LITERATURE MEME | 10 works of prose - (6) the gormenghast trilogy by mervyn peake

He is climbing the spiral staircase of the soul of Gormenghast, bound for some pinnacle of the itching fancy - some wild, invulnerable eyrie best known to himself; where he can watch the world spread out below him, and shake exultantly his clotted wings.

Blood Current and Magnetic Fields

In 1819 it was discovered that an electric current generates a magnetic field around it. 

A current is a flow of charged particles, such as electrons per second. 

An interesting fact is that a few kinds of cells in the human body have a slight overall negative charge. Red blood cells are one such kind of cell. 

Red blood cells circulate through the human body at three feet per second. In other words, blood circulation represents a current. The red blood cells are charged and they are flowing. 

As a result, blood circulation must to some degree generate a local magnetic field around the body. 

What does this mean overall? No idea. Could be nothing, could be something. But regardless, it is freaking cool. 

Namaste :D

Captain Swan & True Love in the Season Finale

I know I’m a little late in writing this, but I was away on vacation. Apologies. Everything I’m going to say has probably already been said. And most likely more articulately. But, regardless here’s my two cents.

So there may not have been a Captain Swan TLK in the finale (as I speculated about here) but Adam & Eddy still managed to establish that CS are indeed True Love. Over the course of OUAT, Killian has now fallen in love/become infatuated with Emma THREE different times. No matter how his personality is altered. How his background differs. Despite how circumstances change, there is one inalienable fact about Killian Jones. He will ALWAYS be drawn to Emma Swan. And if that doesn’t SCREAM True Love, I don’t know what does. 

Additionally, A&E demonstrated that regardless of how the story is modified, Killian and Emma will always find each other. Yes, it might take a little prompting from Henry or guidance from a magic bean, but in the end, they connect. What other True Love couple does that sound like?

So, Kiss; Schmiss. Captain Swan has got this in the bag, baby. Plus, I totally predict we’re in for a MAJOR Captain Swan moment next season. Emma as the new Dark One is the perfect set-up for an EPIC TLK. After all, the Dark One is a curse and what does Henry always say about a TLK? They’re the most powerful forms of magic. Able to break any curse. In season one, we witnessed Belle’s kiss start to remove the Dark One’s hold over Rumple, until he resisted. Thus, a TLK is an already established means of removing the Dark One curse. Could this be why A&E have waited so long to officially confirm CS as TL/soulmates? Quite possibly. Season 5 is our time, people. And I can’t wait. 


BAYFOOD TRAVELS: Simplethings Sandwich & Pie Shop (Los Angeles, CA) - This post is essentially an ode to their pies. I believe two or three Thanksgivings ago, my cousin brought these adorable mini pies to eat, regardless of the fact that we all go to one big Thanksgiving dinner and there are pies there. I pretty much spend the rest of that weekend trying each pie since we all decide on several different flavors. 

The fruit ones are classic with their sweet filling and crumble on top. I think they’re a little too sweet, but I still enjoyed them, like the cherry one at the top left. The next one at the top right is the Banoffee pie, which is, naturally, a banana coffee pie. If you know me, I hate bananas, but I still wanted to try it to see if it was good. My curiosity essentially one out, and I’m so glad it did! I think the toffee helped to lessen the banana flavor that I was never really fond of, so it was really enjoyable. I specifically ordered the Key Lime pies (bottom left) because I love citrus - especially limes - and it was as tart and sweet as I expected. 

Last but not least, is the Tortoise Pie (bottom right), which I ordered at the sandwich shop in person. It was chocolate-y with a salty edge to it. I liked that the chocolate wasn’t too sweet and it also wasn’t so salty that it was bitter. It was a great balance and I think as a mini pie it’s perfect. 

Other pies that I’ve had that were good were classics such as blueberry and peach, as well as chipotle pumpkin, and salted caramel. You truly cannot go wrong with their pies either. 

