LITERATURE MEME | 10 works of prose - (6) the gormenghast trilogy by mervyn peake

He is climbing the spiral staircase of the soul of Gormenghast, bound for some pinnacle of the itching fancy - some wild, invulnerable eyrie best known to himself; where he can watch the world spread out below him, and shake exultantly his clotted wings.

WIP art trade for mavdpie. I really enjoy her vector ponies and this pretty little cobbler is Vivian, her fancy shoe maker OC. I’m enjoying drawing this pony regardless of the fact that i know i’ll spend three times as much effort on getting the hair right than the background and lighting effects. I love his concept too, a pretty and prim looking pony putting her hair up to work on her passion with tools in her hair and a dirty apron surrounded by a cluttered workshop… I’m gonna be pushing to get the vectors on the pony herself tonight.. This’ll be a rather involved project but it’s in my head now and i can’t stop. 8D

Photo Book Update

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 I don’t know about you, but I’m starving! It’s been some time since we last heard from Riehl Industries, and there’s a good reason for it. Partially due to my unwillingness to accept that it’s ready to go to press, and partially to the fact that the vendor I’m going through doesn’t know to email me both times they’ve had a hangup with the cover(apparently you have to ask three times to get specific number for definite parameters, and explain that the PDF template they offer of what it should look like is practically useless). Regardless, this isn’t the post I was waiting for. I was supposed to have the proof copy in my hands on Monday, and barring the need to do anything outside of minor changes, I was going to be a couple weeks away from the moment we’ve all been waiting so patiently for. But sometimes you laugh an unfunny laugh, look upwards, tailspin to frustration, yell F&#$!! to an innocent cat, tear open someone else’s bag of chips, stand directly over the heat register and comfort yourself.

The fun news is that the lady I talked to today had the numbers I was after within seconds of picking up the phone. So it’s off. Sometime between early next week and two weeks from now I’ll have the proof(update: Proof copy due 4/20), and within two days I’ll have the final run order placed. It’s not the time frame I ever expected, and it while I can say it could’ve been done sooner, the fact is I wasn’t going to wing it. In the end, I’m pretty excited with how it looks.

One relatively big note is that it smells 100% better. But that’s because the title just wasn’t sitting well with me. After a conversation with my brother who earns a living doing all sorts of things that would help you with layout and wording things properly, I finally decided to change the name. There will be only one book with the previous title, and that’s the proof copy. The name it will print with is “Two Steps Behind in the City of Roses”. Trust me, because olfactory senses inform our sense of taste, it’s gotta taste better, it looks great, makes a whole lot of sense for my punctuality, the general age of my gear, the outlook on the city that is contained within the cover, and hey–even this update. I’m here all night!

But everything is ready for the day I receive the shipment to start processing orders. I’ll be having a release party at the Chrome HUB in downtown Portland for anyone to stop by and say hello. I’ll have prints up and for sale along with copies of the book. Oh, and most definitely there will be beer. Plenty O. Expect another update near or coinciding the book arrival to detail the Portland launch event. It’ll be a fun time, you can opt to pick up your book in person, and I can say thank you to your beautiful faces.

OK, I’ve eaten half the bag. It’s time for desert. I’ll talk to you again very soon.

If you’d missed the Kickstarter discount and would like to get in on the pre-shipment pricing, head on over to and grab one of the limited copies remaining. 

