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Mikunology Files 1: Premise

So I guess I better start this, huh? My post did get a decent amount of likes and I dunno if everyone really wants me to do this or not but might as well and I need to keep track of this anyway @ask-vocal-android, @ask-model-cv02 and @incorrectvocalandroidquotes do have a sort of “shared universe” or something like that. I’ve actually had this little universe in mind for a WHILE now, and I’ve tried to make it as a fanfiction, but I’ve had to restart that fanfiction about 3 times because of negative reception (which made me wonder if I should be doing this at all). But I’ve kept working on it quietly, and I guess I should explain what it’s all about at least for the sake of letting people know what I’m actually talking about sometimes when I refer to things inside this verse.

I simply call it the “Vocal Android Verse”, and I am now declaring that this is (obviously) NOT CANON IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM, NOR WOULD I EVER SAY THIS IS. I know for a fact tons of people in this fandom mistake stuff for canon when it isn’t, and I don’t want anyone doing it with my own stuff. All of this is, in a word, headcanons, and the headcanons I go off of when I make things regarding Vocaloid.

Now, let’s get started, I guess. If you wanna keep reading, go under the cut. But be warned: there’s A LOT OF READING.

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Vocal Android Content Masterpost!

I said I would do it, and you guys wanted it, so here it is.

So what this is is a list of links to posts regarding my Vocaloid fan project, Hatsune Miku: Vocal Android. I’ve tried to gather as much stuff as I can that has actual relativity–everything else can probably be found in the “#my headcanons” tag. I’ll keep this list updated accordingly and add it to the blog description for anyone new to check out. 

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