“I fancy many things. I fancy things that are beautiful and things that are strong. I fancy things that are dangerous and exciting. Would you be offended if I said I fancied you?”
—Zevran Arainai

Zevran, Zevran, Zevran, I do not know how to feel about you. Sometimes, I feel like he’s a sleezy used car salesman trying to grease me up. Sometimes, I feel like he’s a very nice, if very flirty, guy who I would have a damn good time getting wasted with. Provided we had very firm boundaries. And perhaps some extra condoms. But I digress. I’m both irritated by and attracted to his personality - I don’t always like how blatantly he hits on the PC. To me, his sensuality becomes a little less than attractive because I feel like he’s constantly bludgeoning me with it, but that’s me. And yet he’s so much fun. Seriously, if he could tone it down (and he has; since I passed up his romance options, he’s been growing on me), he and I would be bros. I really want to romance him in the near future. Perhaps my next run.

I find I tend not to run around with him too much in game, though. Leliana is more useful as a thief and lockpicker, and my warrior Cousland takes hits better than he does. Or maybe it’s that I sit on her character and heal her. I… tend not to pay very much attention to my party’s health.


Her glory lies in tragedy, but the living Aveline doesn’t revere sacrifice: a principled death is still a death. Her father was proud of her, but she would never be the knight he wished for.

Here, have some pictures of the most awesomest character ever. I love Aveline already. She’s just. Her attitude is amazing, and she’s the picture of how to be strong and gentle at the same time - something a lot of people seem to think are mutually exclusive.


“Oh, how do I say this? You’d think it would be easier, but every time I’m around you, I feel as if my head’s about to explode. I-I can’t think straight.”

And then Alistair’s brain exploded all over camp while Zevran creeped in the background. I tried to keep my Warden out of these caps as much as possible (hence some awkward cropping), because the back of her head is boring and this post is not about her, it’s about Alistair’s bloody fantastic body language. I just. I can’t, you guys. The animation for this scene is amazing.

I tend to think the faces in DA:O are fairly wooden (in part because I’m a very animated person, so I tend to expect that in other people, too, as it’s familiar), and the models usually repeat the same gestures ad nauseum. But this. This is great. He’s stressed out, he’s nervous. He turns his body away from the Warden - a defensive gesture that says he expects rejection. And then he talks about spending the night with her, and he smiles, his chin lifts. Yep, that’s pride and satisfaction. I just. Animation: you’re doing it right.

The last three faces are from the hardening conversation and are only here because he smiles and I like capping his smiling face.


“It’s a Keeper’s job to remember. Even the dangerous things.”

Merrill is another one I thoroughly expected to hate. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the people ragging on her in fandom (and they are welcome to their opinion!), maybe it’s the idea I thought she was similar to me (idk if that means people who don’t like Merrill won’t like me D8), but whatever, I lied. I have to fight my Hawke about romancing her. It is not allowed.

I just think she’s incredibly sweet and beautifully tragic. Merrill, from what I’ve seen, seems to view magic in a way much more in line with old Arlathan. I don’t claim to know why people dislike her, but I wonder if it’s not, in part, because of how lonely she is and how much she wants someone who will be her friend. That’s something we all feel, and it’s scary to see that part of ourselves put on display.

Also, let me apologize for the crap quality of a handful of these. Merrill decided standing in the shadows would be brilliant, and, welp. You can’t put color where there is no color information. But I just loved her face.


“And people actually voluntarily attack you? Are they just stupid?”
―Sergeant Kylon

Sergeant Kylon, the only sane man in all of Ferelden. The only guy who really gets it: the Warden is a person with whom one does not fuck.

I mean, seriously. How many mooks do you literally wipe across the ground, and he seems to be the only person in the country who understands this. Also, his faces are fabulous. This is for magesmagesmages, who I understand loves Kylon very much. There is no shame in this. For Kylon is perfection in human form.


“There’s power in stories, though. That’s all history is: the best tales. The ones that last. Might as well be mine.”

I fully expected to loathe Varric, to be quite honest. Fandom makes a big deal of him and how charming he is, and I’ve always found that I tend to disagree with what large groups of people are willing to describe as “charming.”

Tumblr, I apologize for my doubt. You were right. I was wrong. Varric is fantastic.

Really I just love how casually he takes everything in. Shit happens, and he’s like “welp, there you go.” And I readily admit I have a huge soft spot for deadpan snarkers and genre savvy geniuses. Varric, let me just gather you close and hold you, okay?


