regency hero


From Left to Right: 

Isamu Noguchi, Monument to Heroes, 1943 / John Portman, Peachtree Center and The Hyatt Regency Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia, 1967 

Arata Isozaki, A City in The Air, 1961 / Koloman Moser, Vase, 1904 

One thing that always boggles my mind about regency romance novels: the hero is almost always a rake, which means he’s been shtooping prostitute and mistresses like sex is going out of style before he finally settles down with his virginal, aristocratic heroine.

You cant tell me his dick hasnt practically rotted off from syphilis. No one uses condoms in these books; homeboy has syphilis and he’s going to give it to his one true love (and probably their children too).