2:Shoe size
3:Do you smoke?
4:Do you drink?
5:Do you take drugs?
6:Age you get mistaken for
7:Have tattoos?
8:Want any tattoos?
Not sure yet, maybe
9:Got any piercings?
10:Want any piercings?
Got some
11:Best friend?
I have three, anotherl0ve has tumblr x
12:Relationship status
13:Biggest turn ons
Neck Kissing & Lip Biting
14:Biggest turn offs
Spitting, ignorance and vanity
15:Favorite movie
16:I’ll love you if
You never fail to make me smile and make me feel at home regardless of fall outs.
17:Someone you miss
Someone I shouldn’t
18:Most traumatic experience
My very first breakup
19:A fact about your personality
I’m quite extroverted now but I used to be so shy and introverted, I wouldn’t talk to new people ever
20:What I hate most about myself
My skin
21:What I love most about myself
I’m brutally honest and completely loyal and supportive to friends.
22:What I want to be when I get older
23:My relationship with my sibling(s)
Very good, but I’m the black sheep so can get messy.
24:My relationship with my parent(s)
My mom’s my best friend, my dad disowned me.
25:My idea of a perfect date
Cute little Parisian coffee shop
26:My biggest pet peeves
27:A description of the girl/boy I like
He’s really unique, he has a beautiful face and a really kind and soft voice. He has a one of a kind fashion sense and is a genius but doesn’t lose sight of being young and takes full advantage of life. He’s considerate and wonderful to speak to about anything. Plus he has striking blue eyes and wow ❤️
28:A description of the person I dislike the most
Perez Hilton
29:A reason I’ve lied to a friend
To play League of Legends
30:What I hate the most about work/school
Elitist attitudes
31:What your last text message says
32:What words upset me the most
“___ is mad at you” “we need to talk”
33:What words make me feel the best about myself
‘’You’ve always been there for me’’. ‘’I wish more people were like you’’. ‘’You’re the kindest person I know" “how are you even real”
34:What I find attractive in women
Their hair
35:What I find attractive in men
Eyes ❤️
36:Where I would like to live
Italy/New York
37:One of my insecurities
My appearance
38:My childhood career choice
39:My favorite ice cream flavor
40:Who wish I could be
No one other than myself.
41:Where I want to be right now
In bed and I am so
42:The last thing I ate
Some leftover chocolate from easter.
43:Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately
Natalie Dormer
44:A random fact about anything
Racecar is the only word in the English language which is exactly the same spelt backwards.

So, I’m reading all the codex entries found in the Dalish camp and I’m like, shit. Humans are assholes. Granted, I know that there are three sides to every story. The elvish side, the human side and the truth, but I’m willing to bet that the truth still doesn’t make the humans look particularly great. I’m not one to agree with systematic cultural genocide and forced slavery. I mean, those are the facts that have remained in memorable history, so it’s not like we can push those two off into the land of legend. Regardless of what happened with the elvish and human relations, I can’t get behind that. Also, we do have continued examples of human dickery in modern times with their stance on mages and the Circle of Magi. Fuck humans in Dragon Age. They’re pretentious shits towards other peoples and being they can’t easily understand. Doesn’t mean that I don’t like human characters in the game on a personal level, I’m just saying that their society leaves much to be desired. If I ever finish this Dalish elf run through, I may have to play the series as a mage to get that story line. Probably a dude mage so I can romance Morrigan. She’s fucking rad.

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(pt 2) If you had looked at our blog, or googled our names or our project you would have been led to a cornell university site. We are not trying to phish or spam people, we are just trying to conduct research. Sorry if we upset you. You don't have to participate if you don't want to. If you still are interested now that you have the facts, please send an ask and we'll set up an anonymous IM interview together. Have a good day.

Hey there!

So…I posit that one of three scenarios is the case:

1) you are legitimately conducting research and have plenty of participants, in which case my skepticism, and me opting out is of no consequence to you.


2) you are legitimately conducting research but are having a hard time culling willing participants, in which case perhaps you should take heed: regardless of where your message may redirect, your message itself does a poor job of establishing credibility. Your first contact with a would-be participant should establish credibility, point blank. So go through the proper channels to get insignia use permission for your thumbnail and include all relevant details in your message. Including last names.


3) your whole operation is something other than what it claims to be.

At any rate, my part here is done. You can accept the constructive criticism and improve your study, if it is indeed a study, or not. Either way, at this point I will pass.

