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Add Oil Comics explores social justice issues through the use of, well, comics. Some reblogged, some original, some inspired by submitted or found text. The one above illustrates a passage taken from Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me. See the full comic here.

CFBG Tips (@cfbgtips​)

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One part young woman’s journey on how to find her “mystical Carefree Black Girl essence,” one part tips on how you can do the same. Wholly good.

The Revolutionary Times (@therevtimes​)

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The Revolutionary Times features two dudes discussing the things we all talk about with our friends: gentrification, worry and anger regarding the current presidential administration, Star Wars. Sometimes they’re time travelers, but usually they’re not. It’s a good read, and we suggest you start with their comics on Tumblr tag.

Follow these too:

  • Black Comics Chat (@blackcomicschat​)—Not just comics (though they do have that), but also a space for Black people to talk with others about Black comics.
  • Black Action Figures and Comics (@blactionfiguresandcomics​)—Fan art, action figures, movie stills, and more. Heavy on the reblogs, it’s a good reminder of the power of a curatorial Tumblr.

Thanks for celebrating Black History Month with us, Tumblr. Everything we’ve been highlighting here on the staff blog ultimately comes from you all. We couldn’t ask for better users.

On Rachel Amber

It took me so long to figure out how to put it into words, but after a lot of thinking, I finally understand what I love most about Rachel Amber. Despite being the one character who is liberally labelled “fake,” by many of the characters in-game, she is the realest character of them all. 

In the minds of many of the students at Blackwell (and maybe even some of the teachers) she is perfect. They are able to have idealized perceptions of who Rachel Amber is because she is a genuinely good and accessible person. She is easy to feel comfortable around and easy to trust. She is intelligent and wise. She is well-loved for everything mentioned above, but she’s also chastised for it. 

She’s well-loved, but it must be because she can easily manipulate them. She’s friendly and charismatic, but sometimes she’s not and it’s obviously because she’s fake. She beautiful, but she definitely uses that to take advantage of people. She’s exceedingly smart and gets good grades for it, but it wouldn’t have happened without her ability to charm teachers. Many flip flop when it comes to their opinion of her because, at some point, she didn’t fit their image of her and they can’t handle that.

Being labelled “perfect” and being put on a pedestal is NOT easy, especially for someone who feels anything but perfect. Rachel is easily one of the most misunderstood characters in-game. One line that really struck a chord with me was when she was talking to Chloe about David. She said, “You’re not a problem, Chloe. You’re a person.” I’d be amazed if she wasn’t also talking about herself in some way because I think she sees a lot of herself within Chloe. People perceive Chloe a certain way, despite not really knowing her at all. Like Chloe, when Rachel doesn’t appeal to people’s idea of her, she’s a problem. 

Rachel is someone who is under tremendous pressure and is dealing with a difficult and complicated issue regarding her father. Her anger and grief is so intense that it manifests into physical outbursts. Like Chloe said, she gets smashy when she’s angry. That is such an important part of her character because it shatters all perception of the “perfect” Rachel Amber and allows us to see how fundamentally flawed she is. We can see that she’s a person.

When the viewfinder eats her quarter, she hits it in frustration because that’s just another thing gone wrong. When her worst fears are realized with her father, she lashes out because she’s devastated that the one person she trusted above all else would hurt her like this. When Chloe admits that what’s going on between them is special, she runs because it’s scary forming something so deep when it can end as quickly as it started. Someone who acts the way she acts is far from perfect, and that’s what makes her character so meaningful and so real.

Rachel is scared, angry, and heartbroken, just like any other teenager would be during one of the hardest parts of their lives. She doesn’t have things figured out, and she feels lost. She feels alone. She feels trapped. That’s why her feelings for Chloe are so intense so quickly. Like William said in Chloe’s dream, Rachel needs someone like her, someone who will accept her for who she really is. 

