LITERATURE MEME | 10 works of prose - (6) the gormenghast trilogy by mervyn peake

He is climbing the spiral staircase of the soul of Gormenghast, bound for some pinnacle of the itching fancy - some wild, invulnerable eyrie best known to himself; where he can watch the world spread out below him, and shake exultantly his clotted wings.

Trouble With The Help (2/hopefully 3)

Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler
After Rose is rejected by her first love, she avoids going home, instead finding her own place in the world and society.  But when illness brings her back home, she faces a very different John Smith.
Based on this prompt by the lovely kaynibbler16 (via her Doctor x Rose blog)—with a few adjustments.
Thanks bunches to lotsofthinkythoughts for looking this over for me. 
Read part 1 here or on AO3

John paced through the halls of the Tyler mansion restlessly, losing count of how many times he ran his hands through his hair.  After five years and an untold number of hours wasted rehashing his last moments with Rose, he was expected to sort out his emotions and find a way to cope with her coming home on three bloody hours notice.  Or, at least, had been expected to…three hours ago.

He heard the car pull up outside, and realized he was out of time, regardless of the fact that he was also still out of sorts.  He made his way quickly toward the stairs, but paused when he caught view of the drive, and the chauffeur helping the young blonde out of the car.  She took off her sunglasses, looking up at the house fondly, and John forgot how to breathe.


He’d seen her image, at least, since she left, but photographs never could do her justice.  She’d lost the lingering adolescent roundness that she’d so hated as a teenager, giving a more pronounced look to her cheekbones and jawline.  In anyone else, it would have made for a harsher look, but it only made her natural gorgeousness more striking.  And despite the stress even he could see from her illness, there was a straightness of her shoulders and carry of her head that told of an unconscious self-confidence that would draw people to her like magnets…or moths to a flame.

He watched her embrace her father, then tore his eyes away when the family started moving toward the door, hurrying down the hall to the steps. This was fine.  Completely fine.  She’d grown up, they’d grown apart, honestly, the mansion was so large they could probably completely avoid seeing each other for days if they wanted to.

Did he want to?

He paused on the steps as Rose turned to him, and if he’d thought he had trouble breathing from the window, he’d been seriously underestimating her power of stopping his autonomic functions.  Something flickered in her eyes—several somethings, matter of fact. Surprise and apprehension chased each other across her features, and he searched for something else, something he knew he’d given up his right to hope for years ago.  If it was there, though, it was shunted aside quickly by a warm, utterly beautiful, and completely fake smile as he reached the bottom of the steps.

“Hello, John.”  Her voice was a little lower maybe, but no less enchanting than it had been when she’d spent hours talking to him in the kitchen and avoiding whatever party was happening upstairs.  He itched to find out if her laugh was still as lovely as the last time he’d heard it.

“Hello, Rose,” he managed, keeping his voice soft to avoid letting on how tight his throat suddenly felt.  “It’s good to see you again.”

“And you,” she replied.  They held each other’s gaze for a moment, then Rose looked away, glancing at the stairs behind him.  “So…um…how long are you staying for?”

Right…guest.  That’s what Jackie’d called him.  Oh, lord. Still— “Four weeks.”

“Course you are,” she said, her lips twisting in a bitter smile that alarmed him.  “Why wouldn’t you be?”


“It’s fine.”  Her public mask was firmly back in place when her eyes finally returned to his. “Completely…fine.  Listen, I’m knackered,” she added, turning to her mother. “Think I’m just gonna go lay down for a bit before dinner.  I’ll worry about unpacking later.”

“Of course, sweetheart,” Jackie said, and John stepped out of the way quickly as the elder Tyler woman took her daughter’s arm to guide her toward the stairs. “Your room’s all set up, and we’ll have someone bring up your bags later.”

John watched them ascend the stairs without a look back, slowly coming to terms with several apparent facts: one, Rose Tyler was home.  Two, she had no idea he was still here.  Three, she really, really didn’t want him to be.  Four, he was still just as completely in love with her as he had been five years ago, which presented a number of problems, the largest of which he was trying very hard not to think about.

