regal shit

birds of paradise

y’know them birds that are pretty aff and regal as shit and like elaborate and alL THAT. srsly paradise birds look mythological and surreal. SO THE BEAUTIFUL.
now imagine Marco being like a bird of paradise. and and those birds do these crazy insane beautiful mating dances and rituals to impress their mates or sometimes they just do it bc IT’S IN THEIR INSTINCTS. aND OMG IMAGINE MARCO DOING THAT. SECRETLY DANCING OR SOMETHN HELL IMAGINE HIM TRYING TO IMPRESS HIS CRUSH OH GOSH.

You know when you have a serious Evil Regal problem?

When you can tell which season it is based on Regina’s hair

Do you know when you have even a bigger problem?

When you can tell the episode based on what Regina is wearing

Me seeing this gif: Season 3 Episode 3 “Quite a Common Fairy!!!!”…

That’s what I mean…

I seriously have an Evil Regal problem…

Sooo on a scale of 1-10, how pissed ya think Regina will be to find out Henry used the iPod she gave him to get a girl?


Okay, if you don’t understand why these scenes should not have been deleted.. then that’s fine. I’m going to let all my anger towards the fact that these scenes were deleted, go because I like these scenes so much.

1. Regina and Snow - interesting dynamic between them. Enough said. I love how far they have come in terms of them being able to talk it out. Also I really liked Regina talking about leadership with Snow and the parenting advice. And the end… fucking Regal Believer feels, holy shit!

Okay, now the REALLY epic scene that should not have been cut out.

2. Rumple and Henry - people give Henry a lot of shit for either being an idiot or not doing anything (i know there’s other reasons but i can’t be bothered talking about idiocy right now). I love this scene so much because we actually get some real insight into what Henry is going through, being pushed away (temporarily) by his mother. I don’t think it’s OOC for Henry to act this way. a) he’s a teenager, i’ve yet to meet one teenager who does not have issues with how they feel and b) with that said, let’s face it, teens can jump to conclusions or make up their mind about things too quickly and often that’s a bad choice. It’s the advice and lessons they get from their elders that help them along to make the good choices. Speaking of which… JFC, ROBERT CARLYLE. I would not be surprised if the writers overheard a conversation between Bobby giving Jared Gilmore some advice (either career or just life itself) and decided “let’s put that in it”. Very well acted from both Bobby and Jared. I really hope for more scenes between Rumple and Henry because, again, Henry’s the last living reminder of Baelfire. And I’m just interested to see more of their relationship. Also, I just really like the scenes these two actors from two very different generations (Bobby being the more experienced and Jared just getting into it, really). Why do you think I loved the Harry x Sirius relationship in the HP films?

Epic scenes, epic yet subtle writing and even more epic and subtle performances from Lana, Ginny, Jared and *bows down* Mr. Robert Carlyle!

     I keep seeing posts about the differences between Blue Diamond’s regal court shit and Yellow Diamond’s 80′s businesswoman aesthetic, but like:

     What we saw of Blue Diamond was from five thousand years ago. Modern Blue Diamond could be throwing nightly raves or singing shitty indie music while her pearl wildly strums a de-tuned acoustic guitar for all we know.