Rachel is the type of person to pull someone from school out of the blue, take them somewhere, and just listen, understand, empathize with anything spoken about. There is much discussion on whether or not Rachel has some sort of supernatural power like Max does, but honestly, her realest and most potent ability is the power of empathy. She has a deep understanding of people and how they work, but that does not make her a master manipulator. In fact, she is far from one. Rachel uses her understanding for good, to be there for people when they need her the most. But she’s hurting too, and what she needs the most is for someone to understand her. 

Honestly, this could tank like the ending of the first Life is Strange, but I deeply hope that Rachel will get the story she deserves. And tbh, I doubt I could play the first LiS again knowing what happens to her. She’s freed from Arcadia Bay, but in the cruelest way possible. She deserves a lot more than that, and for the final two episodes, I really, truly hope she gets the love and care she needs.


Big thanks to @bearhow2 for beta-reading and his suggestions.


Out of my room!” the shout burst through the door as it swished open and a large green cat sprinted through it, yowling in distress. “OUT!” another scream followed, together with an assortment of loose objects thrown forcefully to impact against the opposite wall.

A very angry and very pregnant apparition from Hell floated through the door, its four blazing eyes catching just a glimpse of a green tail disappearing around a corner. The fire in them faded and they merged back into their normal shape, their amethyst color now clouded by tears.

Raven pulled her communicator out with a trembling hand. “Cyborg,” she spoke hoarsely into the device. “My room. Now.

[Continues below the cut]

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(Regarding Jonouchi's anger at Kaiba and Isis... I can't find it right now, but there's a post on Tumblr dissecting that *exact* scene. Apparently, the manga's original wording carried the implication that Jou thought Kaiba and Isis were sleeping together... or something to that effect.)


It’s got an added soap-opera feel AND the hilarity of the disconnect between the imagined sultry trustshipping scene and the true awkward Kaiba yelling at a rock scene AND it still leaves Jounouchi getting mad about fucking nothing at all to do with him. I love it.

(also you read really fast)

Knight of Rage:

The Knight is the active exploitation class. Knights exploit their aspect for any purpose they can, oftentimes weaponizing it, and using it to protect their teammates. Rage is all about anger, passion, fear and falsity. The Knight of Rage would use their passion and anger to protect their teammates, and strike fear in the hearts of their enemies. Knights must learn to accept their true nature.


Knights often hide a fear of failure regarding their aspect behind faked confidence and obsessive effort. A Knight of Rage would think their underlying paranoia and anger would make people turn away from them, so they resort to faking an indifference regarding their anger responses, most people would see them as an exceptionally happy and well-natured person for this, but when caught at a bad moment the Knight of Rage wouldn’t be able to suppress their emotions so when someone surprises them their first instinct might be to punch them in the face. The Knight would obsessively train how to suppress their anger. A Knight of Rage would be a great Teammate in any Session, a Knight always strives to protect all their teammates and with their Passion and Anger they are a force to be reckoned with.


A Knight of Rage Would be able to weaponize Rage in the form of Anger, Passion, Fear and Falsity. This results in:

  • Scaremongering: The Knight of Rage will excel at exploiting Fear, Paranoia, Anger and Falsity. The Knight would be able to create illusions to scare their enemies, attacking them while they are distracted. The stronger the Knight becomes the more effective their illusions become. At low levels the Knight could use jumpscare-level illusions, only startling their enemies for a short amount of time. At their highest level the Knight would be able to create the image of an angered horrorterror in front of their enemies, paralyzing them with fear.
  • Wrath form: The Knight can channel violent rage through their body and soul to gain a new form empowered by their anger. The corruption usually manifests as burning the body/appearance of the Knight and grants improved versions of their original abilities as well as gaining new abilities that reflect the Knight’s wrath. The Knight is invariably driven by incurable rage, although they may be able to control themselves enough to pass as normal, and given enough time they may regain full control. The Knight’s source of power may at first only be their own rage, the more they train the wider their source range could become, at their full potential it might even span session-wide.