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How old do you think Kuvira is? Like I figure she is only a couple of years older than Korra. mid 20's

I agree with you! I like to think she’s the same age as Korra, tbh. Book 3 Korra and Book 3 Kuvira really do look about the same age, don’t you think? (Idk it’s highly subjective)

The way Kuvira changed made her look a lot older than she is. She had to harden herself, become rigid, intimidating, stern. Her uniform, hairstyle change, the way she holds herself and the way she speaks all work to make her seem older.

Her and Korra were about the same height in Book 3. Kuvira had maybe an inch on Korra? Regardless, they both grew taller in the span of three years. Plus the fact that they have a lot of parallels like height and body type tells me they’re probably the same age also.

So I personally think they’re about the same age (21-22), but I think anywhere mid-20s is also a good estimate.


Take off her military stuff, put her in more casual clothes, and boom.

Meet the aro day

Well, I’m not sure if I officially count, because I’m not entirely sure yet, but screw it. … Well I don’t (ace here) but you can. (’: Regardless. Five facts about this demiromantic or aro flux nerd; (does anyone want a selfie? Because I may post one later, idk)

  1. I write like there is no tomorrow. Seriously. I have three projects that are all due in five days. I haven’t even started one of them.
  2. At the moment, I am writing on I think six projects and have three more fics planned out (all three possibilities for the dcbb)
  3. I start my finals on the 10th of June and will have eleven exams
  4. Reading is my passion, even though I have probably only read three actual books this year. (I am trash.)
  5. In my free time, I like to attempt art as well. I’m not good at it, but I attempt and sometimes things work out

Feeling really scared over the fact that I’m moving to California for at least three months in six days. I’m scared about not having any friends to just meet up and go to dinner with, anything bad happening to my family while I’m away, blowing chances at other potentially good things, etc. Trying to remember that if things are meant to be, they’ll happen regardless. I wish I could settle my mind down.

Dear people in my hometown,

When you say things like:

  • “so I heard [place] is hiring” or
  • “how goes the job search” or
  • “why do you spend so much time cooped up at home, you should get out of the house and find something to do” or
  • “[occupation] would be a great job for you” or just
  • “I think you should do [something else]”

and you know damn well that I write novels for a fucking living because it makes me happy, regardless of how much money I make at it, regardless of the fact that I’ve already applied at and interviewed with every company, law enforcement agency, and correctional institute for three counties in every direction, regardless of the fact that I took a polygraph for the county jail in Anniston, AL and I’ve passed the Georgia correctional officer exam twice even though I didn’t need to take it because I am a military cop, what I hear is

  • “I don’t respect your dream and think you should stop chasing it” or
  • “I am miserable and I think you should be miserable too” or
  • “you are not good enough at your destiny and you’re wasting your time” or
  • “your time in afghanistan and the medal you got there meant nothing and you don’t deserve a chance to do something self-fulfilling and peaceful with your life”

and if you persist on dragging me down with your death-of-1000-cuts shit I will cut you. cut you right out of my life. believe that.

ask my grandmother.

and if you are a writer, or artist, or sculptor, or if you mold statues out of margarine, don’t you accept this either. Do what makes you full and to hell with the non-believers.

I know what it’s like to stare death in the face and wish I’d done what I wanted needed to do with my life. I was lucky to have time to redirect my course. You don’t want to feel this way when you’ve only got a handful of years left.

Do the thing and damn the torpedos.

When Goals Get in The Way of Goals

Scrolling through my inbox at work this morning, I came across an email from good ol’ Tumblr itself, congratulating me on the first birthday of my blog–HUZZAH!!.… A blog which, in the irrefutable span of 365 days, has created one original post. 


You see, since the day I first discovered the basic ability to hold a pencil, I have loved writing. There’s just something about the fact that you can create a real piece of art with words, regardless of whether or not others enjoy your masterpiece, that has always left me in awe. 

