So I haven’t actually drawn anything in a little while due to being busy in other aspects of my life, but I finally sat down this morning and just busted this out!  I’ve been wanting to do my own version of a Sailor Moon screen cap for a while, and had saved a bunch on my computer for inspiration when the time came, and welp! I guess the time came :D

I may do some additional editing and cleaning in the computer, but for the time being, ta da! 

This will also be included in my zine, as well as put up for sale on my society6 page in the near future :3


Friday, April 10th, at the DSC Studio Arts building, I personally curated and participated in a fantasy themed Gallery Opening! I had 5 different pieces in the show last night, including two brand new pieces based on a book, and a comic; The Lioness Rampant and Little Nemo, respectively.

The event was wonderful, and many friends and family made it out for the evening to share in the celebrations!

The show features beautiful art from many talented artists, and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

Open 9 - 5 through May 15th, Building 520, room 110!

Prints of my art can be purchased at the society6 page here!

To self motivate: GOALS!!

So i’ve allowed myself some leniency here during the holidays, spending as much time as possible with my boyfriend and family before everyone leaves, but i’ve only given myself until Christmas to screw off, and now its the day after Christmas, and i’m still in some sort of funk, so i’ve decided to focus on my goals and remind myself why this is important to me.

So, without further delay, GOALS!

  • Randy is leaving, and will be gone for 6 months.  I kind of see this timeline as a challenge to become the best possible me that I can so that when we reunite, it’ll be a huge surprise for him!
  • Randy’s absence only coincides with my own goals, in terms of what I want to look like, and knowing myself, I know that I work better when I feel like I have a challenge/deadline to meet.  I know Randy loves and adores me the way I am, and I also know that he loves and adores hard work, so I’m just kind of combining everything together here as the ultimate motivation.
  • I never ever want to feel like I am less than I am simply because I feel uncomfortable in my own skin.  That should never be a thing.
  • I have always been very confident in my skills and abilities, but never in my body.  I want to be above average in everything I do in life, and if I can’t apply that to my own body then wth?
  • Wonder Woman goals, yo.
  • I want to be able to do unassisted pull ups.  I need to figure out a good weight goal for squats, but I also need to pay close attention to my foot so that I don’t complicate an already complicated injury.
  • I want to show people that being Vegan does not account = weak and feeble. 
  • I want to serve as an inspiration for those around me, as well as for myself.

Recorded my drawing of Sailor Mars in my sketch book if anyone would like to see~  I ..don’t understand wtf tumblr is doing but hopefully it’ll work for you.  If not, heres a direct link.


This is my absolute favorite recipe ever because its the laziest, but most awesome thing, and totally my go-to when i’m not wanting to put in any effort but want a meal thats got a lot of flavor @_@

Found it here [ x ]

It has a legit recipe but I just kind of do it to taste, assssssss I feel like most recipes should be!

  • Avocado with Black Pepper 1 avocado at maturity
  • 1 v. tablespoon of soy sauce
  • 1 v. tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1.5 to 2 again.tablespoons of olive oil
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • pinch of spicy smoked Parikia  ( I usually switch this out with Cayenne)