Whenever a Session includes a Knight, there will always be a deficiency of the Knights Aspect in the Session. For Example: In the Beta Trolls Session, due to Karkat Vantas’ role as the Knight of Blood, their Session completely lacked trust and emotional bonds between the players, which resulted in the death of a lot of his teammates. In the Knight of Rage’s Session this might manifest itself as a distinct Lack of Passion, most of their teammates only halfass their work, and while in most cases this shouldn’t be a problem, it might make the creation of the Genesis Frog extremely difficult.


RITARDANDO ACRIMONY - The Knight of Rage equips themselves with an illusion, becoming larger and exuding an aura of fear.


The Land of Mafiosi and Panic - Imagine Italy in the year 1800, but the influence of the mafia is cranked up to 100, the Mafia exploit their position and get their resources not only from the citizen of the land, but also the government, at the top of the Mafia sits the of the Knight’s Land denizen, giving out orders to the Mafia. The Knight has to learn how to exploit this situation so they don’t get the raw end of the deal. They might either do this by: Striking down their Denizen, and use the ensuing chaos to re-order the structure of the land, or they become an integral part of the Mafia, and use their leverage to exploit the Consorts. It is up to them to choose their path.

Non-Romani: “I don’t think Kesha did anything wrong–”

Non-Romani: “Considering what she went through I can excuse her racism–”

Non-Romani: “I think you are overreacting–”

Yall DO NOT get to decide what is and what isn’t racist against Romani nor do yall get to tell Romani how to feel regarding this. If our anger makes you uncomfortable ask yourself why.

This is racism. Racism is inexcusable no matter the circumstances.

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After coming back from the dead, finding out the truth about his parents and meeting Dany, do you think Jon would still back Stannis as the true king? I mean before all goes to hell...

While I suspect it’s never going to be a relevant question for Jon, yes, I do think if he was ever forced to, he’d rather support Stannis than Dany. Even after learning that Dany’s his aunt.

Learning that he’s related to the Targaryens isn’t going to instil any sort of family identification in Jon. His biological father started a war to produce him, then left his biological mother to die thousands of miles from her home. His Targaryen grandfather murdered his Stark grandfather and one of his uncles. Why would Jon want anything to do with this side of the family tree? What claim do they have on him, beyond blood?

By contrast, as angry and betrayed as Jon will no doubt feel regarding Ned’s deception, that anger and betrayal is only going to be so acute because Jon loves Ned. As a father, which is what Ned’s been to him. Even if that bond of affection fails, Robb and Bran and Rickon are still Jon’s brothers, Sansa and Arya his sisters, and that love ties him to the Starks better than blood alone.

Ned rejected the Targaryens, and post-reveal Jon of all people would be able to appreciate why.

On the other hand there’s Stannis, who Jon knows and respects, and whose claim to the throne he acknowledges. Stannis wrote him I will save your sister if I can, and that’s more than any Targaryen’s ever done for Jon.

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Can I request an "I let go of my anger (regarding exes and anger issues)" sigil? :3

Of course!! :3 and with this I sincerely hope for you great strength in fighting to overcome your anger, good luck to you, anon <3

Random #Scandal thought 837 🤔: Rowan is as symbolic of something in Liv as Fitz is...

Y'all know I have spent years talking about Fitz being not just a man, but a reflection of something inside Olivia–a want, a desire, a striving to unearth. Once I got over my anger regarding Liv’s false representation to Fitz about choosing Rowan (and blatant self-delusion akin to 506-508), something clicked. The first was that Rowan was, essentially, the cause of their break-up in 509. I wrote about how he was an present absence all over their argument . But there is a bigger point.

If Fitz is symbolic of Hope, then Rowan is symbolic of Fear. Survival of the Fittest (title of 601) in the human species has always required both. Fear is one of the oldest parts of our brains. It helps us to sense danger, and take actions to ensure we keep ourselves alive. This way our species doesn’t suffer Extinction (title of Rowan’s ep 606). It’s useful to us. 

