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EXO’s Reaction to You Fighting Off A Creep At the Bar

@ere-the-sun-rises Thank you, thank you, thank youuu! I’m glad to hear that you’re liking my blog so far, and I hope not to disappoint you in the future~! Also, I absolutely love this request, it’s just too perfect!♥

Ahh, I really should start asking people what kind of relationship they want between the members and our little reader (or…you, I guess?). Ninety percent of the time, I just assume you’re meant to be their girlfriend, or their crush (‘cause it’s usually more fun that way, right?), so that’s the route I took with this one. ^-^”

Baekhyun: wouldn’t have expected such a thing from you at all, but he’d find it friggin’ awesome, regardless. He’d probably go around for the rest of the night, trying to taunt a ton of other people in the bar. “Anyone else wanna mess with my badass Y/N, hmm? Didn’t think so!”

Chanyeol: would be surprised as hell, but pleasantly so. He’d be so proud that he had a girlfriend who was able to take care of herself when she needed to. “Jagi-ya, is that really you? I didn’t know you had that kind of fight in you!”

Chen: would honestly not believe it for a single second. He’d be the type to assume that you had planned some sort of prank to pull on him, seeking revenge for all the ones he managed to pull on you. “Don’t you lie to me, Jagiii. You set this all up, right? There’s no way my cute girlfriend knows how to fight like that!”

D.O: would honestly not know how to handle such a situation. I feel like Kyungsoo’s the type who prefers to avoid conflict so, if it were up to him, he’d likely tug you away from the guy before you had a chance to act impulsively. “That drunk’s not even worth your effort, Y/N. Let’s just get outta here.”

Kai: would be equal parts impressed and concerned. Impressed because you absolutely destroyed some sketchy guy. But concerned that you had put yourself in such a dangerous position. “I know you’re tough, Jagi, but you’d better be extra careful for a bit. This guy could have tougher buddies kickin’ around, y'know.”

Kris: would actually be a little disheartened by it all, feeling like you having to defend yourself was a blow to his own pride, as he’d think that’s his job, rather than yours. “You know you can rely on me, too. Right, Y/N?”

Lay: would be the type to make a fuss over you after the guy left, checking every available inch of your body for any injuries. He’d probably find a small bruise that wasn’t even related to this scuffle, and scold you for it. “See, Y/N! This is why you shouldn’t resort to violence, you’re hurt!”

Luhan: would be a sarcastic, little shit about the whole situation. He’d lean down towards the man, who’d be sprawled out on the cold floor, and give him the most sarcastic round of applause. “Congratulations, man. You just got your ass handed to you by a girl who’s half your size.”

Sehun: would be a little shocked at first, since he’d never, in a million years, have expected you to throw a punch, but his pride would easily overshadow the initial feeling of surprise. Sehun would be forced to chuckle when the guy looked to him for help after your first hit, begging him to make you stop. “Nah, man. It’s not my fault you picked a fight with the wrong girl.”

Suho: would not be impressed by this situation at all. He wouldn’t care how tough you were, he’d just be worried about the dangers and consequences of such actions. He’d give you that signature, disapproving look of his that he has absolutely perfected and scold you for your rash decision. “That could have ended a lot worse, Y/N! What if he had a weapon on him or something? You need to be careful.”

Tao: wouldn’t even give you a chance to dirty your pretty, little hands by laying them on such a creep. Tao can be a little sensitive at times, but he’d steel his nerves, stepping in the moment he saw the man’s hand graze your skin, before you got a chance to make a move and showing him the fruits of his wushu training. “Don’t worry, princess. I won’t ever let creeps like this hurt you.”

I honestly feel like Tao’s the type to give his girlfriend the “Princess” nickname, 'cause he’d seriously treat her like one

Xiumin: would likely stand by you as you taught that creep a lesson, intimidating the guy even further and being totally prepared to step in if he thought you needed a helping hand. After the guy scurried away from you, Xiumin’s face would soften and a proud grin would come to his lips. “You impress me more and more each day, Y/N.”