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GameDaze: Helldivers is tough as nails and I love it for it

Have you played Helldivers yet? 

You’ve never heard of it huh?

 Well, then let me tell ya all about it. If you love Starship Troopers and top down shooters with the difficulty of say a Dark Souls title then you may just love this $20 gem currently on PSN.

Created by the guys at Arrowhead, known for Magicka and the new Gauntlet, Helldivers is a game best played with friends or random strangers on the internet — it fact it pretty much demands it. It’s ok if you’re a friendless hermit, you can still play alone. But as it’s widely known, playing with yourself is never as fun as playing with others. Wait a min… that came out wrong.

Regardless, Helldivers drops you into the role of a soldier fighting the good fight against three alien factions determined to destroy Super-Earth (that’s your home) who are dead set on destroying freedom. I have no idea why they hate freedom so much, perhaps they’re just jealous that our earth is Super!

You and up to four friends via couch co-op or online will take on a series of missions randomly generated against either of three factions. Personally, I love killing the bugs more than the other three which consists of cyborgs and some weird magical bastards who float around and stuff. Just weirdos.

After each completed mission you’ll gain gear, points to level up your small killing machine and even some stratagems.

You may be thinking: Alright buddy, so far this sounds interesting but how is this different from any other damn $20 shooter?

I’m glad you asked. 

The above mentioned stratagems work as powerups. Some have a single use per mission and others via a cooldown timer but here’s where it gets crazy. Calling down a stratagem isn’t as easy-go-lucky as pressing X on a controller. No sir, you’ll need to input a series of D-pad commands that will give you nostalgic Contra code memories. In the thick of battle, you’ll need to carefully assess the situation if now is a good time to call down that mobile torrent or an ammo drop. Making things even more stressful is the joy of the game having no friendly fire option. 

Yep, you better stay clear of your fellow Helldivers laser or you’ll end up just as dead as the bug it’s aimed at. It makes for some hilarious fun and some action-packed fights.

Helldivers is all about team work and also death. A lot of death. You’ll die all the damn time and it’s up to your friends or randoms to brush you off and get you back into the heat of battle as soon as possible. You’ll come across weapons which alone are useless. Really, what am I going to do with a healing gun that doesn’t heal me?! Ah, but it can buff up my fellow ass kicking compadre who’s armed with a small mobile mech!

Seriously, Helldivers is incredibly fun and addicting. Perhaps, the most surprising is that it’s cross play with both Vita and PS3 owners. For $20 you also get all three versions, allowing you to kick some alien ass on your lunch break, or pretty much wherever. 

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brittana, they meet when brittany accidentally backs her car into santana's brand new mustang

I tried to keep this at about 3 sentences, anon, but this one was a bit tough to curb. LOL

1.) Give me a pairing.
2.) Give me an AU setting.or a song
3.) I will write you a three-sentence fic. (or probably longer)

Santana has her head down looking at the front of her mustang, her anger building the longer it takes the driver of the other car to exit their vehicle.  When she finally hears the driver’s door open and close, she turns, fully prepared to rip into the other driver for backing into her car, regardless of the fact that it was a merely a light tap and there doesn’t appear to be any damage.  “Where did you learn how to drive, you sonofabit…oh God.  I’m so sorry.  Actually, are you okay?”

Brittany tries to stop her tears as she looks between their two cars, the relief at seeing no damage doing little to mitigate the stress she’s feeling, her hand wiping quickly at her face before digging into her purse for her wallet.  “Yes.  No.  I”m sorry.  I just lost my job and my roommate called to say that she was moving out at the end of this month and now I’ve hit your nice new car and this just really isn’t my day.”

Looking at her car one more time, Santana sighs deeply and reaches her hand out to stop the other woman from getting her wallet, something tugging at her heart as she glances at the woman’s face.  “Hey, look.  Don’t worry about it.  It doesn’t look like either car has any damage so no harm, no foul.  We don’t have to exchange insurance information or anything.”

“Really?  Are you sure?”

“Yeah.  It sounds like you’re having a really crappy day and I don’t know…I just don’t want to make it any worse.”

