Fanfic Author Appreciation Week

So I’m mostly an OutlawQueen/Regal Believer/Dimples Queen kind of gal, so most of the people tagged in this post will be writers from those fandoms but I have some honorable mentions I wanna do:

sgtmac7 gets an honorable mention for SwanQueen. Now I don’t really ship them romantically, but I took the time out to read Shawn’s fic Penance as well as the prompts/drabbles she’s done on SwanQueen. I totally love the way she writes them romantically-it just, it works for me. I’ve tried reading other SQ fics but I haven’t come across any that capture me like Shawn’s do. If Shawn were to write for OUAT and have SwanQueen be an established romantic couple, I’d totally ship the hell out of them.

Second honorable mention goes to freifraufischer who is an amazing meta writer. I haven’t had a proper moment to check out her ff stuff, but she’s on this list because she is by far hands down the BEST SnowQueen/Regal Believer/Regina Mills meta writer EVER. I’m sticking to my theory that she should be responsible for writing for the show.

toseehowthestoryends for her fic ‘Freeze on the Stones’. It’s mostly Rumbelle and even though I’m not really a fan of Rumbelle, I’m really enjoying her story; it’s all so well planned out and her portrayal of the characters is VERY accurate. I REALLY hope Cora dies…soon! Lol.

Now, to the OutlawQueen writers:

At the top of the list is someonethatiamnot Allison is just amazing; I’ve been reading her fics since her PPP days. But really, she’s all kinds of awesome for more than just her writing. Reading her fics has really helped me develop my skills as a writer. And her word count, makes me drool. Over 10k words in one chapter?! That’s insanity!!! Oh and her last update of 'Breaking In’, I SWEAR it was great-that fic always seems to pull me back into when me and my mom’s relationship wasn’t so great, sorta like Regina and Cora’s-but not so extreme. I was in shambles after the last update! And we’re not EVEN gonna discuss how BD has ruined me, and probably anyone else who’s read it…

outlawqueenluvr ah Jess, her fics are so perfect! She has such a way with words that just makes you feel everything she writes! I’m still not over the fact that she took down Out of Order-I LOVED that fic! I almost cried over that one! And, she’s written Swingtown fics, and I LOVE Swingtown!

htoria She’s literally KILLING me with the wait for the next chapter of Not Guilty. I had NEVER seen the movie Brave before but after talking to my friend, who convinced me to watch it, I realized the HUGE parallels between Brave and Would You Change Your Fate. I’ve probably read that fic at LEAST 5 times…

repellomuggletum15 Bea slays my life with her writing…that is all.

ninzied and emily31594 are literally the queen’s of One Shots…I swear a couple of their fics have made me tear up.

broadwaybaggins has written the perfect little fic with “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”-it is OutlawQueen in AU domesticated bliss and it’s perfect.

mysterious-song for Knocking Hips…I love that fic, it’s one of the best!

whasupwhereitis for writing Fester…if you haven’t read that one, you literally have NO idea what you’re missing!

lala-kate I just LOVE her and her fics! You guys should go read 'Her’…it’s really beautiful!

There are TONS of other writers that I love, but these ladies are just the cream of the crop! All of these ladies have my respect, and if they ever write books in real life, I’d totally buy them!

Regel Generation - FANMADE Version
  • Regel Generation - FANMADE Version
  • Kise Ryouta ft. Aomine Daiki
  • made by: TheNakedBloger

helllooowwww :) TheNakedRadio here again!

I really love Aomine’s and Kise’s voices together, so I took their versions of “Regal Generation” and made you all a Duet ^^ hope you’ll like it, I really love it (maybe because I love their voices together and they’re my fav OTP on KuroBasu XD).

***This is a fan-made so please do not re-post anywhere on any site, k? :)***

Song: REGAL GENERATION - Kise Version+ Aomine Version

Sing: Kise Ryouta (cv: Kimura Ryohei my love the cutest sexy voice everrr<333) ft Aomine Daiki (cv: Suwabe Junichi the manliest sexy voice everrrr<<<3333 (really i love their voiced so much!!!! >.< i can hear them all day!!)

