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Hello :) I was wondering of you could please rec some johnlock fics set in pride and prejudice au or really just any regency era/jane austen au. These are my favorite fics to read and I would love to have your recommendations. Thanks :)

Oh, goodness Nonny, don’t hate me please: I actually do not read regency AU’s! D: It’s not really my thing (I think being forced to read them in school ad nauseam kind of spoiled my like for the genre). I know Alexx has few similar genres on her list here:

Otherwise, can anyone req any good AU’s for my lovely Nonny here? Cheers!

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First off, I just wanna say thank you for everything that you do! You put so much hard work into this blog and I really appreciate it!! So I remember you mentioned that you had a hard time finding regency/Jane Austen AUs, but I just read a great Pride and Prejudice AU that might be good for your rec list! It's called Certain Truths. If you have time, check it out!

I’ll check it out! Thank you!


In Hope and Agony

Eight years previously, Madge Undersee was persuaded to break her engagement to Gale Hawthorne as her family deemed him unworthy. She has not see him since, but now he has returned, successful, handsome and in search of a wife.

A Hunger Games AU inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion.


I saw you in my mind when I was younger
And I grew older and I saw you still

I did not know you, you were a daemon to me
Your presence, it was a fear that lived inside me

I was dead and I was dying at your doorway
I did not see you, you did not appear 


Last year on the way to 2 Bash 2 Future in Oregon, 2 hours into a 6 hour drive.

That morning I woke up with a sore throat, which got worse before our departure time. I was wavering on the edge, but Earl made it clear I should nut up. The two of us left before the rest of the crew, following the age-old method taught by Top Gear - leave the slow and broken behind.

It doesn’t help that driving North in the mid-afternoon means the sun is bashing you constantly in the side of the face. The 106 degree ambient air made Earl’s triangles not so happy. When questioned why he was running such a restrictive cooling setup (fmic) when there is so much space for v-mount, Earl answered “because you can’t see a v-mount by looking at it from the outside.” - sound Earl logic.

After soaking his radiator, fmic, and motor, we were on our way again. But that was short lived. The temperature hadn’t broken yet and at this point the rest of the guys were only an hour behind so we stopped in Redding. Some crackhead rode up, seeming to have sensed our hunger, and suggested a good BBQ and sandwich place down the road. Ate some tasty sandwiches and had a couple good beers before everyone else arrived.

Twilight had come by the time we were on our way again. I forget what happened, but now it was domosacco, Earl, and I. Earl ended up leading because his headlights were blinding and only one of my headlight ballasts was cooperating. As we hit Shasta our speeds began increasing. The road was perfectly smooth and winding, Earl’s car was shooting flames, Dom’s was shooting sparks and everything was euphoric.

And then it was pitch black. The sun was gone and my only working headlight had shaken so much it was now pointing at the tree tops, yet somehow I was able to spot the highway patrol lurking under a bridge as the other guys kept on it. I thought for sure he was after me, but after apparently running my plates he was after the other two. As soon as Dom shot some sparks he got lit up. For fear of getting pulled over as well, Earl and I kept on cruising. Apparently the cop was cool, he was just worried about the sparks being a fire hazard and the obnoxiously bright sidemarkrs.

Rolled into the parking lot of the Rogue Regency to find a mob-like welcome party getting rowdy. I went straight inside to check in, take a shower, and attempt to shake off the cold that was creeping up on me. Went out to the parking lot to find Dom and everyone else had arrived. I put my game face on and chugged a few beers. We quickly covered the wing on Aaron’s miata with empty cans, which led to encouraging a couple of cougars, there for a bachelorette party, to flash their tits. A couple people got in a car with them or something? Not sure what happened there, but I do recall being told by hotel staff that people needed to stop knocking on their door saying they were there for “real life dick party.” Shortly after a cop car drove through the parking lot and I decided it was time to call it a night.