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I dunno why but everytime i go to your blog i always read, "Master has given Dobby a blog! Dobby is a Free Rafe!"

Backstory of my blog: Once upon a time, there was a secondary blog. One day, I handed a ruined book to my blog. Unbeknownst to me, that Potter boy had hidden his dirty sock between the pages, causing me to accidentally set my blog free. Now my blog runs rampant helping Harry and his friends. I sure do hate that kid. It doesn’t help that my son won’t stop talking about him. Trust me, I’ve heard of it!

I had planned to go on a run yesterday before work, but chose to go with my mom to take the pup to the vet instead. He has some issues with snapping and biting. He kind of just snaps if you touch him while he’s sleeping, or if you move wrong, I don’t really know. He bit me in the face last week after he freaked out while he was under my covers. He’s really sweet the rest of the time, sometimes he just snaps. But anyway, the vet wanted to do some tests to make sure it’s not a physical problem causing him to act out. The poor guy did NOT like getting poked and prodded at the vet and they had to put a muzzle on him… poor guy. After the vet we went on a very short walk (I jogged, but slowly) because I didn’t have time for anything longer before work. 

So ya, that was my day! My stomach got upset again and I can’t figure out what’s causing it. So that’s frustrating. I also didn’t feel great at work last night, I was tired and just felt a bit run down. Today I feel kind of meh. I’m hoping to at least get a walk in before work. 

I will forever love the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and those wonderful people that played them.

For me, they have always been THE group of superheroes. More o than the Justice League, more so than The Avengers. I didn’t want Supermans ability to fly or Batmans gadgets. I didn’t want to swing through the streets of New York as Spider-Man or have claws in my hands like Wolverwine.

I wanted to be the Red Ranger. I wanted that awesome helmet, his sword. I wanted to be a part of a brightly colored team with a dinosaur motif. I wanted to pilot a giant Tyrannosarus Rex mech and combine it with other dino mechs and create the Megazord.

I mean I love DC and Marvel heroes, but Power Rangers - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in particular - will always be my team.

I also really like the people playing them and have been given the opportunity on numerous occasions to chat with them via Twitter, in a way fulfilling childhood dreams of meeting them.

So much has happened this week and I can’t thank God enough for all the blessings that I have received. And indeed, it is a #TYL moment. Lol. But seriously. I am just so happy with everything that’s been happening in my life right now.

Work wise, we have a lot of projects coming in lately. I hope they do hire new planners asap. I’m glad though that my bosses really appreciates my work and see the efforts I’ve been putting in. Yesterday, I received a really great news. We had this appraisal assessment last year and I got great feedbacks from the supervisors and as well as our manager. So they decided to give me a raise on my pay. I didn’t really expect it and I was kinda shocked. I love my job so much even though at times it can be stressful. It feels so great when people appreciates the things you do.

As for my freelance life, it’s going pretty well too. I have my first project for this year which is a business card for my high school batchmate. He ordered 100pcs of personalized business card. My casetify sales are also doing good. I’ve got a few sales already and hopefully get a few more by the end of the month. Also, I’ve been trying my luck on selling drawstring bags. I’m just hoping I’d get atleast 15 pcs of orders on my first batch so I can really push through it. I’m so lucky to have such supportive friends. Actually, my college friend Pachy was the one who encouraged me to put my artworks into something else. And another college friend, Shannen wants me to design planners. 

It’s just the first month of the year but a lot of good things are already happening. I just know that this year is gonna be the bomb! Claiming it already. I’m so thankful for everything. ♡






I forgot to take a selfie or anything while out jogging, but I managed to go for another short walk / jog with my mom before work today. I’m still not feeling great (why can’t I shake this!!! ahhhh!!!!) but I had said I at least wanted to go for a walk today. I had to drag myself out of bed, but the dog was all excited to go, so fine. Remember how I mentioned that my dog can be a demon sometimes? Well today he didn’t want to put his harness on. So poor bud didn’t get to come. He still acted all excited to go even after he snapped at my mom for trying to put his harness on him. So no dog walks today. But mom and I went anyway. 

So that was a lot of words to say that I went for a walk / jog… but ya! It’s done. Now I have to work. Blah. 


//Sorry it took so long for an update to appear but I had issues with story board artists, I have found one and they are very nice and are great. Give @lashana a follow! They work hard and are just the nicest person you’ll ever meet!
We will have updates coming in now, I will make sure you never wait as long as you already have!

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