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I was the Doctor and I’m over the moon that at last we have a female lead
Colin Baker | Jul. 17th, 2017 

Whenever I have been interviewed about Doctor Who, the question has come up about the possibility of a female Doctor. I have never been able to think of any logical reason why an alien being capable of regenerating in extremis would necessarily retain all or indeed any of the characteristics of his (or her) pre-renewal self. (Pronouns are about to get tricky when talking about the Doctor).

The dozen or so personalities to emerge thus far from the chrysalis of regeneration have been as different as any you could pick at random on the Clapham omnibus on Gallifrey; except in one particular – gender. They have been young and old, they have been Scottish, northern and received pronunciation, they have been grumpy, feckless, patrician, barmy, innocent, brash and potty – but never female.

I have always found that problematical, not in the world we live in, but in the world the characters live in, particularly the Doctor’s world. The world we live in has a history of male domination, of stereotyping, of resistance to change, of playing it safe. Doctor Who has never been about that. The Doctor in all his incarnations has always been a passionate defender of justice, equality, fairness and resisted those who seek to dominate or destroy.

Admittedly, when the programme was first broadcast in the 60s, the character of the Doctor reflected the zeitgeist of that decade. William Hartnell gave us a patriarchal Doctor, perhaps patronising and condescending to our eyes today. But we have evolved, thankfully, and most of us see the absurdity of a world in which either gender should dominate the other or be regarded as second-class citizens. There is undoubtedly still much work to do but we are making progress.

So when I have been asked that question at conventions I have taken the opportunity to take a show of hands (from large numbers of predominantly Doctor Who fans in most cases) about their view of whether the Doctor could or should be a woman. I confess to being surprised when about 20%, or sometimes more, have considered the notion unthinkable – and many of them were women, whom one might think would be offended by the exclusion of their gender from the Tardis.

I like to think that it is not just because I am a father of four daughters that I resent the barriers to advancement and opportunity that are routinely thrown in their path. But it is certainly true that there are fewer striking role models for young females in our society – and on television and film – and fewer realistic opportunities to see paths through to the kind of success to which they have every right to aspire.

I have repeatedly stated publicly that I personally would not just welcome but expect a female doctor, but that I doubted the courage of the decision-makers at the BBC to allow a showrunner to explore the exciting opportunities afforded by such brave and game-changing casting. Clearly I was wrong and I congratulate Chris Chibnall, the incoming executive producer and writer, on succeeding where others may have failed or maybe not even tried. What is doubly encouraging is the fact he has very long track record of writing good strong parts for men and women alike, including the new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, who was superb in Broadchurch (written by Chibnall).

But I have been shocked by the reaction of some people who would describe themselves as fans of the programme to the casting of a really good actress in the role. Some of them I know and am sad to see them vowing to “never watch the programme again”.

It is not an unfamiliar position in fandom (and I know I risk being a troll magnet in saying this) to mistake being a fan of something to owning it. A true fan of a football team supports their team even in defeat and as they slide down the leagues. I do not believe such catastrophe awaits Doctor Who and expect a renaissance – not that one is needed. Peter Capaldi was magnificent and was a refreshing contrast to the youthful trend that preceded him (who were also superb I hasten to add).

Let’s hope the disgruntled can be convinced in the end. But if we do lose some fans we will gain many more when it’s not just little boys in the playground (or bigger boys in the acting profession) saying: “I want to be the Doctor one day.”

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Anti or William if you'd prefer... you made a comment earlier about Da...Edward's eyes failing him, how so? - 🌙

“I would prefer if you all do not call me by my name, i have created the seudo Antisepticeye so my name does not get stained. 

Anyways, answering your question just because i feel like it. 
“Dark” and I are ancient, not in centuries, but we have lived past our death day. I do not know how or why since i cannot recall anything, nor does he but we know our bodies defeated that deadline. 

This does not mean our bodies defeat time itself, we keep on changing as times go by and I myself am lucky since i have regeneration capabilities but i cannot say the same for him.
The scars i have left him still can be traced on his skin which is why he refuses to wear anything with short sleeves.
He does not want me to feel regret, i still do.” 