How To Be More Productive

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As the speed of change accelerate we all race to do more just to keep up let alone get ahead. In an effort to meet this challenge many people have become obsessed with time. People today feel as though they have time famine- Too many things to do with not enough hours in the day.  As a result people try to manage their time. The truth is, it is rarely a question of time, and more a matter of how much energy we have.

In fact time is not something that can be managed. We can’t convert three hours in to six. There are 24 hours in a day regardless who we are or how desperately we need a few extra. And if we are exhausted, having another week to complete the task usually doesn’t help that much because we just don’t have the energy to get the job done. When we have the energy we can get through a huge amount of work and our productivity is enormous.  With energy we can achieve more in one hour than we can in 10 when we’re ‘running on empty’.  

So the first step to being more productive is starting to build awareness of what boosts and drains your energy.


How do you get more done? You know, we’re all wanting to achieve more, do more things for others, do more things for ourselves, there’s so much that we can do in this world; especially with technology and apps and everything going on around us. We just want to make the most of it, make the most of life but how do you really do that?

Well, for the longest time, there’s been this idea around that you have to manage your time better because time’s a finite resource; you only get so much of it. Once it’s over, it’s gone forever. You can’t get it back. And this is what I used to think was the most important. In fact, the first book I ever wrote, when I was learning all about personal development was essentially, how do you manage the time and cram the most into it. But, if I’d been able to follow everything in that book perfectly, then I’d be one of the most productive people on earth. But, I couldn’t do that. There are people far more productive, getting more done and you’ll know this as well, they just seem to be able to get through more. How are they even doing this? How do they keep up? Or you may be one of these people and people just can’t touch you.

Well, what’s the real secret? Well, the fact is, there isn’t a secret, it’s just that we’ve been focusing on the wrong thing. So it’s not about managing your time. First of all, you can’t manage time because time’s going to go on no matter what. You don’t have any control over that. You can structure your day a bit better but that won’t make the real difference.

What’s going to make the critical difference is the amount of energy you have. If you want to get things done, how do you really achieve more and get more done of the things that really matter is you’ve got to manage your energy. Because if I gave you three weeks to do that project that you’re working on, that big thing that’s going to make the difference and remove distractions and get it all out of the way, but you’ve got no energy, then it doesn’t matter if I give you three weeks or three months, you’re too tired and you’ve not going to get it done. Where as, if you’ve got energy and you’ve cultivated that sense of energy and vibrancy and you wake up in the morning and you just wake up excited for the day ahead, then we could give you three hours and you’ll get through so much more of that project. You might get it done in three days, who knows, because energy is the real thing. You’ll notice that when you don’t have a good night sleep, it’s so much harder to refocus and you don’t even know how distracted you got. You know, you’ll be working on a project then you’ll just see something pop up in your news feed, then you’ll click on it, then all of a sudden you wake up three hours later, “Where was I? What’s going on?” You’ve been in browser blackout, you’ve been searching the internet, because once we’re tired, and once we don’t have the level of energy, it becomes much more difficult for us to regain our focus and that takes away from what we are getting done and focusing on the important things. Because you can always get things done but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the things that really need to be done.

So, if energy’s the thing, then what do you do? Well, the first thing is, before you change anything, you always have to become aware of it. So the first thing you want to do is just start to journal and notice what affects your energy. So either at lunchtime, or at the end of each day, just take ten minutes and write down ‘deposits;’ what added to your energy bank account and on the other side ‘withdrawals.’ And just by doing that alone and making the list, and noticing, “Oh yeah, when I went for lunch with my friend that gave me a boost, that was nice hearing about that.” Or, “That argument I had with my partner, that was tough, that drained quite a bit of energy for me.” And just notice how many you’ve got on each side. That will help you in terms of starting to manage your own energy and by doing that, you will get more done and just by doing that, you’ll feel more alive and vibrant and people will notice the difference.

