regency men

A portrait miniature of George Granville Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, 2nd Duke of Sutherland KG (1786-1861), in profile to the left, wearing brown coat, white waistcoat, chemise, stock and cravat. 
Gilt-metal frame with laurel leaf border, the reverse engraved Earl Gower,/ afterwards Duke of Sutherland./ Born 1786 Died 1861

((If Moria had ended up on the other side of the law and become a Vice-Admiral, he might have turned into a good guy, or at least been prohibited from letting himself go as badly as he has….  He’d also have to trade out his goth rocker duds for a respectable Regency/Edwardian men’s suit.

Following the established scheme, his moniker as a prospective Fleet Admiral would have to be “Kurohebi”, as there’s no bat on the Chinese Zodiac, and the sanguine Snake is closest match to his personality.  He probably wouldn’t make the cut though, because he doesn’t resemble a classical Japanese film star!))


Period Drama Montage “It’s Raining Men” (REDO) (by DreamyViper)