“I realized when he obtained his glasses.
Lately, he has started squinting more and asking the name of things by faking he does not care to look. 
I know he is starting to lack the ability to see detail, he just sees shapes when it gets really bad. “ 

“He lost the colors of the world already, i do not know what he will do when he looses the capability of seeing as a whole.
Will that finally break him?” 

Some more headcanons:

Allen tends to sway or bounce a bit when he walks. It’s not like he’s off-balance or happy, he just has a confidence that he could save himself if he falls, he’s built up a habit of swaying because of people and akuma attacking him suddenly, and he often has a lot of pent-up energy if he eats well enough. Arkverse Allen does less bouncing and more swaying because he’s tired and in pain most of the time.

In Allen’s body Neah walks either like he’s on a tightrope, sneaks, or trips over everything. He gets much more poised and balanced as time goes on.

The Ark can only work with whatever is inside it. It cannot heal injuries, but it can turn a person into data and freeze their time. Changing things, such as creating new dimensional pockets, creating more buildings to add to the town, and creating new objects require a lot of time, energy and precision-plus the Ark must have enough stored data and the right data to create it. Timcanpy and Ocanpy was made using a small piece of the Ark itself. The Ark can have its regenerating capabilities disrupted by certain ‘data’, but as to what it’s weaknesses are I’ll keep to myself. Timcanpy was killed by a fragment of ‘that’.

When Allen gets hungry enough he ends up getting really tired and grumpy. If he doesn’t eat anything all day he becomes narcoleptic and extremely easy to anger. In the Arkverse Allen is constantly hungry but he’s gotten used to it, although the narcolepsy is still there when he doesn’t eat all day.

Allen’s unactivated left hand’s nails are sharp and can’t be cut. They don’t overgrow because Crown Clown isn’t dumb. After Crown Clown awakened Allen tries his best not to bend his left fingers too much otherwise the armor covering each digit might cut through his glove, and avoids touching anyone with the back of his left hand.

Lore and Stuff

OK, we got a lot of information from Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, I’m just going to organize the lore stuff, for more I would highly suggest buying it for all other Misc infos (including mewni’s queens infos.)

1- there are two monster royal families or one monster royal family and one particular species of monsters:

1.1-Avarius (Ludo’s family, they are protected by the butterflies)

1.2-Septaris (Toffee and Rasticore species, capable of regenerating)

1.3-There is a treaty of peace (or alliance) between both, that was broken when castle Avarius (Ludo’s castle) was taken by toffee:  Avarius-Septaris treaty

2- there was a conflict that led to an accord.This accord is the political status quo between mewmans and monsters: mewman\monster accord

3-There is not enough information to know what, treaty or accord, came first


Avarius and Septaris have different ideologies:

1- Avrius seeks only peace, Septaris seeks equality or more.To stop internal conflicts they made Avarius-Septaris treaty

or both wanted the same thing, but they lost in the end:

2-  Both groups wanted more influence over mewni and so was made the alliance, after it the conflict started and peace was only achieved at the mewman\monster accord.

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You might not think a big, metal bird like Skarmory would be able to fly. But when it comes down to it, weight doesn’t limit flight as much as you’d think: the creature simply needs to produce more lift to fly. Airplanes, for example, also weigh a lot: A Boeing 747 weighs up to 735,000 pounds (333,400 kg) and can still lift off!  Airplanes are obviously different than living birds, but they are no exception. The Argentavis magnificens, for example, is extinct now, but was a type of flying condor that weighed over 120 kg – more than twice of Skarmory’s weight!

Skarmory’s flight isn’t even the most remarkable thing about this pokémon. According to the pokédex, Skarmory completely regrows its wings once a year, restoring them after the wear and tear of battle. 

Most animals are capable of rudimentary regeneration. Humans, for example, can regrow tissues and close wounds without a problem, given enough time. Still, humans can only regenerate our skin tissue and liver. There’s a lot more to our body than that, and some animals clearly excel at regeneration more than others. Deers are perhaps the most common example of this. On a yearly basis, deer will shed and regrow 60 pounds (27 kg) of antlers!

