protip from an actual personal technology expert: instead of blocking or avoiding blogs with strange/random names, visit every url you encounter in order to protect your computer with a method called RER, or repeated exposure resistance! it’s like letting your computer build up an immunity naturally :) collect as many viruses as you can, so your computer can learn to fight them off itself and even protect against future threats. message your friends to trade for any you might be missing! if it takes longer than normal for the initial reaction to the malware to clear out, your computer might be overheating, so you should lie it on its side to let more air in, maybe stick your laptop in the freezer for a few hours, or download a registry cleaner like regclean pro to get rid of any junk hogging up resources in your system. if it’s STILL not disappearing on its own, your cpu must be dirty and you will have to take it out to wash it, be sure to scrub really well on the pins. good luck!!