However, Hope is also necessary and must have a place in our lives, because without it, we also cannot survive. Our ancestors had to have hope in order wander out of East Africa to explore, in search for better. That also kept them alive. It’s how our species was able to adapt as we branched off to different parts of the world. In the specific case of our enslaved ancestor in American (Caribbean, South American), they were heroes because they had hope that their enslavement was not all there was to life. They knew they were meant to be free. Can you imagine how much courage it took to maintain hope back then? Harriet Tubman had that gun mostly because her sense of hope required keeping her folks in line so that their fear wouldln’t make them turn back. Her hope made her a leader! I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about it. Because our ancestors had hope, I am able to type this post right now. We wouldn’t be here without that. 

Back to the point. Fitz tells Olivia that he brought her father into custody (Rowan is fear itself, remember, and its also his primary sense of control over Olivia), so that they can focus on taking down Peus (’fear and fright) together. Y’all know that I’m not keen on some hasty romantic rekindling with Olitz when Olivia is clearly not ready (that bonkers shit about choosing her father is a clear indication that she’s got work to do if her AU imaginings have any hope of manifesting). 

BUT. You also know that I think Fitz’s presence in Olivia’s life is essential to her ability to grow. People mostly change (for better or worse) because of the presence of others in their life. Fitz has done the work on himself that he needs to do. Therefore, he can be an unselfish, supportive companion in Liv’s life without her having to worry about protecting and ‘saving’ him. In fact, he saved her from herself this time (thank God because her martyrdom solution was dumb af and would have solved nothing except the eclipse of the sun (#407)). As @JArmstrong05 (Twitter) reminded me, Fitz took himself out of competition with Rowan (though Olivia hasn’t reached that plane of consciousness). To circle back to the Helen of Troy/Trojan Horse comparison Scandal’s been doing since S4, Fitz (Menelaus) sees the bigger picture is about Olivia (Helen of Troy)’s safety and recovery, not some dick battle with Rowan (Zeus, Helen’s Father) . We can read this as Fitz being cognizant that fear (Rowan) is a necessary part of life, even if it has to be contained. That’s mighty big of him, considering Rowan is the man that killed his son. Fitz has to help Olivia fight the fear and fright. Because without the presence of hope (the light), the overabundance of fear will keep Olivia boxed into a small, lonely life with that daddy of hers (”You never choose one of them over me. I will not allow it” (407). Kinda like the nightmare I had. 

You will recall that for a long time I have talked about how in order for Olivia to ‘live’, Rowan has to ‘die’. That ‘death’ has been symbolic, really, of Liv learning what place Rowan has in her life, and act accordingly. So, to sum this up, Fear (Rowan) has a place in our life that keeps us alive, but in order to grow, Hope (Fitz) is necessary. We have to work harder to keep the latter’s influence in our life. Without it, our world and our lives remain small. 

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Hi Miya! You said Jimin can fuck people up if he's annoyed but what exactly does that? And how signs act when annoyed, can they all be vindictive?

Hey, anon! Sorry for the delay on answering you. Jimin has Scorpio working strongly in his life (Venus conjunct Mars, bringing great determination and inner strength that can be scary), a sign that talks about vengeance and holding grudges. The guys joked about it more than once, I think it’s even on one of their profiles of Festa… Maybe last years’? I’ll look for it after posting this so I can link it for you. Anyway. Not only is he intensely emotional but he also has strong Libra placements - a sign that talks about being fair and looking for justice. When combined like this, it makes one emotionally involved regarding everything that he thinks might be done wrongly. Meaning if he thinks the person is acting badly or in an incorrect way according to his standards… He’ll let the person know. However, nor Libra or Scorpio are confrontational signs - meaning he’ll look for revenge but in more subtle ways (that could easily be more destructive for the person being attacked since they can be of deeper meaning or longer durations). He’s also very clever with how he communicates because of his Moon in Gemini, so he could easily fuck someone up without the person ever knowing. lmao A dangerous mochi. I think he doesn’t do these frequently though, and if he does do it it’s to defend people (even people that he doesn’t know much, like in that case with that korean program geez I forgot the name now lol I’ll look for the link as well). But he can be very petty on a daily basis, I’d bet. lol So with all that combined he can be very dangerous if crossed, I have no doubt. I like that he knows how to protect who he loves. I think it can be tiring for him to worry so much and feel so much at all times, though.