Antler regeneration is on a yearly cycle associated with a deer’s level of the hormone testosterone. They grow the antlers the spring, when mating season is approaching and food is abundant, and they loose their antlers in the winter, when testosterone levels drop due to the harsher conditions of life.

More similar to Skarmory, perhaps, is a bat. Bats have incredible regeneration capabilities in their wings. In fact, their wing tissue has some of the fastest regeneration that we know of, able to completely heal holes or giant tears in their wings in a matter of weeks.

Skarmory, hopefully, isn’t sustaining quite so big of injuries. The annual healing of its wings is more for the long-term effects of the typical wear and tear from battle, which can still be devastating. Fractures and nerve damage can build up over time, which can cause horrible long-term effects including paralysis, dementia, and concussions. This is actually a big problem in professional sports: athletes may think they’re fine, but the repetitive damage builds up.

Luckily, Skarmory’s annual healing has created a way to prevent this. For this explanation, we turn to our last animal for today, one of the most incredible regenerators in the animal kingdom: the axolotl. Axolotls can completely regrow missing parts of their body, including their limbs, tails, their heart, jaw, and even their brains.

Even more incredibly, perhaps, is the axolotl’s ability to regrow parts of its body that aren’t even missing. Namely, it’s nervous system. If an axolotl sustains nerve damage and gets paralyzed, they will actually regenerate the use of that limb by completely regrowing the nervous system inside of it, creating all new neurons with all new connections. 

Let’s see if we can connect this all to Skarmory. We know it’s wing-regeneration happens once a year, so it is likely linked to a hormone cycle, like a deer’s testosterone. The wings not only heal outside, restoring the tissues and healing cuts and tatters, but they also heal inside, regenerating any nerve connections that may have been damaged from repetitive fights. 

Skarmory’s wings heal completely once per year, regenerating tissues and nerve damage to restore them to a pristine state.

i think its bullshit to say things like “five is the nice doctor” “six was the mean doctor” “ten was the arrogant doctor” and so on, as you know… every regeneration of the doctor is, of course, the same person but with a different appearance. each regeneration does have a different fronting personality but, again each personality aspect belongs to the same person, the character of the doctor, meaning that every regeneration has the capability and reasoning to act, say, in the kind way that five does, and, in contrast, perhaps in the arrogant way ten does, and so on, you know? we can’t dumb him down to one personality per regeneration, it’s not fair to the beauty and complexity of his character. his experiences make him intricate and interesting and he is capable of so many things, he’s the best character ive ever seen, in terms of development and intricacies, and hearing such simple statements make me hnestly upset

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combat stats.

★★★★★★★★★★  — strength
★★★★★★★★★★  — offense
★★★★★★★★★★  — defense
★★★★★★★★★★  — speed
★★★★★★★★★☆  — durability
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ — accuracy
★★★★★★★★★☆ — agility
★★★★★★★★☆☆ — stamina
★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ — teamwork
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ — stealth  

★★★★★★★★★★   — close combat
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆  — bladed weapons ( swords, dagger/s )
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆  — blunt weapons ( club/s, staff/s )  
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆  — ranged weapons ( archery, gun/s )
★★★★★★★★★★ — superpowers / abilities 
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆— traps/setups
★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ — medic


Onyx has many simple scars across his body, some bigger than others. Just from almost daily confrontation from being a wild animal, humans, threats to his home, and so on.

He does not suffer from many lasting injuries though, due to his body being capable of healing from the most horrid of wounds, capable of regenerating missing toes, fingers, even his eyes can regenerate over the course of a week.

However he still has scaring from when he was not altered into present form, his mother leaving him with 3 huge scars on the form of a claw swipe on the base of his tail from when she tried to save him from being abducted by the humans.

commander / duelist / honorable [[ on his homeland ]] / dishonorable [[ in human confrontation ]] / would have others do their fighting / stealthylong-ranged / melee / technological / sorcery / superhuman abilities / has fought in a tourney / a lover of fighting / a hater of fighting / cowardly / reckless / strategic / uses underhand tricks / renowned for their skill / trained / untrained / keeps skill secret / won a battle / lost a battle / ruthless / merciful

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Here are some (true) facts about the axolotl:

