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Possible Scenario for Season 3

Now I was going through some of the most recent interviews that the Voltron crew has put out in regards to season 3 and I found this little tidbit: 

Look over the line highlighted in blue. Read it again. And again. Of course, Jeremy is most likely joking to point fun at all the dead Shiro jokes (and possibly Blue Lion Theory.) 

But what if Jeremy is only partly joking? What if there is a scene in scenario in season 3 where Lance comes really close to actually dying?

Now odds are in season 3 there will be shift in the lion arrangements Keith definitely piloting Black and possibly Lance switching over to Red and Allura to Blue like the original counterparts. Of course there will be a lot of problems, especially among the trio of Keith, Lance, and Allura. Keith has to deal with being thrusted in to a position that he obviously never wanted and is not prepared for when all he probably wants to do is focus everything towards looking for Shiro. Lance has to deal with his insecurities of, yet again, being used as a Keith replacement and learning to deal with Red who is not happy at all and barely listens to him. Allura, not only as to deal with a Zarkon replacement in Prince Lotor, but is most likely conflicted about finding out one of the last Atleans is an evil druid (and possibly helped bring forth the rise of Zarkon) and about her own new awakened powers and the connections has with the Druids.

Now, things always hit there lowest point before they start to get better and I imagine that the lowest point for the paladins will be meeting with Lotor for the first time.  It is a battle none of them are prepared for- bonds with lions are weak, they can’t cooperate with one another, everyone is argument. Just from the teaser trailer we know Voltron is in some deep trouble.

Imagine things get so bad that Voltron can’t hold together during the battle with Lotor and the lions separate. All of them are beat up and struggling, especially Keith and Black (who of course has taken on more than he chew once more). Black isn’t responding anymore (Keith wonders if it’s become of the damage or because it has stopped because it doesn’t think Keith is worthy of piloting it any longer due to how much of a disaster this battle has been). 

Lotor is firing up for another attack, aimed straight at Keith and the Black Lion (cause of course if Lotor’s destroying anyone’s lion, its going to be his daddy’s favorite).  Keith is literally a sitting duck.

Then sudden a red blur comes blasting into Black’s side, sending them out of harm’s way. Both Red and Lance take the full blunt of the blast because if there is one thing both the Red Lion and Lance would agree on it would be on protecting Keith. When the smoke clears, we see Red hovering in space, eyes dark and cracked.

Everyone is frantic, trying to get a transmission from Red to see if Lance is alright. Have several moments, everyone hears a wet cough and a weak voice call out, “Haha…finally….got Red to listen to me. Isn’t…that right girl?” Then there is silence.

The Blue Lion then goes berserk so much so that Allura can’t control her. The Blue Lion, in her rage, uses the sonic boom cannon to temporary disable Lotor’s ship weaponry which allows the Castle time to create wormhole for everyone to escape.

 Once everyone is safe, they are able to get to look after Red and Lance. When they bring Lance out, he is close to death. Perhaps the Castle took damage during the attack so the healing pods aren’t working at the moment. Everyone is gathered around a faintly breathing Lance who is cradled in Keith’s arms, tearing up and hearts breaking at the prospect they might lose another paladin after Shiro.

Then Allura, determined to not lose another member of her family, uses her newly awakened powers  (which she has been hesitant to reveal to the paladins because she still associates it with Haggar) to attempt to heal Lance. Everyone, especially Allura herself, are blown away when it works and Lance awakens and everyone falls into a tearful, overjoyed group hug.

From that point on, everything would probably start to run a bit smoother for the paladin. They know about Lotor and what to expect in battling with him, Allura can freely show off her new powers without fear of judgment or that it powers will be harmful like Haggar’s, Lance will be able to bond more closely with Red, and Keith will be able to understand the consequences of being a leader and handle situations with a bit more thought to ensure no one gets hurt in future battles.

You: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah Maas

Me, an intellectual: The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

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I hope you don't mind me asking but why do you hate Zutara? I think it's a healthy ship (in regards to season 3)

ppl started shipping it LONG before they became friends, always in a gross reylo way, I hated the way they always demonized mai and sometimes aang, how aang/toph (EW) was always the side ship and I just really fucking hate the ship especially given how strongly katara feels abt the fire nation?? like fucking yuck

Hello to all my lovely followers!I hope that you are all doing fine.The purpose of my writing this text post is to inform you guys of something that I have been thinking for quite a while now and after the (disappointing) news that we were all informed of yesterday regarding their being no season 3,I’m informing you guys that this blog will no longer be only dedicated to magnificent century and magnificent century kosem.I obviously won’t stop making mc and mck edits but I will be making edits for other period dramas too(for now I’m thinking the white princess).This idea has been in my mind for a long time and I wanted to share it with you guys so yeah,that’s it I guess.May you all have a lovely day! x.

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Isn't great that Snow and Whale now have more discussion that Emma ready "to move on" after a day, and Snow and Regina were all about it? Or any of the miscommunication issues that lead up to Emma giving back the ring? Is Killian are even gonna to be alowed to use the Hook? Or Henry, Snow, Charming think that will scared the guests? Can't some one curse The Charmings again? Take Henry too... Emma and Hook, Archie and the Jolly there's THE wedding

You mean the long running joke about the one night stand Snow would never have had if her bestie hadn’t cursed her inflicting her with a personality that was meant to make her miserable?  