So I encourage you to share this with them, because if we all had more energy, we’d all have more focus on the things we want to do and that would leave the things that would make a real difference, not only in your life, but in the life of your family and those around us doing the really meaningful, important things to us. But that all requires energy, it’s hard work doing things and achieving things is not easy, and these people that tell you, “Instant success overnight” or “Get rich quick” scheme then it’s not the truth and we should be celebrating the hard work because that’s what makes it meaningful and that’s what makes it unique to people who do push through, who do decide to take care of their energy and do achieve the things that really do make a difference and create the life you  want. And if you do that, that’s how you can be brilliant every day.

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Good Advice from Bad People

I hate when I get good advice from bad people. Mostly I hate that this horrendous person I went to high school will never leave my memory for more than three days at a time.

I want you to understand who this guy was. He was a long haired guitar player with big plans to be famous, regardless of the fact that he couldn’t even get a band together. I was once put in a group with him for a project which he decided should be rebellion themed. Obviously all the other kids in the group were way on board with that. Then I was forced to take part in a scene where a group of students built up a wall between themselves and an overbearing teacher while Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” played. It is my greatest shame. I’m also fairly positive that he ended that scene with a guitar solo.

So, you get it. This guy was awful. However, he did have great hair. One day it was particularly shiny. Like, straight out of a shampoo commercial shiny. Finally someone asked what he did to get it so luminous and he shared his secret. He always rinsedd his hair with cold water after conditioning and something about that is just straight up magic. Ever since that day, almost 10 years ago, I have rinsed my hair with cold water and thought of him. I wonder how his music career is going, if he ever thinks of me, if he has any new hair care tips. I hate him for it. I hate him so goddamn much.

i’ll be 19 in a week and i feel very stressed about being older and failing to adult and growing up

it’s hard to have all of my friends turn the age that i am 2 or 3 years before i do because all they talk about is how young i am and i can’t feel and express things about getting older because i’m still so young in comparison

people be like ‘you’re only 18 you have so much time’ but i don’t have that luxury because i graduate in a year and i have to find something to do regardless of the fact that i’ll only be 20 like my life doesn’t magically float along until i catch up to you because wow surprise i’ll always be three years younger even if we’re at the same life stage

kinda glad my birthday is on a monday so i can just go to class and not have to worry about friends much

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In Bootleggers, is Eren's low alcohol due to him being a werewolf? Or is he destined to be a lightweight regardless?

It’s the werewolf thing. 

You see while he isn’t COMPLETELY bound by canine rules, the fact lycanthropy alters brain chemistry and biology tends to fuck with the body a little bit. Too much chocolate leads to sickness, alcohol can fuck them up easier, certain foods have to be avoided because while they aren’t life threatening the resulting stomachaches aren’t pleasant-

Eren’s size also has something to do with it. Mike can handle a lot more than Eren can because he’s a big strong wolf with extra weight. Eren spent his first three years after being turned withering away because he didn’t have a proper diet. By the time Levi brought Eren and Mikasa to the Smith house Eren didn’t actually have enough energy to shift back into being a human, and was carried in as an underweight wolf pup. 

By now Eren’s gained the weight back, but he’s still a wiry little thing and he’s the shortest of the ot3. Factoring all that in PLUS his age (20), he’s fuckin doomed when he sets foot in a bar. 

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( ˘ ³˘)❤ Julius, for all three

Send ( ˘ ³˘)❤ and a name and my muse will say how they would react if that character kissed them.

+ Oh dear! Regardless of the fact that he wouldn’t do this, I’d probably faint! +

= … I’d politely ask him if he was drunk… =

My reaction to a kiss from Julius? Closing the door…!

Gili Islands diving spot around Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan are more then 15 different dive spots and there are new reefs being explored all the time. Regardless of where you stay or the dive school you choose, you will have access all the dive sites around the Gili Islands. In fact all the dive sites can be easily reached by any of the three islands and all diving schools offer dives to all locations. 