- they exhibit neoteny, meaning they reach sexual maturity without going through metamorphosis
- they are capable of regenerating lost limbs, and so are frequently subjects of scientific experiments
- they’re critically endangered and unbelievably adorable

Fight Discussion: Majin Buu vs. Kid Buu

     Today I’m going to discuss one of my favourite fights from Dragon Ball Z that I never really hear anybody talk about: Majin Buu (a.k.a. Fat Buu) vs. Kid Buu. This fight is one of my favourites because it perfectly demonstrates how resilient of an enemy Buu is (when I say Buu, I mean all incarnations of Buu throughout the series). If you want to read a post I made that goes a bit deeper into that subject then you can read the post I made right before this one regarding a fight between Kid Buu and Vegito. To quickly summarize that post, I talked about how Buu isn’t dangerous because of the raw power he possesses. Despite having a high fighting power and innate fighting ability, what makes him dangerous is the fact that his exceptional regeneration capabilities make him practically invulnerable. This allows him to stall his opponent to a level of sheer exhaustion at which point he can then win the fight. The fight being discussed today perfectly demonstrates that concept so let’s get on to the discussion.

     This fight took place near the end of the Buu saga (and I guess near the end of Dragon Ball Z). Kid Buu was on a rampage and was knocking down everything in his path. Both Goku and Vegeta were exhausted and had sustained quite a bit of damage. It was at this point that Hercule (Mr. Satan) ‘joined’ the battle and Majin Buu came to his rescue. The fight started out okay for Majin Buu as it seemed like he was getting in decent hits while taking a few himself. Throughout the fight, however, it was clear that Kid Buu had the advantage and Majin Buu started sustaining more and more damage. My favourite part of the fight is where Majin Buu splits into four copies of himself and just starts pummeling Kid Buu. Despite being outmatched he still managed to pull off something like that. This is where things get crazy. There actually is a point where Majin Buu just simply runs out of energy. He tries firing energy blasts at Kid Buu and nothing happens. The fight was pretty much over after that.

     This is what I’m trying to talk about when I say resilience. Since both fighters are Buus, it means that their abilities are working against each other. That is to say, that the resiliency that helps them survive is now exhausting them. It’s like they’re fighting a mirror. So now, we can subtract resiliency from the equation and it simply becomes a fight where the winner is the one who has more energy and power. It’s like if Kid Buu and Majin Buu were both the exact same car with the same enhancements, engine, etc. but Kid Buu has a little more fuel in his tank, if that makes sense. This means that his car will be able to keep going even after Majin Buu’s car stops. Keep in mind here that Kid Buu had been fighting Goku and Vegeta up until this point and still had energy to spare while Majin Buu had basically been sleeping the whole time. Since I didn’t mention it before I should probably state that Kid Buu obviously won this fight.

     Anyway that’s my post for today. Hope you guys liked it. Feel free to send me any Dragon Ball related questions that you want me to take a crack at (but please do not ask anything Dragon Ball Super related since I don’t want anything to be inadvertently spoiled for anyone including myself). Thanks for reading!

Homewatch (Homestuck Overwatch AU): Jade Harley

Here’s a new character for the @jununy inspired AU! Gosh if I don’t stop myself I’ll end up making all of them.


Real Name: Jade Harley, Age: 26

Occupation: Scientist, Adventurer

Base of Operations: Batan Island, Philippines

Affiliation: None

“Ready to do some field work!”

Jade Harley is a tough and peppy scientist who boasts talent, strength, and enthusiasm. Her grandfather, a multimillionaire world famous explorer working as both philanthropist and researcher for Overwatch, raised Jade in a high tech tower manor where she was able to learn and indulge in all manner of things, quickly showing a talent for the scientific. She was expected to become a high ranking Overwatch scientist when older, but before she could do so, Overwatch was disbanded, and her grandfather died in a mysterious accident not even she was allowed to know the details of.

Putting as much pain aside as she could, and motivated by her three amazing internet friends, whose messaging addresses she found in a crumpled letter, and her loyal white wolf Becquerel, Jade continued her studies and research, soon becoming an expert in various fields, from botany and genetics, to nuclear science and quantum physics.

