regan morris

Regan Morris is a 21 year old party dj who looks a lot like Hayley Williams and is TAKEN.

“We can be jack-o-lanterns in July.”


Regan had always been the loud on in classes. In all of elementary school she was constantly giggling or making some invention out of paper at her desk. She hardly paid attention in class, but did well on assignments. Everyone liked her and got along with her but she never really had a best friend. She enjoyed being well liked but having time to herself when she got home.

Her parents were both artists and they always loved for herself to be able to express herself in anyway. They were constantly working on some new sculpture or painting and she sometimes got to help. Other times she was left alone to do whatever she wanted. She got really into video games on days her parents were really busy. But spent a ton of time with her parents when they weren’t busy. The three of them were always happy to be around each other and were very close. They were kind of hippie parents who were really open about everything with their daughter, so she told them everything.

After high school, Regan didn’t really know what she wanted to do. So her parents let her take a few months to backpack through Europe to get some of her adventure out and maybe come back a little more focused. Instead, she came back wanting only to see more of the world and wanting to experience everything. But her parents made her get a job. So she became a party Dj since she really liked music. And she spent all her money on rent, food, and traveling. She was hardly in San Fran for much of her time. Just enough to make work.


+ : Wild Child, Confident, Smart

- : Immature, Non-commitmental, Instinctive