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(oh look - the definition of a trap)

Separatedly I’ll talk about the signs. Water signs are the most likely to hold grudges. And everyone thinks Scorpio is the worst but in my opinion Pisces and Cancer are just the same. lol I guess they could even be considered worse since people don’t normaly expect them to be - so since they’re more subtle in nature, people are likely to take longer to realize that they’re being manipulated or “attacked”. Pisces fools everyone, to be honest. Remember it’s a mutable sign - it changes accordingly to situations so it’s the one that takes longer to be recognized as the little shit it can be when crossed. lol Very closely followed by them are the Fire signs. They can be just as bad when reacting out of annoyance but it’ll happen immediately and they’re likely to forget it as soon as it’s done. So basically they react as soon as the thing happens and people will know they’re being attacked for sure, but Fire signs are too agitated to keep holding on to things that have already happened - so although they’re very dangerous when crossed since they WILL attack they’ll probably forget about it in the next hour or two. lol So Fire and Water are equally bad regarding anger / reactions when crossed but in very different ways. 

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This is not something I say lightly, but this moment is out of character for Yamato. I cannot believe he did not make a move to hit Daigo.

Daigo had this information when Yamato came to question him and Maki, and Yamato has every reason to assume this is the case.

We are talking about Yamato here! A character prone to violent outbursts (both verbal and physical), even against those he cares about (Taichi, Takeru, Jyou and Sora). Even though we have seen that he has made progress regarding his anger issues, we have also seen evidence in Tri that he is still prone to these outbursts. Examples include the scene in Saikai where he physically grabs Taichi by the collar (and the fact that he came rushing at his class mates moments earlier, seemingly prepared to physically attack them). 

Upon learning that Daigo had this information, information that could have helped them and potentially prevented the reboot, it would have been far more in character for him to, at the very least, berate Daigo. I’d argue even more in character for him to physically assault him in some way. 

Him not berating Meiko for keeping this info to herself is explained by Takeru’s words when he compares himself to Meiko. Daigo does not get the same “get out of jail free card” on this. 

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i like how ace was the more violent/angry child compared to sabo, but as adults sabo is more violent/angry than ace was, ace seems straight up gentle and kind tbh. and when i say "i like" i mean more that i like the contrast and am proud of how ace grew up i'm kinda sad that sabo seems more angry and frustrated but i also completely understand why and it does make sense lol

yeah, i’ve always found that really interesting and wished more people would explore it- that instead of incorrectly characterizing sabo and ace exactly as how they were as kids, accentuating the way they almost “switched” personalities in a sense and why that happened.

it is really sad (at least wrt sabo) but i can’t help but enjoy it ehehe.  it shows how different their circumstances were, and how that can affect you.  i mean, ace was given a family and the father he needed to help him (start to) move on from his issues with roger.  he was given freedom, but also i think the guidance he’d been needing (as much as ace wanted to be a captain, and i’m sure he was a good one for the spade pirates, i think he was better suited to working under a captain of his own).  and that helped him grow until a more affectionate and happier person.

meanwhile….well it’s hard to talk about sabo without just imparting my own headcanons because i have so goddamn many but just based on canon alone it’s clear that he has a good deal of baggage and anger regarding ace’s death, and a good deal of baggage and anger regarding the marines/world gvt.  

which is to be expected from his position tbh.  he and the people he cares about have been through A Lot of Shit at the hands of the world gvt, and i’m sure he’s knows about plenty more bad shit they’ve done than the audience is even aware of, and so it’s understandable that he carries a lot of contempt towards them.  and with ace…well, that’s kinda self-explanatory.  given luffy’s “i’d rather die than know i didn’t try my hardest to save ace” line (cant remember it exactly but that was the gist) i can only imagine how rough it must be for sabo to have been rendered so helpless in that situation, to not have even been afforded the chance to try to save him, and i’m not surprised that his frustration regarding that has probably translated into anger and violence.