Her love for all living things resulted in a refusal to use test subjects, opting instead for testing on herself, altering her genetics over the years, becoming infused with wolf DNA after an incident with Becquerel, and nuclear-dimensional power as a result of her extensive study of the mysterious technology acquired by her grandfather in his travels. Intriguingly enough, one of these artifacts allowed Jade to communicate with her grandfather at the time when he was her age, and the two soon became pen pals of sorts.

She was one of the first to hear of the Overwatch recall, as she had been contacted by Winston before, and quickly told her friends about it, who together decided to ally their strength under the Overwatch banner, in order to help the world face it’s rising crises. Arming herself with her best weaponry and skills, Jade is determined to both help others, and uncover the mysteries her grandfather left behind.

Tank (500 Health [200 Shields])

Nuclear Cannon (Left Click): Using her huge energy cannon, which she carries with just her right arm, she fires a semi-spherical blast of nuclear energy. It travels long distance. If the button is held, she starts charging energy, and eventually unleashes a short/mid-range beam of nuclear energy.

Nuclear Pulse (Right Click): Raises her left fist and releases a shockwave of nuclear energy that deals damage and knocks back everyone that’s hit. It starts as a short range attack, but it’s range and damage increases based on how much damage has been absorbed with Warp Wall.

Warp Bomb (Shift): Takes out a spherical bomb with her left hand, quickly charges it with energy, and then throws it. Upon landing, the bomb creates a 2 meter wide circle on the floor where it lands, and another surrounding Jade, as it explodes and deals damage, then whoever is in one circle is warped to the other.

Warp Wall (E): With a palm strike of her left hand forward (which deals melee damage) she creates a large wall of green warp energy that absorbs all damage that hits it for 3 seconds. The wall stays in place where it was put, and all damage that it absorbs increases an energy gauge on Jade’s screen that determines the power of Nuclear Pulse.

Warp Wolf Witch (Q): With a howl, Jade’s eyes turn white and she becomes covered in crackling green energy as she starts floating, entering a new empowered form. She has no energy cannon during the duration, and instead fires it’s attacks with just her bare hands, also doing slashing melee attacks as she fires it’s main attack. The Warp Bomb becomes a sphere of energy, and it, plus all other attacks she has become stronger and faster, with her own speed increased as well. She can also freely fly during the attack in the direction she looks at by holding the jump button, but she loses the regeneration capability of her shields during the duration of the form.

BTS secretly writing you a love letter/note

Did any of you see the kdrama ‘Flower Boy Next Door’ (이웃집 꽃미남)? Jin-rok draws Dok-mi this really cute comic on her milk cartons every day. Imagine something along those lines ^^

Ok I know this is borderline creepy - but kind of cute to imagine, right? RIGHT? :*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


*Slips a little note into your locker after dance practice* ‘Hey _____, I know there are many nice guys around here, but would you give this secret valentine a chance? Let’s meet at the vending machine downstairs after practice tomorrow and go out on a date together, ok? Please give me a chance xx’

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*leaves a cute message for you on the blackboard in class during break*

As the other students enter again: ‘Hey Hyung, isn’t that your handwriting? Is there any chance you might like ____?’

Him: ‘Ahhhh…this..ahh….ahhh…..I was just practicing a story I want to write in class, for creative writing, you know?’ *rushes to the blackboard and erases everything quickly*

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*At home after a long day at university* ‘Yah, why is it so difficult to write this letter to _____? Please help me, plushie!!! Maybe I should take a nap first? It might help to regenerate my mental capabilities….zzzzzzzz……’ 

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*You come to work one day and your office desk is all cleaned up, with flowers and a little note left behind*

(Hoseok the night before, cleaning your desk): *Ok, I waited the whole evening until everyone left, I have to do a satisfactory job now. Clean, clean it all, Hobi, then she can see that you really care about her and want her to be comfortable at work* [cute cleaning dance along the way]

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*slipped a little note in his friend’s handbag at the subway station*

(Jimin: eyeing your handbag all day long because of the little secret he’s excited about)

You: ‘Seriously, Jimin, why do you give me this creepy stare all the time? I can even see it from the corner of my eye.’

