Sorry I haven’t updated lately! I was on vacation and getting back into the whirl of things at work. 

Last Sunday, I joined a historical dance group in Atlanta, where they perform dances based on specific time periods. This session we focused on the Regency period. I had a blast, despite the fact I haven’t done choreographed dancing since musicals in high school. Boy were my legs sore.

Everyone was so polite and very welcoming. They told me in October that they would be holding a Regency picnic! They would create a late 18th and early 19th century atmosphere with games and dancing. The best part, everyone has to dress up from that era! I’m so excited since I’ve been wanting to learn about making historical costumes. Here’s a rough sketch I did of my dress I’m planning on creating. (with the help of my friend Sarah since I can’t sew worth a darn.)

 I’ll be sure to post the progress! :)