle it out of the stone Angel’s grasp as hard as she could. She was probably in tears from pain and frustration, and had to compose herself before meeting up with Amy and The Doctor again.

Once the cat’s out of the bag about her wrist, the Doctor asks why she lied. Well, she gives him her answer: when one’s in love with an ageless god who insists on the face of a twelve-year-old, one does one’s best to hide the damage. She hints at her emotional pain, and her hurt at the Doctor’s negligence and immaturity. She doesn’t want sympathy, she wants an apology. She wants acknowledgement of her feelings and admittance of mistakes. It’s not about her broken wrist itself, it’s about why and how it is broken in the first place. But what does the Doctor do instead? He says nothing, and simply heals her broken wrist as if that is the only problem.


So yeah. He was a sentimental idiot and that was quite the stupid waste of regeneration energy, and he deserved that slap.

so like what if One and Twelve run into Clara in the Christmas Special but she doesn’t know that Twelve is going through the process of regeneration, so she is just happy to see him. And they go on an adventure with One and then like Twelve does something mean/rude and Clara slaps him (not too hard though) but then he starts glowing with regeneration energy (like he has been since the series finale but Clara doesn’t know that) and she freaks out because you know how she always threatened him about “slapping him so hard that he’ll regenerate” so she thinks that it’s actually happening for real now…except Twelve stops the regen. again and Clara is like shocked/relieved and Twelve is scared but also laughing as he plays it off as a prank and gives her a hug before she can slap him again for pulling that prank but also because he needs to hide his face and not tell her that he’s dying because he wants to spend these last moments with her happy and not sad/worried. All the while One is trying to stay as far away from Clara because he don’t wanna be slapped into regeneration.

Okay, so hear me out. There is SOMETHING GOING ON HERE.

Right hands clasped:

Shot in the back, raises right hand (to grip branch?):

Shot in the back with right hand raised (holding sonic?):

Right hand glowing, looks like regeneration energy is forming in a finger pattern:


@ellym3lly and @emilyweepsforpilfrey and @bazingaholmes98 and anyone else, please headcanon with me!

Garnet (also known as Arizona Ruby) is a vitality stone and gets its name from the Latin word granate, meaning seed because of its similar appearance to a pomegranate seed. Garnet can helps to aid in energy levels, regeneration, and revitalizing allowing it to make order out of chaos. Garnet is commonly used in love through increasing commitment, honesty, and hope in different types of relationships. Available here!