Him: ‘Hehe..hehehe….ohhh nothing…..nothing really…..hehehehe :D’

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*Thought out a really sweet letter for you, like a poem or song lyrics, then walked to your flat to put it into the mailbox*

‘Wait, before I put it in - wouldn’t it be cute if I sealed this letter with a kiss? [kisses letter shut] I really hope they will like it~~~’

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*handed a note to your best friend, then ran home immediately and covered himself under his blankets just in case you decided to reject him and he needed to disappear from this earth*

‘Waaaaa…this is so exciting! I really can’t keep calm anymore! I really hope she’ll like me back!! *-*’ 

[stares at mobile phone until your message shows up]

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You Came Back (Pietro Maximoff Imagine)

You had already had a bad encounter with the Avengers, and from what you saw, they definitely were not the kind of people you wanted to count on to save your life if the time came for it. But, then, you were sought out by a rather interesting……well, you couldn’t say person, because he wasn’t, but he was definitely interesting and certainly persuasive. You were an excellent marksman, and were very good at spying and tracking people. Ultron seemed to have a certain…..key trait that interested you and helped you when you decided to work with him. But, what you didn’t know was that in joining him, you would meet the young man you would fall in love with, and who would change your mind.

You had been working with Ultron for a little while when the Twins had sought him out and joined him. When they did, you were introduced to them; Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. Both of them had powers, which made you both jealous and amazed all the same. Pietro, who was a tall, well-built, handsome white-haired young man, had caught your eye from day one, and you couldn’t help but notice how you always blushed around him, and suddenly became rather clumsy. Wanda, the younger twin, had become a good friend, and the two of you enjoyed each other’s company more often than not.

The Avengers had already attempted at stopping Ultron from getting the vibranium, but thankfully, he had managed to escape, and Wanda, even though she had been electrocuted by Hawkeye’s arrow, had managed to get the Hulk to wreak havoc on the nearby city, while the rest of you escaped. “Ultron’s in Seoul. He’s seeking Dr. Helen Cho; she has a new piece of technology, called the regeneration cradle. Apparently, it’s capable of making human tissue, so that’s definitely something Ultron’ll be needing,” you said, reading off a screen the information you had dug up on the subject. Wanda, who had been sitting next to you as she massaged her head gingerly, gave you a bit of a curious look. “A machine….that could potentially create a human body?” she inquired hesitantly. You rubbed your chin thoughtfully, “No, I don’t think it could create a body. But it can definitely create part of one.”

You saw Wanda and Pietro exchange a rather dark look, before Pietro suddenly looked you straight in the eyes. You jumped a bit and quickly averted your gaze, feeling your face heating up. “If Ultron transfers his conscience to a human body, then…..I might be able to read his mind……” Wanda said quietly, her eyes widening in realization. You gave a sigh, and glanced over at Wanda, “Let’s wait and see what’s really going through Ultron’s head. I’m pretty sure that ‘destroying the Avengers’ and ‘saving the world’ aren’t the only things he plans on doing.” Wanda nodded, and Pietro stood up, “And what happens if there is something more?” You scrunched up your nose, as you always did when you were thinking, before responding, “Then we’ll decide what to do. If it’s bad, you’ll take Wanda and get out of there as soon as possible. I’ll deal with Ultron.”

Pietro’s eyes widened and Wanda stood up too. “(Y/N), are you crazy? We’re not going to leave you behind, you’ll get murdered!” Wanda explained, looking rather outraged. You stood up to match the twins, “I don’t care. You two are much more important, so I’ll do whatever it takes to get you two out of there.” There was a sudden breeze of air, and suddenly, Pietro was standing half a foot away from you, looking angrier than you’ve ever seen him, his hands planted firmly on your shoulders. “We’re not any more important than you are, (Y/N). We lost our parents, and now you’re the only true friend we’ve got. Don’t leave us behind,” Pietro whispered sharply, his voice cracking slightly at the end, before he whispered so only you could hear, “Don’t leave me behind. I wouldn’t be able to bear it.” You looked into his eyes to see something you had never seen; tears.