“Tell them I’ve already begun reading the Tevinter Imperium’s Fortikum Kadab, and it’s just fascinating!”

The best dwarf in the game, right after Oghren. Oh, little Dagna, are you me? I just. This girl is so sweet and cute and well-meaning, and motherfucking finally someone who wants to write about magic from an outside perspective. The mages and templars are too close to the issue of magic to see it clearly. A dwarf, though? Dwarves know where it’s at.


He was given the almost impossible task of leading the Wardens in Ferelden

Duncan, how I love you, let me count the ways. Except how you seem to favor standing in places that are backlit. Fuck you and your backlighting. He was probably one of the best men in the entire game, and though I doubt some of the origin Wardens will ever love him, it’s pretty hard to say he was a bad man. Frankly, in an omniscient, third-person view, he was a remarkable man.

I think the most telling of these caps are the third and ninth. I don’t care if his hand is on Jory’s shoulder to keep his body from going splat, it’s not a cold, callous man who eases your fall as you die. And then the ninth cap is him alone, bloodied, realizing everything is lost. :\ Having read The Calling, that just. Oh, Duncan.


So frightened was I of this creature’s legendary abilities to twist the hearts of men, and so relieved was I when I looked across the table into her dark eyes.
from the journal of former Senior Enchanter Maleus, once of the Circle of Rivain

Slightly shameful confession: I would give a desire demon my mind, body, and soul if it could legitimately bring a person back from the dead. I don’t think it could, but were it possible, I would not hesitate. And it would probably be a faux life, or a zombie or something. Not interested.

Really, I think the desire demons are gorgeous, too. Beautiful design. They’re incredibly, um, obvious, but it would defeat the purpose if they weren’t. I can’t ever get over the desire demon groping itself as it talks to you. Just like “Hey, sup, don’t mind me fondling myself while we talk about how I’m possessing this kid.”


“Oh, it only took three Wardens to end a civil war and kill an archdemon. A dozen is extravagant.”

Stay classy, Varel. You are awesome.

I love Varel. iloveeveryone But seriously, the guy has a talking darkspawn ready to cut out his throat, and he’s pretty much like “Yeah, you do that, then, see where it gets you oh and that’s my boss s/he’s going to kill you now have fun.” He takes a crossbow bolt in the arm for you. He’s fierce.


“Hurtled into the chaos, you fight… and the world will shake before you.”

Flemeth is fantastic, hands down. I love how indescribably other she is (a body? a trifle; why limit yourself to one or being in one place at one time), how we don’t know if the dragon form is her real one or not, how she seems to be be playing everyone all the time and has yet to be caught with her pants down.

In DAO, we saw Flemeth as a doddering old apostate, sending the Warden on his or her way. In DA2, we see Flemeth the savior, the dragon. And I just love those two things together. She is perfect in all the ways.


“I call her Asala—the soul, my soul”

Careful, Sten. Smile too much and your face might freeze that way.

What Reg loves about Sten: he isn’t a dick about his belief in the Qun. Throughout the entire game, he expresses polite confusion over (everything ever in) Ferelden and its customs. Him trying to deal with a female Warden, Morrigan, and Leliana is just amazing. He’s never cruel, just genuinely confused, and I love how honest he is about that. The way he talks about his sword, too, is just beautiful. Very poetic.

Head!canon: Sten, Alistair, and Oghren will sit around for hours, dead silent, cleaning the bladed weapons and party armor. They’ll just sit in each other’s company and diligently work.


Anders is an apostate mage. He was arrested by templars who intended to cart him back to the Circle Tower; Vigil’s Keep was to have been a short stop on the long journey. Unfortunately, the keep was attacked just after the group arrived, and Anders was found standing over the bodies of his captors. He insists they were killed by darkspawn.

Oh, Anders.

Sorry about Elissa photobombing in those last two. I just think they’re awesome faces, so you have to deal with her (abnormally bright eyes) face this once.


“Here, with you… knowing the freedom of the road and the uncertainty of tomorrow… I feel alive again.”

Oh, you mean you want me to romance you next man I play? Sure, Leliana, whatever you want, darling.

FINALLY SOME SHOTS OF LELIANA BEING BADASS THAT DON’T INVOLVE HER BELLOWING LIKE A FOOL. Also I somehow gave her the Sacred Ashes trailer face I’m not sure how. :| It’s growing on me.