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1) Maybe it's just me, but I think most descriptions of 9s are inaccurate and oversimplified? Especially in regard to anger. For example, most descriptions say things like "9 is unaware of anger/forgets/denies anger" and "when they explode they are surprised by it", and I think it's untrue. As a 9, I'm actually very much aware of my anger, and I know it's always there. (c)

It’s not just you.
9s (and 1s too) get indeed very oversimplified descriptions that focus a lot on behaviour but often leave out the motivation-aspects completely.

i’ve heard from several 1-core Fe-users that they didn’t recognize at first that they were 1s because most 1-descriptions argue from a Fi viewpoint.

for 9s I see a majority of descriptions being tailored to 9w1s only.

the most basic description of a 9 is that they are in denial of their own anger. but of course that “denial” can come in different forms and how aware/unaware you are of it is probably also related to your cognitive stacking

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Thanks so much for constantly treating John with respect and love! Lately I've seen a lot of fics, art and snippets showing John Watson in the worse light. I just know that s4 John is not the John we know so thank you for sharing your stories and the John Watson that made me fall in love with Sherlock.

Hey, thanks for this! I’ve definitely been called a John hater before, so this is nice to hear. Here’s the thing I don’t think people always realise: it’s totally possible to simultaneously love a character and also take issue with their actions. I absolutely love John Watson. He also really needs a serious sitting down on his ass after that last series, and for me personally, also the one before. It finally got to the right place when he said “that’s where they sit, the people who come in here with their stories. That’s all you are now… and we decide if we want you or not” (very loose paraphrase!). And then he went back to Mary. He went grudgingly and unhappily, but he went. He cheated, or almost cheated, but he was nonetheless there, with Mary, when he belonged at Baker Street. And he resented it. John’s been a mixed bag of emotional turmoil, repression, and things not ever properly dealt with since we first met him, but that just got played to a really ugly extent in series 4. That inherent resentment of being with Mary when he wanted to be with Sherlock led to some really bizarre shifts of blame and association. Blaming Sherlock for the actions of two other people was weird. Was John really so unable to accept the concept that Mary’s criminal background, so very lightly glossed over in series 4 by the writers, was going to have inevitable consequences for all of them? Why was it so much easier for him to blame Sherlock instead, unless there were a host of other issues to do with Sherlock there in the first place: unresolved anger regarding the falsified suicide, insufficient explanations to help him understand why Sherlock did what he did and the benefit pertaining directly to John within that, what I see as clear-cut emotional and sexual repression, outright denial, and a general inability to deal with strong emotions of any kind, even anger? Those weird anger-smiles he does, rather than just letting himself be properly angry - we like them, but it has to be acknowledged that they’re repressive. 

John has done some pretty inexcusable things. I’m saying that in isolation of what any other character has done. It holds regardless of anyone else’s actions. That said, I don’t think that John is an inherently horrible human being. He really, really needs to make some serious apologies, whether or not Sherlock seems to want them from him, but he does owe them nonetheless. People are not only their worst behaviour, though. Our best selves are as true - maybe even truer - than our worst selves. I do truly believe that the worst of John’s behaviour was an aberration and not reflective of his true self. I see him as a man who is loyal, courageous, funny, thoughtful, kind. He’s also conflicted and not very self-aware, and frankly crap at dealing with anything emotional. I love him, flaws and all, and I’m very pleased that you don’t think of me as a John hater based on the way I write him! I’m just trying to do justice to the many-layered person that he is. Some of those layers are more beautiful than some of the others, and that’s part of what makes him such an interesting character, at least in my opinion! :)

To celebrate coming home from work early today, here are a couple more Nekoma gems from the All Right strip!