You couldn’t hold back any longer, and you flung your arms around Pietro’s neck, hugging him tightly. “I’ll try. But no promises,” you whispered gently, your heart pounding in your chest. Pietro felt his heart give a lurch as he hugged you tightly, snuggling his face into the crook of your neck. No matter how much he tried to get the idea out of his head, the thought of you, the girl he had fallen in love with, dying to save him scared him to no end. You pulled away from the embrace too soon for Pietro’s liking.

“Right. Let’s go take a look,” you said, clearing your throat awkwardly, your cheeks turning red once more. Pietro and Wanda nodded, and followed you out of the shuttle into the Seoul lab where Ultron was waiting. The moment you entered, a bot came straight to you. “Hello, (Y/N). I’d like to speak to you in the main room privately first, if you don’t mind?” The bot said, before motioning for you to follow it. You nodded, and followed the bot into a room full of medical technology and in the centre was Ultron himself, standing in front of what must’ve been the Regeneration Cradle. “Hello, (Y/N),” Ultron said, acknowledging you with a hand motion that motioned you closer. You saw a young woman standing in front of the computers, dressed in a medic’s clothing; Dr. Cho. “Hello Ultron. I see you were successful in retrieving the Regeneration Cradle,” you said, smiling as you gazed upon the extraordinary technology.

Ultron turned his back to you, before he suddenly turned back, holding Loki’s Sceptre in his hands, “You know I have utmost faith in you and the twins, but seeing as those two are rather……in tune, shall we say, Id like to make sure that you….” Ultron suddenly pressed the Sceptre to your chest, and you gasped as a surge of energy ran through your body, and suddenly you had the urge to do everything Ultron needed you to, “…….are in tune as well.” You smiled and nodded, before the twins entered the room.

The moment Pietro and Wanda entered the room, you could see that they knew something was off. So you leaped in immediately, “Ultron was simply telling me how the whole procedure is going to go down.” Wanda looked from you to the cradle, before she approached slowly, “I can read him. He…..he is dreaming.” “Its not dreaming, but rather his base consciousness,” Dr. Cho said from her monitor, and you smiled, “Incredible, isn’t it?” Wanda placed her hands on the cradle, and suddenly screamed and jerked back, looking at Ultron with a horrified expression on her face, as Pietro comforted her.

“You said you wanted to destroy the Avengers,” Wanda said, her eyes wide, Pietro turning between Ultron and his sister. “I want world peace,” Ultron said calmly, but Wanda interjected quickly, “By destroying all mankind?” Ultron was going on about the extinction of the dinosaurs and how when the world settles God throws a rock at it when you suddenly got the urge to draw your gun. Pietro glanced at you when suddenly, you heard the sound of a blast, your gun was thrown out of your hand, and wind was blowing wildly around you as someone held you tightly. You struggled, kicked and flailed violently as you tried to escape the person’s grip. Then, just as suddenly as it had started, the wind stopped, and you were no longer in the lab, but in some abandoned building in the nearby city. You managed to get a grip on the person who was holding you and you punched them in the face. Hard.

Pietro stumbled backward, clutching his bleeding nose, as you attacked him again. You could hear Wanda screaming something in the background as you punched him in the stomach, and pinned him to the ground. You drew a knife, and you were about to stab him when suddenly you looked into his eyes. His eyes were full of warmth and sadness, and suddenly, you heard his voice. “Wake up, (Y/N), please, come back…..Don’t leave me……come back to me, please…..I love you…..” His voice sounded far away and so ridiculously sad. A cold feeling went down your back, and suddenly, you jolted as if you had been shocked and you woke as if from a daze.

You dropped your knife as if it had burned you and you stumbled backwards, releasing Pietro and trying to back away as far as you could. But you hit the wall, and could not go any further. Pietro slowly got to his feet, and approached you carefully, but you gave a scream, “No! Stay away from me! Please……before I hurt you even more….” Your eyes burned with tears as a realization hit you full force; you had almost killed the boy you loved. You curled up into the tightest ball you could, your face pressed into your knees as you sobbed and sobbed uncontrollably. Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around you tightly.

