IN THE LAP OF THE GODS: Kathmandu Valley, Nepal - photography: Gentl & Hyers - text: Isabella Tree - CNTraveler August 2013

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CUISINE: Gascony, France - photography: Gentl & Hyers - text: Michael Ruhlman - CNTraveler July 2013

LAIKIPIA,CENTRAL KENYA - photography: Christopher Churchill - text: Sophy Roberts - CNTraveler April 2017

  • “Sausage prepared by Dominique Chapolard, who grows the grains his pigs eat on his farm.”
  • “Turmeric, coriander, buckwheat greens, and tree tomatoes are among the staples at one of Bhaktapur’s markets. Nepal’s spicy cuisine isn’t all vegan, though - most people also eat meat.”
  • “An offering to the Hindu god Ganesh, consisting of vermilion, chrysanthemum, pomegranate, juniper, rice, cotton, and lentils.”
  • “Still life of local fruits at Kate Hill’s Kitchen at Camont cooking school.”
  • “Lunch at Arijiju, including chili beef, green papaya salad, and ginger-steamed bok chop.”