Anime: Kuroko no Basket

fanmade: thenakedbloger a.k.a me ^^”

I really wish you’ll enjoy this. I decided to make this because I really loved their officialy duet song (”let me burn” - which btw you can find on my tumblr with a download link ^^ you can write on my search “thenakedradio” and you’ll see all the audio i’ve uploud untill today.) so I really wanted to here them again… :<


now excuse me its 9 at morning and i still didn’t go to sleep (yeah…al night… on tumblr….god…) sooooo…….. ;O….bye bye mina!


Are you, are you, coming to the tree? Exploration of darkness in Once Upon a Time with focus on Emma’s darkness.

The Story of a Girl: Who Found a Reason to Change

A playlist for season 2 Regina: the repentant mother who sought redemption for her son.

Bring Me to Life- Evanescence | The Reason- Hoobastank | A Thousand Years- Christina Perri | My Immortal- Evanescence | How Do You Love Someone- Ashley Tisdale | No More Sorrow- Linkin Park | Timeless- The Airborne Toxic Event | Dark Side- Kelly Clarkson | Fighter- Christina Aguilera | Leave Out All the Rest- Linkin Park


Part 4 of The Story of a Girl

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Mamihlapinatapei or Tarantism

Mamihlapinatapei can be found here.

Tarantism - The urge to overcome melancholy by dancing.

This kind of screamed Warden x Alistair at me, with a hint of Zev and Leliana being, well, Zev and Leliana.  

This happens a few days after A Mage, Of All Things.

“My dear Leliana, we have not heard your beautiful music for quite some time.  Would you regale us with a song?”

The camp had been too quiet since Mira, Alistair, Leliana, and Morrigan had returned from the Circle Tower with Wynne.  Something had changed in their fearless leader, she’d been withdrawn, not sitting with the others at the fire each night, preferring to stay in her tent or wander off into the surrounding woods.

And Zevran had noticed that the other Grey Warden had often followed her.  

But tonight, tonight she was sitting by the fire again.  Wynne had chosen to cook that night, and it was the first good meal they’d had in quite some time, since Alistair had started playing cook.  He could still see the dark circles under her eyes and the hollowness of her cheeks, but she was here for the moment.  She hadn’t slipped away yet.  Leliana had told him what had happened, how most from her past were now gone, the home she’d known almost destroyed, and the cruel things said by someone she had once loved.

The bard nodded at him, knowing full well what he was trying to do.  She picked up her lute and began to play a tune suited for dancing in a tavern.  Perfect.  He could have kissed her, she was always on the same page as him when it came to the two Grey Wardens.

He stood from where he’d been lounging, holding his hands out to Mira as he approached her.  “Dance with me, you are too lovely not to have a dance partner when a song like this is played.”

She made to wave him away, mumbling how she didn’t feel like dancing, but his hands wrapped around hers and pulled her to her feet.

“Trust me, dancing will help, my dear warden.”  

Before he knew it, a smile was crossing her face as she tried to keep up with him, following his lead for the steps of the dance.  Soon, Wynne was pulling Alistair and Sten into a dancing circle with her, Oghren content to dance on his own.  Bruno barked excitedly, running around the group.  Morrigan and Shale remained by their usual places, watching them.

He kept catching glances of Alistair staring at them while they danced and an idea sparked in his mind.  He caught Leliana’s eye and winked at her, nodding his head towards the blond warden.   

She immediately began to pluck the chords to a slower tune.  Zevran slowed his movements with Mira, before taking her hand and planting a gentle kiss on her knuckles.  “It has been a pleasure, but I believe there is another who wishes a dance.”  He guided her over to Alistair, placing her small hand in his large one.

He settled down beside Leliana, watching the pair of wardens begin to sway and dance to the music.  He wanted to tell Alistair to be bold and move his hand a little lower than where it rested high on Mira’s waist, but he wouldn’t ruin the moment.  He could see the sparkle return to her eyes, a small laugh at something Alistair had said.

Their fearless leader was returning to them.

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