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Bestiary - Harts (1/3)

Red Hart 

Sure-footed, calm, and with regal bearing, the red hart is admired throughout Thedas. To glimpse one in the wild is considered good fortune; to hunt one for sport is considered extreme folly. Though it is rare to find one in a stable, there have been a few cases where the red hart has been used as a mount. It is said that a red hart will only permit one person as its rider and the bond between rider and animal is unparalleled. 

A great hart of impeccable health and ability. Such mounts are a triumph of breeding and careful training. 

Honored to see one up close without meeting it points-first. The pride of the stable. Of any stable. Even the Dalish I’ve had occasion to ask have said it’s rare to glimpse them at a distance. The few who have mastered one - and it truly is very few - say there is no animal more sure of foot, more attuned to its rider, more inspirational to simply gaze upon. You want to match the majesty of this creature? Grow some bloody wings. —A Horsemaster’s Notes On Mounts

Normani serving Olivia Pope looks like she’s about to go solve a real life scandal

Without you my world is darkness
I won’t let go again

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name: prince valentin of nohr
nickname: val ( by his siblings ) + little emperor ( by his mother )
zodiac sign: aries
gender: male
favorite color: red + gold - regal colors
average hours of sleep: varies between very little to overindulgence
last thing you googled‘how to rule the world in 30 days’
height: 6′4″ ✨


name: joanna
nickname: izzy’s pet names, jo + jona
zodiac sign: pisces
gender: female
favorite color: candy apple red
average hours of sleep: nine-ish!
last thing you googled: ‘clement pronounciation’
height: 5′5″ ✨

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Why 5b didn’t suck

1) Loved the focus on FAMILY e.g. Mills sisters and Regal Believer… and the 2 episode finale was a goldmine of Swan Mills family moments. This is what the show is all about!

(the lady behind SQ is such a Swen lol)

2) Swan Queen moments e.g. Regina’s confessional to Emma about her darkness was so poignant. You have to wonder why SQ get the most meaningful stuff in premieres and finales!?

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Yes romantic canon SQ would’ve been fantastic but we do really want that when Regina just lost Robin, her “soulmate”? How fickle would it make her to chase Emma now? I don’t ever want SQ to be a rebound, rushed relationship like CS was.

3) Snow Queen development e.g. Regina’s hope speech to Snow and “Let’s be the family we were always meant to be.“

4) Virtually no OQ and then its demise. No more vomit inducing OQ kisses or sex scenes yay! Finally Regina is free and now she knows she can be loved. It’s important to note that OQ ended without any TLK which means that Robin will never be established as Regina’s true love. He was an important tool for Regina’s character development so I’ll give him that.

5) LOTS of Regina e.g. the Regina and Henry squared scene from the 100th episode was one of my fave moments of the whole season. Without a doubt, Lana Parrilla was the shining star of 5B and I can’t wait to see what she does with the split EQ sl!

6) Finally, OUAT has a canon lgbt couple i.e. Red Kansas. Neither of the ladies were evil nor did they die. In fact, they got a happy ending complete with a Snowing-like TLK (they were on for all of 15 minutes but hey at least they met the minimum requirements!). Oh and apparently Snow has gaydar lol.

7) Mills sisters love bonding and Zelena’s (insta) redemption was nicely done. :D The stupid, disgusting Robin/Zelena baby sl is finally over *phew*.

8) No CS shared heart (in fact it was a MAJOR fail!), no TLK, no TL music, no pregnancy, no moving in, no proposal. The important thing is that CS are not the established true loves on this show. Also just because the PR/show makes you think they’re endgame doesn’t mean they are. Look where OQ and Zades ended up.

9) The finale somewhat redeemed Emma as a mother. She supported her son’s budding relationship with Violet (whose heart she ripped out in 5A). We also got at least one decent Swan Believer moment e.g. the talk at the wishing fountain about happy times in New York (which was thanks to Regina btw).

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10) Overall better writing and coherent plot as compared to 5A. Also 5B did a much better job at balancing ships (except OQ, we rarely saw them but I’m not complaining).