Unfortunately, since I graduated high school a solid three years ago (OOF!), I’ve created a habit of stopping at the awe part, leaving the action part in the neglected slot of In your wildest dreams. Silly Kanea seems to have forgotten that she has the basic skills necessary to string words together in an intelligible way, and sometimes the process–shockingly–results in relatively interesting yarn work. 

Indeed, writing for fun is attainable with just a little bit of discipline and almost no grunt work, whereas other goals of mine, such as learning to play an instrument (or twelve) and learning another language (AT LEAST figure out Spanish, dude, you have lived in the valley your entire life–get it together!) require some serious dedication and time commitment, both of which are concepts that only make sense to me in relation to theatre.

Which brings me to the main issue at hand. My life is theatre. I love this art so much, it’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a boyfriend (not an exaggeration). Ever since about one month after the long anticipated high school graduation day, I have been fortunate enough to always have multiple incredible projects to work on, either with my wonderful University Theatre, or with the brilliant Thirteen O’Clock Theatre. I constantly find myself working with many of the most intelligent, jaw-droppingly creative human beings the world has to offer, so much so that I am permanently in a state of exhaustion. 

While it’s a great problem to have, it still, on occasion can be just that–a problem. I seldom give myself enough time to… be a person, really. It’s bad how often I figure out halfway through the day that I have forgotten to eat, or even pee, much less actually take care of the responsibilities I sign myself up for. 

It got to the point where I had grown accustomed to theatre getting in the way of life, and didn’t even acknowledge that as a problem. Once theatre started getting in the way of theatre, I realized we had an issue. This phenomenon of theatre vs. theatre expanded to an even bigger scale, with goals getting in the way of goals.

Balance is definitely a word I need to keep in my daily vocabulary. I need to not only be able to take care of myself and my loved ones, but accomplish more than one of the goals I would like to accomplish at some point in this lifetime. 

Thus, my second blog post, 365 days after the first. Enjoy. :)


Robin stood there, a little concerned that no one had known about the half-Hylian’s existence. With how all of the future children had been arriving one after the other, the tactician sort of assumed that Chrom would have expected that his child would eventually arrive.

“Well, regardless, I need to take you three out for drinks! In celebration of you and Zelda becoming parents, and your daughter’s reunion with you two!” The young man reached over, patting his friend’s shoulder twice. “It’s the least I can do, for a good couple of friends.”

Well, it was more surprising that we were the parents of her, not the fact that she is here. We never thought we would be together, if that clears that up any.” He replied with a laugh, patting the tactician on the shoulder.

You don’t have to treat us to anything. I think I can speak on the behalf of Zelda that we both thank you deeply for your offer, however.”

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Do you like Jeff Lyne with or without sunglasses?


I mean, he’s pretty great regardless? besides don’t shades make EVERYTHING at least three times cooler

hhhhowever I would be lying if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that I think he looks really really really nice without them and for totally unnecessary reference allow me to just casually reuse my own gif because awwww


so I mean yeah both is good but it also kinda makes me a bit sad that we don’t ever get to see his eyes or anything anymore because I happen to kinda like his face which sounds weird lol BUT YEAH

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are there any hp characters you'd like to see more of?

hello nonnie! 

before i answer your question, i’d like to make one thing clear and that is the fact that i’m not a huge fan of the whole “you shouldn’t rp that character bc there are many rpers for them already” thing and i pretty much have a blog for a muse that is very popular to rp and honestly, it shouldn’t matter. if you have a muse for a character, just go for it, regardless of whether there are or are not enough blogs for them. that being said, i do have characters i would love to see more of and interact with. most of all, that would be CADMUS and ANTIOCH PEVERELL for obvious reasons - and i know for a fact i am not the only one who would probably cry happy tears for those two. let me break the rest of them into the three biggest eras

the marauders’ era
this one is my personal favourite and it’s always a pleasure to see any of the characters, really. however, i think there are not nearly enough blogs for PETER PETTIGREW considering how many blogs there are for the other marauders, especially remus and sirius. other than that, i would  l o v e  to see ARTHUR WEASLEY and basically any of the slytherins, i would love to see AVERY, MULCIBER, THE CARROWS and especially NARCISSA and LUCIUS MALFOY. FRANK LONGBOTTOM my soul for a frank longbottom and arthur weasley tbh, too.

