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Bestiary - Harts (1/3)

Red Hart 

Sure-footed, calm, and with regal bearing, the red hart is admired throughout Thedas. To glimpse one in the wild is considered good fortune; to hunt one for sport is considered extreme folly. Though it is rare to find one in a stable, there have been a few cases where the red hart has been used as a mount. It is said that a red hart will only permit one person as its rider and the bond between rider and animal is unparalleled. 

A great hart of impeccable health and ability. Such mounts are a triumph of breeding and careful training. 

Honored to see one up close without meeting it points-first. The pride of the stable. Of any stable. Even the Dalish I’ve had occasion to ask have said it’s rare to glimpse them at a distance. The few who have mastered one - and it truly is very few - say there is no animal more sure of foot, more attuned to its rider, more inspirational to simply gaze upon. You want to match the majesty of this creature? Grow some bloody wings. —A Horsemaster’s Notes On Mounts


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The Dragon Witch’s Monster Curse

       Ok, so this idea popped into my head almost fully formed and I just had to write it down. Inspired by a conversation I was having with @authordreaming13, heres a little.. i dont know. A little story I wish i had come up with before Halloween. I hope you all enjoy it. 

Gonna tag a handful of people- let me know if you want me to not tag you in the future. @twentyoneparades-to-panic-at @de-is-me@introverts-assemble @lilylunalovegood2002 @musicwitchthomas @sidewritings

     Logan sat at his desk, his arms crossed in frustration. He was stuck in this situation through no fault of his own and there was nothing he could do to remedy it. But because of a mishap between Roman and the infamous Dragon Witch combined with the unfortunate timing of Patton opening Roman’s bedroom door… The four sides had been transformed into different classic monsters.

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Lana Parrilla attends the Comic Con International 2017 - ‘Once Upon A Time’ Press Line / Lana Parrilla during Once Upon A Time, panel at San Diego Comic Con on July 22st, 2017.