Yaku’s & Lev’s designs

  • Taketora Tiger’s Eye- I apologize for the predictability of this one. Perhaps the Nekoma court’s strongest fighter, or at least that’s how he regards himself. Prone to anger and most likely to pick fights with inanimate objects. Never leave him to go on patrol unsupervised; hell will break loose.
  • Fukunaga please call him ‘Nugger’ Jade- Thought I’d pick a stone that would best suit Nugger’s (it’s a nickname I gave him, okay) ‘maneki-neko’ image, so I went with the stone of prosperity. In battle, he is able to generate an inexhaustible supply of blades. Also uses his sleeves as weapons, apparently. Keeps a collection of useless things he’s found in his quarters.

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do you think Sangwoo's attitude will change a bit, where he won't touch Yoonbum sexually when he finds out his Uncle has been sexually abusing him?I hope it does bc these spoilers have made me sick, how is going to save Bum from sexual assault then go and do this??? I know he's bat shit crazy but I thought he had some slight moral standing. (It really seemed to me that he didn't like sexual abuse)

tbh……i expect one of two responses. 1. ‘total apathy’, or 2. ‘possessive anger’. with regards to the latter it’s because he sees bum as his own possession and it’s possible that he could care in the sense that he feels like someone touched what was his. but more likely, i think, is an apathetic response. i wouldn’t even put it past sangwoo to guilt and shame bum about his uncle’s abuse and even use it against him somehow.

[ a potential 3. is ‘fake caring’. he could pretend he gives a shit so that bum sees him as some sort of savior. this would help sangwoo’s general goal of making bum super emotionally dependent on him and attached to the point where he can really truly do what he wants with him. it would all be about the illusion of sangwoo’s love and making bum feel like he actually cares. we’ve already seen how sangwoo abuses bum’s need for love and need to feel cared for. needless to say in this scenario sangwoo doesn’t actually care ]

sangwoo isn’t going to save bum from any sexual assault….not when he’s too busy inflicting it himself lol. if he challenges his uncle its gonna be out of his own selfish possessiveness rather than a genuine care for bum’s life and well being/mental state. he has no moral standing.

i feel that many readers expect too much good out of sangwoo. he will never do a good, honest thing for bum. everything is about himself. 

Letter from Rosaire to...

To the one who deserves greetings, warm communication, and acknowledgment, this letter is not delivered.

Sweet child, pious son of Halone, worthy scion stamped in Ishgardian steel, I extend my thoughts, tremulous and anxious, towards you, and withdraw, in cowardice, at the last moment.

I might write to you for word of your health and of what exploits in and beyond Dravania your new employment has led, for clues as to whether my blasphemous aim of moving you out of the direct line of Nidhogg’s gaze succeeded at keeping you from harm; I might confess my sin and invite your rebuke for ever so meddling your career and stymying its advancement. I sketch, in my imagination, the scope of your resentment and anger regarding this misdeed of mine – this single mountain of a misdeed, dwarfed by the scale of the sum of them, like a small hill in the foothills of Abalathia – and know how much more I deserve. But I do not write.

I might write to you to share the news of my impending marriage, for as perverse as it is to report to you such tidings as if you should be glad to hear them, to conceal them from you would surely be worse. I might speak of them as briefly and minimalistically as possible, so as to not trouble you with details you might not wish to learn; I might allude, with careful turns of phrase, to the exceeding generosity and gentleness of my intended’s heart and the openness of her attitude to a relationship between us. In my imagination another mountain springs up in the range, and you regard it with the offense and disgust it deserves. But again I do not write.

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