Read More click here - Article by Gili Cat

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Carnation, Jasmine, foxglove, Allium, Orange Blossom

Carnation: If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?

Rihanna, please. Rihanna is bae.

Jasmine: What color looks best on you?

Everything? I don’t really know, but I do look pretty hot in red or black.

foxglove: Name three facts about your family?

1. Dysfunctional
2. Annoying
3. Selfish

Allium: What’s the best thing you can cook?

A chicken quesadilla. Come down to The Whole Enchilada and you can try it out. It’s pretty delicious!

Orange Blossom: If you could pick the gender and appearance of your child, would you?

I don’t think I would. I would just want a healthy and happy child, regardless of its gender or appearance.

There are plenty of players in the draft that require some development before they are going to see much playing time, but UCLA linebacker Eric Kendricks isn’t one of them. Even first-round picks often require some seasoning before NFL coaches will trust them, yet a player like Kendricks is on the first-round bubble.

Regardless of draft position, Kendricks might be one of the best bets in the draft to make an instant impact at the next level. NFL front offices just don’t value off-the-ball linebackers highly despite the fact that they routinely contribute as rookies.  

Smart offenses often attack the bad ones in coverage or with play action. The best ones are three-down players who wear the green dot on their helmets—the so-called quarterbacks of the defense. Kendricks fits the mold.

“He plays with intelligence and passion. Plus, he runs well for a big ILB who thumps. Kiko Alonso is a good comparison for him,” an AFC West scout said about Kendricks back in November, per NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah.

Like Alonso, Kendricks can make a big impact as a rookie. Kendricks could follow in the footsteps of players like C.J. Mosley, Lavonte David and Luke Kuechly. All have found success as rookies in the NFL.

Pedigree and Preparation

Perhaps no player is a better comparison for Kendricks than his older brother, Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks. The NFL loves bloodlines, and Mychal was one of the best off-the-ball linebackers in the league last year after struggling for his first two seasons in the league.

At 6’0” and 240 pounds, Mychal was a combine star, running the 40-yard dash in 4.47 seconds. Eric hasn’t matched his older brother’s explosive numbers, but he’s also dealing with a nagging hamstring injury.

"If you’ve got a successful family member in the league, it’s always the case that’s made. It always helps,” said NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah, via’s Chase Goodbread. “But there is always pushback on that, too. If you don’t like the guy, I’ve been in a draft room where someone said, ‘This guy’s a lot more Ozzie Canseco than Jose Canseco.’”

The two brothers both have similar builds, but that doesn’t make them exactly the same prospect. The younger Kendricks is a little smaller and less athletic, but he’s a more polished version of his older brother when he was coming out.

"As an older brother it’s natural for him to look up to me,” Mychal Kendricks told Goodbread. “But little does he know that I actually look up to him in certain aspects of life and the game.”

Mychal needed time to become an impact NFL player that Eric won’t need. That doesn’t mean the younger brother is a finished product, but he’ll be able to draw from his older brother’s NFL experience.

“We were underdogs growing up in Fresno. We’d been overlooked because of our size or whatever,” Eric said. “He’s always put that confidence in me at times when I may not have had it.”

Mychal helped guide his younger brother through his prep days growing up in Fresno, California, and his college experience at UCLA. There’s no reason to think Mychal won’t help his younger brother in the pros.

How to prepare like an NFL linebacker is something the younger brother seems to understand. He’s been guided by his brother, UCLA head coach Jim Mora Jr. and former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Jeff Ulbrich, who coached linebackers for UCLA last year and is now with the Atlanta Falcons.

“The offense is one step ahead already because they’re going against a defense that has no idea what they’re about the run,” Kendricks said, via Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, "If you have an idea of what they’re about to run, it puts you on an equal playing level.”

