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I know your kindness, your wisdom and yes, your compassion. But I don’t see these things in you. Because they’re in her. // This is no trick. She’s been with me since the moment you left. When you used the Amulet you were split in two. You may have your powers and your sharp mind but the rest of you is in her. Your heart, your compassion, your mercy. A Mother Confessor needs all of it. Zedd can fix this. He can put you back together. He can make you a whole person again. But until he does, you don’t have the right to decide his fate, or anyone elses.

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regan a4 omg

very good choice, , wow i hadnt even noticed it there…

make me draw your otp as long as it isnt some furry shit

After work, Regan snitched one of Kent’s bathbombs – and a glass of wine. Wine would help. Despite her good relationship to her sister and the casual character of today’s meeting, she was nervous.  

Goneril Capp had four children – enough to make sure there would be an heir once Goneril retired. However, Miranda, the oldest one, deem her as suitable for the job at all – and she hadn’t shown much interest in taking over her mother’s business either.  The rest of the children was still quite young. In between, there was a gap. Someone had to take care of the pub for a couple years…

Regan would be perfect. As the owner’s sister she could lead the business while training the younger generations to do the same.

But then there was Titania Summerdream. Regan was good at working with customers and commercial awareness. However she hadn’t developed a sense of entrepreneurial thinking – at least not yet.

Titania’s thinking was sometimes high up in the cloud, but there was no doubt she was as creative as her husband. She had business vision and was well connected in SimNation.

Regan took another sip of her wine.

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“I get the impression that Neal and Alex are still on unsettled terms.”
“Unsettled meaning what? She wants to bed him or kill him?”
“Fine line.”