the golden trio era
i have to admit i don’t have such a strong relationship to this era mostly bc i never rped in it and don’t even follow many blogs but as far as i know there is a lack of RON WEASLEY and NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM blogs. though like i said maybe they are out there and i just haven’t seen them anywhere on my dash or i’m blind who knows. i’d also like to see the CREEVEY BROTHERS and OLIVER WOOD and minor characters like TERRY BOOT or SUSAN BONES or HANNAH ABBOTT. definitely DEAN THOMAS and SEAMUS FINNIGAN, i don’t know if there are blogs for those, really but now that i think about it, i’d love to see them. and let’s not forget about CRAB and GOYLE because i feel like they are underappreciated. 

the next generation era
so i think i got a little lost in what characters there are for this one and which aren’t but i feel like there are not enough FRED II blogs and also luna’s kids, what are their names, LORCAN and LYSANDER, someone should make a blog for both of them, really. and then HUGO WEASLEY and LUCY and MOLLY WEASLEY. i don’t know about others, really.

also my very special wish forever will be a MINERVA MCGONAGALL.

a super important thing
OCs are a thing that should happen more in the hp fandom and especially the next generation era is perfectly made for this. of course, you are free to make one to any of the eras but i personally do not like rping with OCs that bend the canon line and usually avoid following them so i’d make sure to write the character in a way that works with canon characters ( i especially like muggleborn wizard OCs because then you can move them from era to era and play with more people ) and if you aren’t a fan of OCs but would still like a lot of space for character development and building their personality, i suggest you take on a character that has not been very developed in the books, minor characters about which we don’t know much.

i’m sure there are many others that are not really present in the rp fandom but these are basically from the top of my head.


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Steve doesn’t get home until the early hours of the morning. A mission in
Alaska had pulled him from is bed some three days before, and he hasn’t
really slept much or ate much since then. But really, eating and sleeping,
or the fact that he’s a little bit foisty from a lack of shower facilities, doesn’t
bother him half as much as the fact that he had to leave Bucky for those
three days. So he doesn’t go back to the tower, no. He goes home, and walks
straight to their bedroom, in full uniform.

He’s bleeding a little bit here and there, bruised and broken, but he peers in
regardless, more slowly than before. He can’t tell if he’s sleeping or not.



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[★] B A S I C S
Name: mave
Sexuality: i like cuties with a booty (regardless of size it ok!!)
Zodiac sign: libra rep
Taken or Single: wmyhaha.mp3
Three facts: tanya and jim are relationship goals, i’m writing kommissar/beca fanfiction n i’m still upset mcr broke up brb gna cry

[★] E X P E R I E N C E
How long (months/years?):  like… 5 yrs ngl lmao
Platforms you’ve used: tumblr, kik, omegle, gosupermodel das it
Best experience: tumblr :-))))

[★] M U S E   P R E  F E R E N C E S
Gender: idgaf but i do like me some f/f so probs f
Favorite face: zoe sugg !!!
Least favorite face: that one girl with the black hair named taylor something idek
Multi or Single: i prefer multi :-)

[★] W R I T I N G   P R E F E R E N C E S
Fluff, Angst or Smut: fluff…… sry not sry
Plots or Memes: plots af
Long or Short replies: usually short haha
Best time to write: all the time but preferably later in the day
Are you like your muse(s): not at all as of lately noep

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How old were you when you had your first kiss?

If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?
Mumford & Sons.

What color looks best on you?

Name three facts about your family?
My two younger sisters are twins, but look nothing alike. My brother is 7 years older than me and my sisters are 7 years younger, and I had an older sister, but she passed away 18 days before I was born.