Whatever team drafts Kendricks will be very comfortable heaping a mental load on the former Bruin. To find a prospect who can handle the mental and physical toll that playing linebacker in the NFL requires is actually quite rare.

“He had his best season last year with 149 tackles with four sacks and three interceptions – this guy is a game-changer,” said NFL Media analyst Curtis Conway, via Goodbread. “He is an impact player right now, and his IQ is off the charts.”

Precognition and Production

As we know, a great football IQ isn’t all there is to it. It helps, but many top quarterback prospects have had great football IQs and busted because they couldn’t translate it into production on the field. Even more important than the preparation is the ability to marry preparation with the physical side of the game.

The best can combine recognition and instincts to form a sort of precognition on the football field. Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning would be a shining example of this on the offensive side of the ball, but the same holds true for defensive players.

Kendricks’ instincts are a big reason why he’ll find early success in the NFL. He’s particularly good in coverage, which is a skill that should be highly coveted by NFL teams.

Against Virginia, not only was Kendricks making tackles sideline-to-sideline in the running game, but he was also making tackles in the passing game. Kendricks was directly responsible for 14 of the 21 defensive points UCLA scored as he forced a fumble and returned an interception.

The interception was a great example of Kendricks’ instincts and preparation melding on the field. With the running back leaking out into the flat, Kendricks follows him, keeps his eyes on the quarterback and undercuts the route to make the big play:

“I do a lot of things I can’t really explain,” Kendricks told Dunne. “I just do it naturally.”

Kendricks’ instincts really set him apart from other prospects at his position. In a league that will change looks constantly to try to confuse opponents from week-to-week and play-to-play, the ability of a player to translate preparation into production is art in motion. Come Sundays this fall, whatever team drafts Kendricks won’t hesitate to give him the brush.

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[ sms » mini bae ] theRE IS CHILL WHEN THE WIND BLOWS AND THUS YOU CAN HAVE IT [ sms » mini bae ] TAKE A BIG WHIFF OF IT AND ENJOY [ sms » mini bae ] srsly though what do you even have to do during training I'm not ignorant but damn close

[ sms; baby ji ] u need 2 pipe the fuck down there miss i have plenty of chILL THANK

[ sms; baby ji ] uhm. okay so you wake up at an ungodly hour and satan greets you with the all loving blinding glare of your phone because SURPRISE!!! it’s four am and you have to get up for training regardless of the fact that you barely slept three hours

[ sms; baby ji ] so you generally go to this place filled with people who are either too fucking chipper or too fucking grouchy to even be living and you literally compete with them all day doing various stuff like singing, rapping, dancing, writing lyrics, composing, learning instruments and they’re really harsh on you and because you’ve gotten zero sleep you feel like murdering everything with an ice pick

[ sms; baby ji ] also another surprise! end of the day evaluations!!!!! so if you spent all day doing fucking nothing but grumbling and moaning and you have nothing to show for it, you get chewed out by your instructors who, at this stage of the day, really need to pipe the fuck down bc all that yelling is unnecessary, you want to go home and you generally hate yourself for not sleeping

[ sms; baby ji ] that’s pretty much it. except when you get used to it you’re not as bitter at the world. maybe you’ll make friends uw u

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I'm in the middle of my app but I'm totally stuck, its like I'm at a crossroads and I'm not sure what kind of person this character will be XD What kind of character would you like to see around, a shy, imaginative character that has no spine or stubborn character that tries to fix everyone else's problems?? I've been staring at my keyboard for like half and hour

I totally feel you on the indecisiveness, babe! Though, they both sound absolutely lovely, all three of us are learning towards the first due to the fact it would help create some dynamic - plus, totally cute! I encourage you to do whatever feels best and you imagine yourself having the most muse for. After all, it’s your character in the end and your entertainment matters most! We’d be beyond thrilled to have either, so whatever you decide will be loved regardless. Thank you for taking out the time to write for us, lovely! We’re looking forward to your application. Let us know if you need anything else.