Sniffling, Brittany wipes at her cheeks with a tissue she pulls from her purse, giving the woman a small smile.  “That’s…thank you.  That’s really nice of you.”

“No problem.  Are you going to be okay?”

“Yeah, I think so.  What doesn’t kill you, right?”

Nodding, Santana smiles at the woman, looking briefly at her watch before sticking her hand out, “I’m Santana, by the way.  Are you doing anything right now, other than having a horrible day?”

Shaking Santana’s hand, Brittany shakes her head, introducing herself with a watery laugh.  “I’m Brittany and no, other than carefully driving home and having a torrid affair with a bottle of wine.”

“Tell you what, let me buy you a coffee or something.  I feel really bad that this incident seems to have to just added to everything else so let me treat you to a coffee.”

“You’re a really nice person, Santana.  Has anyone ever told you that?”


Laughing, Brittany runs a hand over her hair, watching Santana for a moment before nodding her head.  “Well, not-nice-Santana, I think I’d like to have that coffee with you.  Maybe you can tell me how you earned that unique distinction. Because from where I’m standing, after the day I’ve had, you might just be the nicest person I’ve ever met.”

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I don't know but for some reason this is all rubbing me the wrong way! I vowed to support all the boys, regardless in which directions they choose to go but honestly WHAT ABOUT THE FANS. How does Simon possibly think it's okay for them to take Zayn from us mid tour, not even half way through, and then three days late start talking about his SOLO ACT and expect us to be all happy and supportive?! The only thing that was helping some of us was the fact that we thought he was resting. NOW THIS? 💔

i’m not, but i understand why people are upset… to me, it was handled poorly, but to say i’m surprised would be a lie. i don’t think it’s wrong for zayn to leave, and i do not think the stressed/depressed/doesn’t feel real parts of it were lies either, but to push the solo idea so soon just so people feel like zayn isn’t truly leaving is cheap, given how people needed time to digest the news before being excited for anything else. it shows little consideration for the fans, indeed. i think that zayn has no control over this, therefore i don’t blame him, and i think that it’s hard to give fans complete detailed reasons as to why zayn left ‘cause it might hurt them and ruin their image of one direction, dunno, but in the end 1d and a solo career are two completely different things, two different kinds of life, and zayn will have time to rest and work on his own shit plenty without all the touring and stuff… he’s not getting an album out tomorrow! i just wish they would have waited before talking about it… there was no rush, fans needed time to accept the news, but whatever, these old men in suits aren’t loyal nor they care about how we feel (and apparently are indifferent to the fact that they’re putting zayn in a bad light)

Chapel Hill Shooting

Every time I think about how 2015 started, with the death of our three winners, my heart aches.

But their death is what gave me the privilege to get to know them and love them deeply regardless of the fact that I didn’t personally know them.

I was able to meet the most beautiful people in 2015. If not physically and personally; but spiritually. Alhamdulillah and may Allah give their families and friends the patience they need.

May Allah have mercy on their souls.

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i can't breathe...I'm laughing so hard at those "reasons" "she raped the tardis" what the actual fuck is that person smoking

It’s just so ludicrous.  AT BEST, the one thing that could be construed as against the will of a MACHINE is that Rose needed a truck to pry open the panel.

If it’s a machine, it doesn’t fucking matter.

And if we go with the theory that the TARDIS is sentient, then I’ll remind you that she’d then have some control over the situation, regardless of the fact that suddenly a ship that’s wooden doors could keep out the hordes of Ghengis Khan was dismantled by a nineteen year old girl with a truck.

“I looked into the TARDIS, and she looked into me.”

One of three things happened (in order of my own view of likeliness):

  1. She was testing to see how far Rose was willing to go to save the Doctor.
  2. She was trying to protect Rose, just like the Doctor was when he sent her away (WITHOUT HER APPROVAL OR CONSENT WHEEEEEE)
  3. The Doctor locked up the controls and the TARDIS literally couldn’t do anything else without Rose breaking into the console, at which point the TARDIS went “YES LET’S GO PICK UP THE DUMBASS.”