“You came back to me, (Y/N)… didn’t leave me……” Pietro whispered gently, rocking you back and forth soothingly. You shakily returned the embrace, and looked up at the young man shyly, “I heard you, Pietro……you said you loved me…….” Pietro looked down at you and smiled lightly, and even with his bleeding nose, he looked handsome. “I meant it, (Y/N). I love you,” he said quietly, pressing his forehead against yours. You gave a watery smile, “I love you too, Pietro. Truly.” Pietro leaned even closer, and you could feel his light breath on your skin, your noses brushed, and you leaned forward to close the tiny gap between you. The kiss was everything you’d imagined it to be and more; so sweet, so gentle, so pure……

You two broke apart when you heard Wanda give a small chuckle, “About time. I was so tired of constantly hearing your lovey-dovey thoughts about each other that I was about to tell you guys that you liked each other.” Both you and Pietro blushed, before you got to your feet, Pietro’s arm around your waist. Wanda grinned, before pointing over her shoulder, “You guys can be cute later. But now, we’ve got a murderous robot to catch and a runaway train to stop.”

Title: Trash

The chapter begins inside a laboratory and it focuses on capsules with the label OWL09, OWL10.

It then focuses on OWL15 capsule which shows Seidou inside.

Cover of the chapter shows Houji, Amon, Seidou and Akira.

Seidou is sitting down in a place that resembles a cell.

Seidou: (Why… am I…)
Seidou: (That time… I certainly was…)

Seidou remembers how his arm went flying during Anteiku Raid. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door.

Seidou: !

It was Kanou.

Kanou: How are you doing? Investigator Takizawa.

Seidou puts on a surprised expression.

Seidou: Wha…
Kanou: Aah, don’t be scared.
Seidou: Who… are you..? Why… am I…?

Kanou scratches his head.

Kanou: …Where should I begin. Well, start off by looking at your own body.

Seidou quickly removes the clothes he was wearing and he looks at his own appearance. An arm which resembles a baby’s is growing out of his left shoulder.

Seidou: …?

Seidou screams in terror.

Kanou: In terms of stages, this is the earliest.
Kanou: In ‘Stage One’, the RC cells in your body will temporarily increase.

Seidou is crying.

Seidou: Aahh….

Seidou doesn’t seem to be listening anymore but Kanou continues.

Kanou: Once the increasing stagnates, that would be 'Stage Two’.
Kanou: 63 bodies.
Kanou: That was the amount of 'investigator material’ I’ve obtained from the battle in the 20th Ward. And all of them went to waste.
Kanou: The successful result (Owl) was only you.
Seidou: Success…ful…?
Kanou: I’m sure you know of the 'being capable of regenerating their lost parts’, yes?
Kanou: Takizawa-kun…

Kanou places a hand on Seidou’s shoulder.

Kanou: From today, you are a Ghoul!

Linckia laevigata (Blue starfish, Blue linckia or Blue star). While most are blue this sea star has color morphs in aqua, purple and orange variations. The lightness or darkness of the spots may also vary. Like most species of sea stars Linckias are capable of regenerating lost appendages. 

what went wrong with series seven? (part three)

(part one) and (part two)

It’s annoying – no, frustrating - to watch and rewatch the Time of the Doctor. On the first go it’s an upsetting but unsurprising let down, too fast and too crammed with ideas. The Time of the Doctor was stuffed with CGI and a rollcall of monsters, both from Moffat’s era and further back – I say Moffat’s era, because the Time of the Doctor didn’t end up as Eleven’s swansong. It’s a celebration of Steven Moffat and how he throws his scripts together. A triumph of CGI setpieces on a BBC budget and a varied set of monsters that would rival Supernatural season 1 – which Eleven-era finale am I describing?

But the issues with the Time of the Doctor aren’t limited just to the Time of the Doctor; it merely is the worst of a sorry bunch of episodes that make up series seven of New Who. It exemplifies the weaknesses with both Steven Moffat’s individual scripts and his work as a showrunner. It embodies what went wrong throughout series seven, shallow or non-extant characterization, lack of connecting themes and abandoning continuity in favour of the wow factor. However, it also suffers from the rest of series seven finding characterization, themes and continuity in short supply. It doesn’t work as a climax to a character’s tenure when that character has not developed in recent series. So what went wrong with the final episode of series seven of Doctor Who?


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