Emma has not been given a point of view regarding her feelings since season 3. Season 4 started and it’s been one baddie after another. No insight into how the lost little girl felt at the fact that the man she was coming to care for had had his heart ripped out of his chest and was going to be killed by her son’s grandfather. But I digress… 

Well, no I guess I really didn’t digress. Emma and Killian, despite being two of the main characters, are given no real character insight because it’s all given to Regina and Snow. I know how they feel about their history. I know that Snow cherishes being a hero over just about anything, including her daughter. I know that Regina feels like she is crapped on more than anyone else, even her victims. What I don’t know is how Emma feels about being the casualty of both of them. Regina’s villainy and Snow’s heroism. 

Make no mistake Emma is a victim of Snow’s addiction to being a hero. Everyone in Storybrooke is. Everyone that suffered at the hands of Regina does so because Snow released her. She’s not responsible for the things Regina did, only Regina is. But she is responsible for unleashing her and allowing it to happen even when she could have stopped it. 

I’m kind of surprised by the way that they disregarded Killian’s desire to get married on the Jolly because of the guests. Half the attendants are magical. I’m sure that they can come up with some kind of magic elixir to cure them of “sea sickness”. They probably couldn’t get the Jolly for that date but come up with something that a halfway decent fanfic writer couldn’t fix. Ultimately this wedding does not seem like it’s going to be about Emma. 

Even Snow’s comments to David were about “their” happy moments there. Everyone was clearly not feeling the vibe but she kept pushing it because her happy moments have happened there. 

Okay so the photoshop on these holiday pictures are terrible, but I think a reason I love them so much is because they didn’t need to take them. Like, we’re probably not going to actually see them in any of the episodes. They probably won’t be acknowledged or anything - maybe there will be a couple shots where you can see them in the background, but that will be it. They don’t add anything to the narrative or anything. But they’re still there.

They still went to the effort to do a photoshoot with Stephen and Emily, and to photoshop them on various backgrounds to show that they’ve travelled, and framed them and put them in the set of their house, knowing that they’d just be brushed over in the background. Idk I just think it’s a lovely thing for them to have done, because they knew we’d love and appreciate it. 

Welcome post

Hi all,

So this is our new Sleepy Hollow fansite, which will be our hub for all things regarding season 3 renewal campaigns within the next few weeks and up until May. It’s still under construction, but we wanted to get it started ASAP since we only have these 2 episodes left before season 2 ends.

Be sure to share that this is where to send any info regarding season 3 renewal efforts, and we’ll be posting about upcoming campaigns here soon.

Send us an ask if you have any info or questions. Let’s get Sleepy Hollow renewed for season 3!

other highlights from stephen amell’s phoenix comicon panel regarding season 3:

  • the main villain is going to be another batman villain
  • oliver and felicity’s relationship will be discussed pretty early in the season (re the whole fake-out “i love you” thing)
  • we’ll see the actual tipping point of oliver losing his humanity in the flashback scenes
  • and apparently how it happens will be a shocker
  • thea’s coming back, along with malcolm merlyn (i guess this one is pretty obvs)


Attention WOY fans! Please read below.

Well everyone.. When @kiddoryder​ and I started up the #SaveWOY petition we had a few objectives.

1) Get Wander Over Yonder a third season

2) Make Craig and the WOY crew proud

3) Attract more attention and fans for the show.

*Guys, we can tick numbers 2 & 3 off the list.*

I am just so, so absolutely proud of EACH and EVERY one of you. This tweet right here is the proof of our success. We have gotten 6,190 signatures/supporters on one petition ALONE, IN JUST 5 DAYS and it’s still going up.

This is HUGE guys! None of us expected to get this amount of supporters! I doubt even the crew thought we’d get this many! The support from you all for the #SaveWOY fight has truly been mind-blowing. It’s just been absolutely incredible! Everyone who has taken part, whether through fan art, signing/making petitions, sending letters/emails or just raising awareness should feel BEYOND PROUD of our success. How many other fandoms would be able to do this, huh!? 

We’re trying to bring the show back not only because WOY deserves another season and we want closure but because Wander taught us “It Never Hurts To Help”. My friends, we have helped the WOY Crew. We have helped them to realise just how popular their show is and how much it means to us all. Despite poor ratings to begin with and Disney XD screwing them over with bad time slots, lack of promos, no merch and finally cancelling their show prematurely WOY has still managed to attract this many fans and this much support. We are all willing to fight a huge company like Disney to get this show what it deserves. 

We will of course continue fighting to get that third season and we will not give up! But no matter what happens now in regards to a Season 3. Whether we succeed or not. WE CAN ALL BE EXTREMELY PROUD OF OURSELVES FOR WHAT WE HAVE ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED. THE CREW WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS. WELL DONE WANDER OVER YONDER FANDOM, WELL DONE.


The current state of the Karmy fandom after the heartbreaking 2b season finale.

General reactions:

Stage 1 - Denial

Stage 2 - Acceptance

@Karma Ashcroft still denying her feelings

@Amy Raudenfeld suffering the most on this show

@Karmy breaking our hearts again

@Karmy in general

@Carter Covington regarding Karmy in season 3





What is it?

Okie so basically this hiatus is killing me and we’re less than half way through it so this is basically one huge clusterfuck of a group for ideas/crying/ranting/theories about what our precious beans will be up to once we resume in 2016.


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This is a 100% HATE FREE ZONE! All opinions (so long as they are respectful) and ships are welcome (+ encouraged) and absolutely no hate will be tolerated. Sorry not sorry.

This network will likely include teasers/hints/leaked material regarding Season 3, so if you don’t like minor spoilers DON’T JOIN.

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