Choosing to call it rape is disgusting, ill informed, and completely against contextual evidence.  People just want to use the worst language possible for the worst companion cause GOD WHAT A BITCH.

I frequently mention my ‘father-figure’, a man whose been a fixture in my life since I was three. A sixty-year-old man who has helped to raise me to be good, humbled and true; the man who taught me the difference between loving hard and loving soft. A man who has stood firmly by my side despite the fact that we are not in any way blood-related and who has dedicated himself to making sure, regardless of the abandonment I have known all too well, I would never see it from him.

This week, he leaves for his venture to California — a necessary, good and encouraged journey but one that pains us both nonetheless. With so many of my loved ones out of reach, it’s more true than ever: loving others has no boundaries. You’ll learn to deal with the absence of weekly dinner dates and take on new ways of showing someone you care, even from afar.

(Meanwhile, someone please convince me that tagging along to California and backpacking around/traveling via Amtrak and home is a terrible idea.)

work rant

ok, so, last night i dealt with this lady who felt like she was too special to pay her fines and got really insulted when i said i couldn’t waive them just because she had three kids and she was really busy. which, you know, pissed me off at the time because she had eight or nine books all almost a month late, of fucking course the fine is going to be huge, are you kidding me?

but anyway, turns out she left a message with the branch manager about how she “had a bad experience” so that’s just been bugging me all day.

like. look, lady. do you really think you’re the only mother in the city? you think you’re the only one with a hectic schedule? because i have shocking news for you. when you get the card, when you check out the books, you agree to take responsibility for them, which includes turning them in on time. that’s one of the conditions of the card.

it’s not even like we’re unreasonable, today we waved a heap of fines for a guy who couldn’t come in because he was in the hospital, i’ve waived fines for family emergencies and it’s not a huge deal. we’re a library, ok, we’re not after your money.

but i can’t waive fines just because you got too busy and didn’t feel like coming to the library (or calling us! we will renew your items over the phone—or you can even go online! it’s fine!). even if i wanted to (i didn’t, she was rude) i don’t have that authority, especially not for a fine that large.

i’m super sorry that you had to hear it from me, but you just aren’t as special as you think you are.

I am planning on adding a little continuing verse to my Sterek ficlet list:

I’m thinking married!Sterek with three kids, living some not-so-normal suburban life. The drabbles would be about the various shenanigans they get into because they are in fact an interspecies family with half-wolf children.

I was going to end this post by asking who’s interested, but I’m far too excited and am going to do it regardless. This is just a warning I guess.

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I know its normal for the pill to shorten your period, but mine has been knocked down from six days to two. I've been taking it for 10 months, and until three months ago, I bled for six days, then it suddenly went to two. When I went to get a refill, the doc asked if my periods were abnormal, and I was wondering it this *is* abnormal or okay? Thanks.

That depends what they mean by abnormal.

It’s typical for periods to change when you take birth control, in fact it’s expected for the most part. Periods that are only two days long are also not uncommon, regardless of birth control. However, since you’re used to it being longer, then you could consider it at least unusual for you. If your doctor is looking out specifically for period changes, then even “small” changes like this could be what they want to hear about.


     little known fact about her job: after she finished her set, audrey
     was allowed to sit out front of the lounge and have a drink “free”,
     if she so desired. (she suspected that it wasn’t really free, so much
     as it was that it came out of her next paycheck.) usually, she only
     had one or two — three, perhaps, if there was a particularly kind
     man in the audience who’d liked the shape of her figure — but she
     could regularly be found at the bar, regardless of whether or not
     that was the case. 

          ‘ gin and tonic, please, ‘ she said, flashing a smile to the bartender,
          settling down on her stool, next to a nice-looking lady. she wasn’t a
          regular, she decided — by now, audrey knew all the regulars, at least
          by face. 

     ‘ hi there! how’s your evening? ‘

Panthers @ Maple Leafs

March 26, 2015

Score: 4-1

Panthers’ Record: 34-26-14

We made those Maple Leafs work so hard that they switched goalies and it still didn’t matter!