What’s the best thing you can cook?

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Haven’t Seen Attack on Titan Episode 14

The theme song changed. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like how anime now change their opening themes around a dozen episodes in each season. I think it has to do with the fact that when I got into anime, it was stuff like Naruto, DBZ, One Piece, Pokemon, Bleach, and other series that plan to run as long as possible while changing the theme after about 25-50 episodes. Plus there wasn’t any seasons. Also, back in my day, we didn’t have all these anime websites. We watch one episode of a show on youtube, and in three parts. I’m getting old. 

Regardless, the episode is about Eren’s trial to decide what to do with him.  Should he be given to the military police where they’ll dissect him, or the scout regiment, who want to use him to reclaim Wall Maria. This trial shows the difference between classes in the wall. Those who live more in Wall Sina have strong fear of Eren’s existence to the point they even think Mikasa is a titan for very flimsy reasons. Many of them are fat cats who don’t want to dirty their hands or face any real problems. Those who live in the outer wall or regularly go out near titan territory, see Eren as a hope that can help them. Levi comes in to save Eren by beating him up. Doesn’t make much sense, but Eren just started insulting those who live in the inner wall, and Levi was showing that he was the only one who could take him out. The decision was made to let Eren go with the Scout regimen on a mission where they’ll see if he’s an ally or enemy, and if the latter, Levi will kill him.

“You have been found guilty of aiding and abetting seditious acts against the state. The sentence is death; let the trial begin.”


        it’s late by the time she treks into the tattoo parlor, lips painted red
        as they twist into an apologetic smile. she knows they’re about to
        close, but that’s when she likes it best; when they’re no one around
        to explain things to. ❛ i need you to cover this one up for me. ❜ valerie
        requests regardless of the fact that the name had been inked into her
        skin no more than three months prior. it’s not the first time she’s done
        this, but she can’t help it that she falls in love with everyone she meets !

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How are you cute and perfect everyday?

My shirt has ketchup and salsa stains on it. And I’ve worn it three days in a row regardless of this fact
I’m actually trash. I’m a founder of trash dynasty!!

again fucking never ever  tag me in these i a blocking the person it comes up in my activity regardless of it being removed..

[★] B A S I C S

Name:  Mapa D Ace.

Pronouns:  don’t care fuck it

Sexuality: don’t care fuck it

Zodiac sign: Rat

Taken or Single:  sad sack of potatoes

Three facts

1- i have more tattoos than i can care to have

2- I have punched everyone I have ever met at least twice. it is how i say goodbye do not let me say it.

3- i have a stab wound that goes straight through my  right hand

[★] E X P E R I E N C E

How long (months/years?): 25+

Platforms you’ve used: My back yard, a swampland, some trees, the sea side, caves, woods, Aol. 2.7,  facebook, deviant art,Skype and Tumblr.

Best experience:  .that one time i got pistol whipped because i was talking.. gave me a bitchen story to tell and a scar on my nose. or that time i almost lost my left eye. another bitchen car and the stab wounds too. I also got impaled which is cool too though the nerve damage to my leg is permanent

[★] M U S E   P R E F E R E N C E S

Favorite face:  anyone i can fuck

Least favorite face:  emoji’s that make no sense

Multi or Single: Multiship

[★] W R I T I N G   P R E F E R E N C E S

Fluff, Angst or Smut:  i have no fucking clue what fluffy is, but i like battles and romantic sexual rp smuts are nonsensical sexual things. they need to have a purpose, like making children and having a plot.

Plots or Memes:  i never plot i am fucking luffy i wing everything. even life.

Long or Short replies: whatever float my fucking boat.

Best time to write: Whenever the hell I’m on.

Are you like your muse(s): Yes.

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Congratulations Philip! You have been accepted as James Potter! Your app was so lovely and we had such a hard time picking between the ones we got! We’re so looking forward to playing with you! Please make your blog and submit it in 24 hours! :)

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