It is a shame we couldn’t give Lu a shutout! Regardless, great game for the Panthers. In any event, the Panthers come away with a GREAT win. Even better with losses by Ottawa and Boston (YAY!), making us only three points behind in the competition for that last play off spot!

Goals by: Jonathan Huberdeau (Assisted by Aleksander Barkov & Alex Petrovic)

Steven Kampfer (Assisted by Jaromir Jagr & Aleksander Barkov)

Brandon Pirri (Assisted by Vincent Trocheck & Brian Campbell)

Brandon Pirri (Unassisted)

Fun fact from Huberdeau: He’s not a huge fan of playing in Toronto, but he’s SO EXCITED about Saturday’s game in Montreal.

Also, Dan Potvin was so very excited to run into Barkov doing one handed push-ups. He felt that we all needed to know, so I’m sharing it with you.

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And I am laughing so hard at them because episode three is still the highest and that's when Bamon were still in the AU. After that episode ratings started dropping. Episode 10 almost reached it with almost the same ratings or higher with a 1.82 million and episode three is at 1.83 million which marks it the highest regardless. The one episode which is high was promoted as Stelena and Bamon. What's funny is the fact the CW released DE pics for 6x18 but Bonnie isn't in the episode. So bad luck.

Yeah, but you keep coming back to me about how they’re promoting episodes with DE and SC and they’re sooo stupid and what not, but if the episode is about SC and DE, then what are they supposed to do? There’s just no way for them to do a complete 180 and only write SE/BD centered episodes from now on, that’d never work. Just be patient. :) If they would write the entire show based on the ratings they’re getting, that’d be a stupid move, too. They’re telling their story at the pace they choose, and though we might find some of their decisions ridiculous, there’s nothing we can do about it. So how about we sit back and we just wait and see where they’re taking the show? :)

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v///v {either verse}

inappropriate or embarrassing

               “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

     Now that wasn’t quite true, Regina had paid attention to what the blonde had said, had paid attention to each word while she desperately had tried to come up with an excuse, something, anything that would buy her some more time. She isn’t possessive about Emma, shouldn’t be possessive about her. Not outside her home, not outside of their contract. She wasn’t possessive of Emma, especially not after just three week since they had started to play. Regardless of the fact, that her mind screamed mine, each time the blonde came up.

               ——— She wasn’t possessive, no

the fact that individuals given honorary doctorates may call themselves (regardless of whether they’re supposed to) or be called doctor/professor kind of infuriates me.

but then, i have also struggled and fought and bled for six years (with at least a seventh year to go) in order to gain that title.

consider this post largely due to recent media on this subject and the fact that i am terrified because in three days i find out if i will get to graduate next year or if i have to start making the hard decisions.

Surfer dad takes 9-month-old son bodyboarding (VIDEO)

Surfer dad takes 9-month-old son bodyboarding (VIDEO)

This video displaying a 9-month-old child browsing together with his dad and loving each minute of it has gone viral.

Bodyboarder Jorge Tirado, forty three, captured his son driving the waves for the very first time on a GoPro digital camera, and uploaded the footage on-line.

The footage exhibits that regardless of the very fact dad and child selected the most important waves, and even ended up…

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WASHINGTON - March 25, 2015 – On Friday, March 13, 2015, three same-sex military couples were denied assistance by the federal military identification card enrollment center at Camp Mabry, the headquarters of the Texas Military Forces (TMF), near Austin, Texas. All three couples were told by the center’s employee that they would not be provided service because their marriages were not recognized by the state of Texas, regardless of the fact they were seeking federal military benefits.

Has anyone ever felt like the people around them don’t know and don’t care who you are? Like my family still tells me not to be shy and I want to say I’m almost twenty three years old, you should know I’m an introvert with social anxiety. My mom is obsessed with me going back to school regardless of the fact I have no desire to go anywhere near the medical field, I want to bake and write. And when I mention moving one day they act like it will never happen because it’s not something they have ever wanted.

I want one of them to know me not this sixteen year old version they still think I am and that I’m just different from them.